2007-06-02 Michael Niedermayersplit mpeg2ts_raw mode into its own demuxer using such...
2007-06-02 Diego BiurrunRename aac_decoder to libfaad_decoder for consistency...
2007-06-02 Diego BiurrunRename faac_encoder to libfaac_encoder for consistency...
2007-06-02 Ramiro PollaRemove get_byte wrapper
2007-06-02 Ramiro PollaUse AV_xx throughout libavcodec
2007-06-01 Michael Niedermayerfix skipped blocks
2007-06-01 Víctor PaesaA bit more clear FAQ 1.2
2007-05-31 Michael Niedermayercheck qblur > 1 (prevent assert failure / segfault)
2007-05-30 Michael Niedermayermove jpegls up, fixes sf bug #1629152
2007-05-30 Michael Niedermayersanity checks (should prevent hypothetical div by zero...
2007-05-30 Michael Niedermayerfix assert() 2nd try
2007-05-30 Stefano SabatiniAdd support for listing the supported pixel formats...
2007-05-30 Aurelien Jacobscosmetics: indentation
2007-05-30 Aurelien Jacobsuse if(ENABLE_SWSCALER) instead of #ifdef CONFIG_SWSCALER
2007-05-30 Aurelien Jacobstypo
2007-05-30 Aurelien Jacobsuse FFSWAP()
2007-05-30 Aurelien Jacobscosmetics: indentation
2007-05-30 Aurelien Jacobssplit rm muxer and demuxer in their own files
2007-05-30 Carl Eugen... rename attribute_unused to av_unused as it is declared...
2007-05-30 Carl Eugen... rename attribute_unused to av_unused and moves its...
2007-05-30 Benoit Fouetseek tests only available with GPL enabled
2007-05-30 Michael Niedermayerwarn the user about the the mdhd problem
2007-05-29 Michael Niedermayerfix assertion failure
2007-05-29 Kostya ShishkovDo proper frame swapping so VMD video decoder works...
2007-05-29 Diego BiurrunMark phony swscale_error target as such.
2007-05-29 Vitor SessakSplit RoQ decoder to accommodate future encoder patch
2007-05-29 Andreas Ömanallocate PPS and SPS dynamically
2007-05-29 Vitor Sessakcosmetics and function rename
2007-05-29 Glenn A. Serrevariable initialization (because of a gcc warning)
2007-05-28 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant fastmemcpy.h #include, it is indirectl...
2007-05-28 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant fastmemcpy.h #include, it is indirectl...
2007-05-27 Michael Niedermayermake decoder decode the first frame properly if theres...
2007-05-27 Diego Biurrundoc/Makefile no longer exists.
2007-05-27 Diego Biurrun10l: Revert accidental removal of unused code.
2007-05-27 Diego BiurrunExit with error when running libavtest and not configur...
2007-05-27 Diego BiurrunRename variable for consistency.
2007-05-27 Diego Biurrunwhitespace cosmetics
2007-05-27 Diego Biurrunbetter variable names
2007-05-27 Diego BiurrunRemove comments that are neither very enlightening...
2007-05-27 Diego BiurrunDo not hide the commands make runs.
2007-05-27 Diego BiurrunFix seek_test compilation for out-of-tree builds.
2007-05-27 Diego Biurrun--enable-amr-* --> -- enable-libamr-*
2007-05-27 Michael Niedermayerfix "incorrect frame size" errors with small.nuv
2007-05-25 Michael Niedermayermore snow todo items
2007-05-25 Harald KarnetCorrect the parameter order for the call to "av_clip".
2007-05-25 Diego BiurrunRemove portability comment, it should be pure POSIX...
2007-05-25 Diego Biurrunwhitespace cosmetics
2007-05-25 Diego Biurrun'grep -q' is a GNU extension.
2007-05-25 Diego BiurrunDo not fail or print an error if the logfile already...
2007-05-25 Diego BiurrunAdd seektest to top-level targets, remove individual...
2007-05-25 Diego BiurrunAlso remove seek_test upon clean.
