h264dec: track the last seen value of x264_build
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / h264dec.h
2017-07-26 Anton Khirnovh264dec: track the last seen value of x264_build
2017-01-12 Anton Khirnovh264dec: export cropping information instead of handlin...
2017-01-12 Anton Khirnovh264dec: be more explicit in handling container cropping
2017-01-09 Anton Khirnovh264dec: make ff_h264_decode_init() static
2016-12-19 Anton Khirnovh264dec: make sure to only end a field if it has been...
2016-07-15 Anton Khirnovh264: fix decoding multiple fields per packet with...
2016-07-15 Anton Khirnovh264: eliminate decode_postinit()
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovh264: fix the check for mixed IDR/non-IDR slices
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovh264: do not pass H264Context to h264_slice_header_parse()
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovh264: move the parameter set definitions to a new heade...
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovh264: create a new header for common h264 definitions
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovh264: rename h264.[ch] to h264dec.[ch]