2016-02-03 Timothy Gucinepakenc: Stop using AVPicture
2016-02-03 Timothy Guxv: Remove AVPicture usage
2016-02-03 Timothy Gusdl: Remove AVPicture usage
2016-02-03 Andreas Cadhalpuncfhd: fix off-by-one error in level check
2016-02-02 Matthias Hunstockdecklink: support all valid numbers of audio channels
2016-02-02 Hendrik Leppkesdca: add emms_c after usage of AV_COPY128
2016-02-02 Hendrik Leppkesdca: add emms_c after AV_ZERO128 macros
2016-02-02 Hendrik Leppkesdca: add new fate tests based on the dcadec-samples...
2016-02-02 Hendrik Leppkesdca: split decoder fate tests into dca.mak
2016-02-02 Kevin Mitchellavformat: add windows.h to SChannel SSP TLS code
2016-02-02 Michael Niedermayeravformat/tls_securetransport: Add missing include
2016-02-02 Timothy Gudiracdsp_mmx: Fix some more indentations
2016-02-02 Timothy Gudiracdsp_mmx: Fix indentation
2016-02-02 Michael NiedermayerUpdate demuxers and protocols for protocol whitelist...
2016-02-02 Michael Niedermayeravformat: add protocol_whitelist
2016-02-02 Timothy Gux86: vc1dsp: Convert vc1_inv_trans_*_dc to NASM format
2016-02-01 Derek Buitenhuisffprobe: Deprecate stream timecode field and add frame...
2016-02-01 Derek Buitenhuismpeg12dec: Export GOP timecodes as side data
2016-02-01 Derek Buitenhuisavutil: Add GOP timecode frame side data
2016-02-01 Sebastian DrögeRevert "do not write f2 if not interlaced"
2016-02-01 James Almerfate: re-enable dca-xll test
2016-02-01 James Almeravcodec/dca_core: rename get_vlc function
2016-02-01 Michael NiedermayerRevert "avformat/hls: Require the file extension to...
2016-02-01 Kieran Kunhyaavcodec/cfhd: Make sure we have an end of header tag...
2016-02-01 Umair Khandoc/ffmpeg: explain properly how -fs works
2016-02-01 Paul B Maholavfilter: add nnedi filter
2016-02-01 Paul B Maholavdevice/lavfi: replace deprecated avpicture_layout
2016-02-01 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_yadif: make use of ctx pointer
2016-02-01 Carl Eugen... lavf/adxdec: Add Autodetection.
2016-02-01 Bruce Dawsonriffdec: Explicitly null-terminate array to work around...
2016-02-01 Hendrik Leppkeshevc: set profile based on the profile compatibility...
2016-02-01 Stephen Hutchinsonlibx265: Enable 12-bit encoding
2016-01-31 Timothy GuChangelog: add entry on wtvdec performance improvement
2016-01-31 Timothy Guwtvdec: Removed unused variable
2016-01-31 Timothy Guall: Make header guard names consistent
2016-01-31 popcornmixwtv: Speed up wtv index creation
2016-01-31 Timothy Guvf_phase: Reduce the scope of several variables
2016-01-31 Paul B Maholavfilter/avf_showfreqs: properly handle pts
2016-01-31 Henrik Gramnermsvc: Fix libx264 linking
2016-01-31 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/flacenc: Fix prediction_order parameter
2016-01-31 Derek Buitenhuisflacenc: Restore defaults and range for {min,max}_predi...
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/dca: add new decoder based on libdcadec
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/dca: add generic defines
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/synth_filter: add more filters
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/synth_filter: fix whitespace
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/dca: add math helpers and fixed point DCT
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/dca: add more tables
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/dca: add REV1AUX sync word
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/dca: remove old decoder
2016-01-31 Derek Buitenhuisfate/ffm: Update test ref
2016-01-31 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '243df1351d2d928caa084a5704ed783f0b83f072'
2016-01-31 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '936f0d98f864f9f6bb4f9e5458b78537e146bacd'
2016-01-31 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit 'd749615333084e62c9fcc480d1ae466369fdf14f'
2016-01-31 Paul B Maholavcodec/fraps: remove superfluous "Fraps:" from av_log
2016-01-31 Paul B Maholdoc/filters.texi: fix typo in spectrumsynth example
2016-01-31 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/rawdec: Switch to monowhite if there is no...