2007-05-25 Loren Merrittmerge huffman tables for rgb too
2007-05-24 Diego BiurrunReplace multiple rules for compiling binaries by one...
2007-05-24 Diego BiurrunUse proper license header.
2007-05-24 Diego Biurruntypo
2007-05-24 Diego BiurrunRemove obsolete and non-working DSP test program.
2007-05-24 Loren Merrittcosmetics (reduce nesting)
2007-05-24 Loren Merrittuse sparse huffman tables. 1.5% faster huffyuv decoding.
2007-05-24 Loren Merrittadd init_vlc_sparse(). faster than init_vlc() if there...
2007-05-24 Diego Biurrunextern C declarations were removed.
2007-05-24 Sergey Vlasovfix dca_bitalloc_index decoder init
2007-05-24 Sergey VlasovFix dca.c compilation with #define TRACE
2007-05-23 Aurelien Jacobscosmetics: alignment
2007-05-23 Aurelien Jacobsdefine ENABLE_* for every CONFIG_ item
2007-05-23 Oded Shimonfix mjpeg decoding with broken huffman table headers
2007-05-23 Ivo van Poorten-sws_flags command line option to set swscaler flags
2007-05-23 Ivo van Poorten-sws_flags command line option to set swscaler flags
2007-05-23 Ivo van Poortenffmpeg -sws_flags command line option to set swscaler...
2007-05-23 Ramiro PollaRemove duplicate bytestream functions
2007-05-23 Panagiotis... Export the four remaining H.264 decoder intra predictio...
2007-05-23 Panagiotis... Reindent
2007-05-23 Panagiotis... Make the compilation of h264idct.c optional.
2007-05-23 Loren Merrittmerge huffman tables so that we read 2 symbols at a...
2007-05-23 Benoit Fouetadd rgb suffix handling for demuxer
2007-05-22 Andreas Ömanid3v2 writer
2007-05-22 Andreas Ömanid3v2 reader
2007-05-22 Andreas Ömancosmetic v1/v2 renaming
2007-05-22 Thijs VermeirAdd transport method options
2007-05-22 Thijs VermeirAdd support for options
2007-05-22 Diego BiurrunRemove mdct.o and fft.o from fft-test prerequisites...
2007-05-21 Alex Beregszaszir9095 invalidly removed the check for non-winsock
2007-05-21 Alex Beregszaszifix FD_SETSIZE handling in our poll() emulation
2007-05-21 Panagiotis... Only compile golomb.c when needed.
2007-05-21 Panagiotis... Fix compilation when the Sonic encoder and decoder...
2007-05-21 Panagiotis... Only compile cabac.c when needed.
2007-05-21 Aurelien Jacobsvorbis encoder missed rename to libvorbis
2007-05-21 Panagiotis... Split the h261.c file into separate files for the encod...
2007-05-21 Michael Niedermayerforgotten h.261 seek regression checksum update due to
2007-05-21 Luca AbeniDo not try to set a video standard unless "-tvstd"...
2007-05-21 Baptiste Coudurierprint and return error if output is non seekable
2007-05-21 Diego BiurrunRename motion_test.c to motion-test.c, which is the...
2007-05-21 Diego BiurrunFix imgresample-test linking.
2007-05-21 Diego BiurrunAdd explanatory comments to some #endifs.
2007-05-20 Aurelien Jacobsmake compilation of mpegaudiodec conditional
2007-05-20 Aurelien Jacobsremove dependency of mpeg audio encoder over mpeg audio...
2007-05-20 Aurelien Jacobsadd a ff_ prefix to some mpegaudio funcs
2007-05-20 Aurelien Jacobsloosen dependencies over mpegaudiodec
2007-05-20 Zuxy MengRemove incorrect comment; MMX2 is preferred over 3DNow...
2007-05-20 Michael Niedermayeruse AV_LOG_ERROR instead of INFO for errors
2007-05-20 Michael Niedermayersanity checks for bitrate tolerance and buffer size...