2020-02-21 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/pcm: Fix invalid shift in AV_CODEC_ID_PCM_LXF
2020-02-21 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/cdtoons: Fix off by 4 check on diff_size
2020-02-21 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/cdtoons: Correct several end of data checks...
2020-02-21 Paul B Maholavcodec/adpcm: cosmetics; reindent
2020-02-21 Zane van Iperenavformat: add demuxer for Rayman 2's APM format
2020-02-21 Zane van Iperenavcodec: add decoder for Rayman 2's ADPCM variant
2020-02-20 Anssi Hannulaavformat/spdifenc: fix TrueHD streams over 48kHz
2020-02-20 Anssi Hannulaavformat/spdifenc: fix handling of large TrueHD frames
2020-02-20 Anssi Hannulaavformat/spdifenc: make hd_buf an array
2020-02-20 Paul B Maholavformat/vivo: set packet duration
2020-02-20 Paul B Maholavformat/vivo: improve probing of some files
2020-02-20 Paul B Maholavcodec: add siren audio decoder
2020-02-20 Nicolas Georgelavd/opengl_enc: check strings before parsing them.
2020-02-20 Nicolas Georgelavd/opengl_enc: use proper context for logging.
2020-02-19 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/wtvdec: Forward errors when reading packet
2020-02-19 Michael Niedermayerlibavcodec/svq: Remove ff_svq1_packet_checksum()
2020-02-19 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/qdm2: Check fft_coefs_index
2020-02-19 Peter Rossansi: process ESC[3m italics attribute
2020-02-18 Linjie Fulavc/qsvenc: add support for external bitrate control...
2020-02-18 Linjie Fulavfi/vf_scale_qsv: fix the class_name in help for...
2020-02-18 JonCookCubiclibavcodec/qsvenc.c: Set mjpeg height and width alignment
2020-02-17 James Almeravformat/dashenc: warn if Producer Reference Time eleme...
2020-02-17 James Almeravformat/dashenc: disable Resync elements when using...
2020-02-16 Andriy Gelmanavcodec/v4l2_m2m: Fix typo in log message and cosmetics
2020-02-16 James Almeravformat/dashenc: always set coding_dependency to 1...
2020-02-16 James Almeravformat/dashenc: include an availabilityTimeComplete...
2020-02-16 James Almeravformat/dashenc: add Trick Mode support for AdaptationSets
2020-02-16 James Almeravformat/dashenc: make AdaptationSet id an integer...
2020-02-16 Michael Niedermayeravformat/utils: Fix integer overflow with complex time...
2020-02-16 Michael Niedermayeravformat/avidec: Avoid integer overflow in NI switch...
2020-02-16 Michael Niedermayerfftools/ffmpeg: Fix integer overflow in duration comput...
2020-02-16 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/vf_aspect: Fix integer overflow in compute_dar()
2020-02-16 Paul B Maholavformat/utils: avoid unsigned integer overflows
2020-02-16 Paul B Maholavcodec: fix pcm zork decoder
2020-02-15 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/segafilmenc: Remove AVClass
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/ftp: slightly rework file retrieval with seeking
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/ftp: do not break protocol on username or...
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/ftp: add support for escaped credentials
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/httpauth: do not decode plus sign to space...
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/urldecode: add the ability to not decode plus...
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/http: escape unsafe URL path in HTTP request
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/http: use AVBPrint to construct HTTP request
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/http: make sure URL path contains a slash
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/http: split the fragment part from the HTTP...
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/utils: make av_url_split search for hashmark...
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/tests/url: add av_url_split tests
2020-02-15 Marton Balintavformat/tests/url: make format more readable
2020-02-15 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/utils: Fix memleaks in avformat_open_input()
2020-02-15 Dave Yeocompat/os2threads: define INCL_DOSERRORS
2020-02-15 Andriy GelmanMAINTAINERS: Add myself as libzmq maintainer
2020-02-15 Matt Oliveravutil/hwcontext_d3d11va: Use secure dlopen.