2016-01-30 Michael Niedermayeravformat/format: Weight the filename extension higher...
2016-01-30 Michael Niedermayeravformat/format: Replace nodat by enum
2016-01-30 Kieran Kunhyaavcodec: Add forgotten minor bump, add Changelog and...
2016-01-30 Kieran Kunhyaavcodec: Cineform HD Decoder
2016-01-30 Carl Eugen... lavc/exr: Move setting SAR down.
2016-01-30 Carl Eugen... lavc/v210dec: Allow odd width.
2016-01-30 Carl Eugen... Changelog: Sanitize Common Encryption entries.
2016-01-30 Clément Bœschlavc/utils: fix instanciate/instantiate typo
2016-01-30 Clément Bœschlavf/vqf: fix suported/supported typo
2016-01-30 Stephen Hutchinsonlibx265: Remove experimental flag when encoding 4:2...
2016-01-30 Kieran Kunhyaavcodec: Remove libvo-aacenc support.
2016-01-30 Timothy Guavcodec: Remove libaacplus
2016-01-29 James Almeravcodec/proresdec_lgpl: use av_mod_uintp2
2016-01-29 James Almeravcodec/pngdec: use av_mod_uintp2
2016-01-29 James Almeravcodec/amrwbdec: use av_mod_uintp2
2016-01-29 Thierry Fouculavf/flvdec: Allow files where the PreviousTagSize...
2016-01-29 Hagen Schmidtmpegtsenc: Do not fail ADTS AAC muxing if the first...
2016-01-29 Zhao Zhililibavformat/network: use defined constant in poll
2016-01-29 Michael Niedermayeravformat/avio: free url/avio options
2016-01-29 Neil Birkbecklibavutil/mastering_display_metadata.h: change fields...
2016-01-29 James Almeravcodec/dvaudio: add missing header include
2016-01-29 Mats Petersonlavc/rawdec: Use AV_PIX_FMT_PAL8 for raw 1 bpp video...
2016-01-29 Michael Ira... libavdevice/decklink_common.h: fix broken build due...
2016-01-29 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/huffyuvenc: Remove duplicate include
2016-01-29 Stefano Sabatiniffmpeg: replace "flush Media" with "flush_media" in...
2016-01-29 Timothy Guamrwbdec_mips: Add missing ff_ prefix
2016-01-29 Timothy Guall: Add missing header guards
2016-01-29 Marton Balintconfigure: remove libzvbi GPL dependency
2016-01-29 Marton Balintlavd/decklink_dec: add support for teletext
2016-01-29 Marton Balintconfigure: use -ldl for decklink
2016-01-29 Marton Balintlavf: bump micro version after the new segment muxer...
2016-01-28 Marton Balintlavf/segment: add new option segment_clocktime_wrap_dur...
2016-01-28 Marton Balintlavf/segment: add support for specifying clock time...
2016-01-28 Vittorio Giovaralibx264: Make sure to preserve default option values
2016-01-28 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/libx264: Fix sc_threshold after 30c1bdb87ce336f...
2016-01-28 Derek Buitenhuisavcodec/frame_thread_encoder: Check the private option...
2016-01-28 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '96c373c7704aeb1cc1d2c275fbb5d71777665589'
2016-01-28 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '12b49769223234673db1003d9c43e7483ceb0282'
2016-01-28 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '1482aff2048511b821ff9feac19426113cc641a2'
2016-01-28 James Almerx86/imdct36: use extractps inside the STORE macro
2016-01-28 wm4mmaldec: limit internal buffering
2016-01-28 wm4mmaldec: support MPEG-4
2016-01-28 wm4mmaldec: print the MMAL format FourCC automatically
2016-01-28 wm4configure: fix mmal build dependencies