Revert "aacenc: use av_clip() instead of av_clip() during quantization"
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat /
2016-03-29 James Almeravformat/svag: fix division by zero
2016-03-28 Lou Loganfix some a/an typos
2016-03-26 Marton Balintavformat/segment: set format options for all segments
2016-03-26 Michael Niedermayeravformat/rtpdec: Remove stray debug av_log()
2016-03-24 Ico Doornekampavformat/rtpdec_jpeg: fix low contrast image on low...
2016-03-24 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mpegtsenc: Fix used service
2016-03-24 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mpegtsenc: Keep track of the program for each...
2016-03-22 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/img2dec: Skip COM when auto-detecting jpeg.
2016-03-21 Thomas Volkertrtpdec: support for VC-2 HQ RTP payload format (draft v1)
2016-03-21 Michael Niedermayeravformat/utils: scan a bit farther for a keyframe in...
2016-03-20 Neil Birkbecklavf/matroskaenc.c: add early support for colour elements
2016-03-20 Marton Balintavformat/mov: read start_pad from edit list start time...
2016-03-20 Marton Balintavformat/utils: increase detected start_time with skip_...
2016-03-20 Clément Bœschlavf/dv: use c->sys->frame_size in dv_frame_offset()
2016-03-20 Clément Bœschlavf/dv: reindent after previous commit
2016-03-20 Clément Bœschlavf/dv: do not check for c->sys
2016-03-19 Michael Niedermayeravformat/utils: Do not wait for more than 1 frame on...
2016-03-19 Michael Niedermayeravformat/wtvdec: Set AVFMTCTX_NOHEADER
2016-03-19 Michael Niedermayeravformat/file: Add crypto to default whitelist
2016-03-18 Clément Bœschlavf/srtdec: do not be strict wrt timing digit lengths
2016-03-18 Mats Petersonlavf/avidec: Add blurb regarding the skipping of xxpc...
2016-03-17 Michael Niedermayeravformat/segment: Fix "occured" typo
2016-03-17 Michael Niedermayeravformat/avio: Fix unknown protocol handling
2016-03-16 Hendrik Leppkesmatroskaenc: set the actual PCM bitdepth in the header
2016-03-16 Hendrik Leppkeshls: handle crypto in the protocol checks
2016-03-16 Hendrik Leppkeshls: read protocol options through the AVIOContext
2016-03-15 Stefano Sabatinilavf/segment: change type of increment_tc to BOOL
2016-03-15 Martin Vignalilavf/segment: add increment_tc option
2016-03-14 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/mxfdec: Fix Canopus essence element size.
2016-03-14 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/http: Add httpproxy to the default protocol whitelist.
2016-03-13 Mats Petersonlavf/avienc: Clear whole tag in avi_add_ientry()
2016-03-13 Mats Petersonlavf/avienc: Add xxpc entries to index
2016-03-13 Mats Petersonavformat/avienc: factor out avi_add_ientry()
2016-03-13 Mats Petersonlavf/riffenc: Improve spec compliance; Fix WMP playback...
2016-03-12 Adam Kentavformat/hlsenc: Add support for HLS PLAYLIST types...
2016-03-12 Sasi Inguvalavf/utils: Fix DTS for short H264 streams.
2016-03-12 Sasi Inguvaavformat/utils: factor update_dts_from_pts() out
2016-03-12 Michael NiedermayerUse avpriv_tempfile()
2016-03-11 Ronald S. Bultjevp9: add superframe merging bitstream filter.
2016-03-11 Ronald S. Bultjelavf: allow BSFs to drop packets.
2016-03-10 Michael Niedermayeravformat/hlsenc: Fix passing options, regression since...
2016-03-10 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/movenc: Fix help output.
2016-03-10 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/mxfdec: Support Canopus codecs.
2016-03-10 Michael Niedermayeravformat/concatdec: set safe mode to enabled instead...
2016-03-09 Mats Petersonlavf/avidec: Skip xxpc entries in index; fixes trac...
2016-03-09 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/mpeg: Identify sub-stream ID 0xa1 as mlp.
2016-03-09 Carl Eugen HoyosUse correct msvc type specifiers for ptrdiff_t and...
2016-03-08 Moritz Barsnicklavf/mp3dec: avoid printing useless message in default...
2016-03-08 Mats Petersonlavf/avienc: Palette changing code only concerns AV_PIX...