2020-02-15 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_phase: add >8 bit support
2020-02-15 Alyssa Milburnavcodec: add cdtoons decoder
2020-02-14 Paul B Maholavfilter/opencl: use av_fopen_utf8()
2020-02-14 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_fieldhint: use av_fopen_utf8()
2020-02-14 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_lut3d: use av_fopen_utf8()
2020-02-14 Paul B Maholavcodec/pcm_tablegen: nits, reindent
2020-02-14 Lynnelavu/tx: improve 3-point fixed precision
2020-02-14 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dstdec: Use local channels variable
2020-02-14 Andreas Rheinhardtfftools/ffprobe: Remove unneeded casts
2020-02-14 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/dvdsub: Fix warning about incompatible pointer...
2020-02-14 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_remap: add fill color option
2020-02-14 Paul B Maholavfilter: add pad opencl filter
2020-02-13 James Almeravcodec/cbs_av1: add missing value constrains to point_...
2020-02-13 Lynnelavu/tx: slightly optimize fft15
2020-02-13 Lynnelavu/tx: undef the correct macro
2020-02-13 Lynnelavu/tx: implement 32 bit fixed point FFT and MDCT
2020-02-13 Paul B Maholavcodec/midivid: only multiple of 4 width/height are...
2020-02-13 Paul B Maholavcodec/midivid: improve decoding of widths not multipl...
2020-02-13 Andriy Gelmanavcodec/h264_ps: Return error if pps has FMO parameters
2020-02-12 Andreas Rheinhardtfftools/ffmpeg: Integrate two checks
2020-02-12 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/avcodec: Nits
2020-02-12 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/apedec: Fix invalid shift with 24 bps
2020-02-12 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_xmedian: implement percentile option
2020-02-12 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_median: implement percentile option
2020-02-12 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/h264_ps: Show VUI and SPS overread messages...
2020-02-12 Michael Niedermayeravutil/log: Add av_log_once() for printing a message...
2020-02-11 Dale Curtisavformat/utils: Fix undefined behavior in ff_configure_...
2020-02-11 Wonkap Jangavcodec/libvpxenc: add a way to explicitly set temporal...
2020-02-11 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_colorlevels: add support for commands
2020-02-11 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_colorkey: add support for commands
2020-02-11 Martin Storsjölibfdk-aacdec: Allow explicitly disabling the DRC refer...
2020-02-11 Martin Storsjölibfdk-aacdec: Use the decoder's default level limiter...
2020-02-11 Martin Storsjölibfdk-aacdec: Apply the decoder's output delay on...
2020-02-10 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/mpjpegdec: Remove redundant initializations
2020-02-10 Andreas Rheinhardtavfilter/vf_dedot: Fix leak of AVFrame if making it...
2020-02-10 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat: Remove unnecessary av_packet_unref()
2020-02-10 Paul B Maholavformat/tty: fix last timestamp for fate
2020-02-10 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_thumbnail: fix possible crash on error
2020-02-10 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_thumbnail: add timeline support
2020-02-10 Ting Fulibswscale/x86/yuv2rgb: add ssse3 version
2020-02-10 Paul B Maholavformat/tty: add seeking support
2020-02-10 Paul B Maholavformat/tty: make probing strict for first 8 bytes
2020-02-09 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/cbs_jpeg: Use memcpy when writing pictures
2020-02-09 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/cbs_mpeg2: Treat slices without data as invalid
2020-02-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dpcm: Fix integer overflow in AV_CODEC_ID_GREML...
2020-02-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/wmalosslessdec: Fix integer overflow with slidi...
2020-02-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/wmalosslessdec: Fix loop in revert_acfilter()
2020-02-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mvha: Check remaining bits in VLC decode loop
2020-02-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/agm: YUV420 without DCT needs even dimensions