2016-03-08 Michael Niedermayeravformat/utils: fix dts from pts code in compute_pkt_fi...
2016-03-07 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/riff: Add fourcc GTM4 from Telefactor digital...
2016-03-07 Clément Bœschlavf/vplayerdec: support time durations with no ms...
2016-03-07 Zhao Zhilirtp: Fix play multiple multicast streams with the same...
2016-03-07 Raymond Hilsethavformat/ftp: Support response code 125 for STOR and...
2016-03-06 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/img2dec: Use jpeg constants in jpeg_probe().
2016-03-06 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/riffdec: Remove \n from avpriv_report_missing_feat...
2016-03-06 Boris Nagelsavformat/rtpenc: Fix integer overflow in NTP_TO_RTP_FORMAT
2016-03-06 erankormov - support seek in encrypted mp4
2016-03-06 Michael Niedermayeravformat/avienc: Remove unneeded seekable tests
2016-03-06 Mark Harrisavformat/dump: Fix context/level for payload dump
2016-03-05 Michael Niedermayeravformat/avienc: assert that bits_per_coded_sample...
2016-03-05 Mats Petersonlavf/avienc: Add support for palette side data
2016-03-05 Mats Petersonlavf/riffenc: Handle palette for non-raw codecs
2016-03-04 Neil Birkbecklavf/dump.c: Print mastering display metadata
2016-03-04 Neil Birkbecklavf/matroskadec: Add early support for some of the...
2016-03-04 Derek Buitenhuisavformat: Fix member name 10L
2016-03-04 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '257b30af8ec520c1635092e429606c62d3bcca63'
2016-03-04 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit 'cd846b47977485bd4063e77a3324e6b7840567a2'
2016-03-04 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '9328adcc8012a1b0e00c465c85b5453589a4f5f7'
2016-03-04 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '5e555f93009f0605db120eec78262d0fe337e645'
2016-03-04 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit 'ec4c48397641dbaf4ae8df36c32aaa5a311a11bf'
2016-03-04 Derek Buitenhuisavformat: Add a protocol blacklisting API
2016-03-04 Mats Petersonlavf/movenc: Add support for palette side data
2016-03-04 Mats Petersonlavf/utils: Normalize to native endian...
2016-03-03 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '8c0ceafb0f25da077ff23e394667119f031574fd'
2016-03-03 Paul B Maholavformat/yuv4mpegdec: fix seeking for partial files
2016-03-03 Marton Balintavformat: use ff_standardize_creation_time for formats...
2016-03-03 Marton Balintavformat/utils: add a function to standardize creation...
2016-03-02 Mats Petersonlavf/utils: Add ff_get_packet_palette()
2016-03-02 Michael Niedermayeravformat/cache: Fix memleak of tree entries
2016-03-02 Michael Niedermayeravformat/seek-test: Support passing options to demuxers...
2016-03-02 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/mov: Set display aspect ratio for avid dv.
2016-03-01 Mark Harrissdp: fix opus sprop-stereo fmtp syntax
2016-03-01 Andrew Shulginavformat/rtpdec_h264: Ignore invalid sprop-parameter...
2016-02-29 Derek Buitenhuishls: Add and use a memebr of AVIOInternal rather than...
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit 'cae448cfbf31d492cba782bc64fc4eed556ed83d'
2016-02-29 Michael Niedermayeravformat/protocols: Fix ff_urlcontext_child_class_next()
2016-02-29 Michael Niedermayeravformat/msf: Also check the codec tag in probing
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '832a202c47a246ed15e3edc6b05dfcfa7d82c4b2'
2016-02-29 Derek Buitenhuisavformat: Remove async from TESTPROGS
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '7d61dc95d741ca134d59b1f34c4e10c4c4e36f56'
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '0fa00d05911aa8043ecad8dead4a73cab7faadf6'
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '2758cdedfb7ac61f8b5e4861f99218b6fd43491d'
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '225e84e74544062706c0159ec0737b0e1d40915f'
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit 'e192cd9ce2b51c2e6919f2a78b1ce53e0024e728'
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit 'd082078a88da3b3e926197d0d2aa9fa322123b76'
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '7fbb3b5b9857276b4cd17b2a530c7e0880d2bc0a'
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '5efd91284e56d444139ed811671c59a129bbb92f'
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit 'dc6527ed908e4d330738f139074455ffbe56a2de'
2016-02-29 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf: Add pcx auto-detection.