2014-03-26 Diego Biurrundsputil_template: Move bits that are used templatized...
2014-03-26 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move hpel_template #include out of dsputil_tem...
2014-03-26 Diego Biurrunx86: h264_qpel: Fix typo in CALL_2X_PIXELS macro invocation
2014-03-25 Vittorio Giovaraavcodec: add missing includes
2014-03-25 Vittorio Giovaraavconv: More descriptive message about framedrop
2014-03-25 Vittorio Giovaravf_transpose: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-24 Derek Buitenhuislibx265: Only use one memcpy for headers
2014-03-24 Michael Niedermayerlibx265: Write global extradata when requested
2014-03-24 Diego Biurrunbuild: Add config option for CABAC code
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovavconv: don't warn on multiple frames per packet for...
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovavconv: print verbose per-stream transcoding statistics
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovavconv: split printing the final statistics into a...
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovavconv: rewrite output data size tracking
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovavconv: explicitly report when the muxing overhead...
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovavconv: remove unused nb_frames_dup
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnov{v,a}f_showinfo: print frame side data
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovmp3dec: export replaygain tags from ID3v2
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovaf_volume: support using replaygain frame side data
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovframe: add a function for removing side data from a...
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovavconv: add stream-global side data to the first demuxe...
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovlibavcodec: when decoding, copy replaygain side data...
2014-03-24 Anton KhirnovAdd replaygain side data type and code for parsing...
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovlavf: add an AVStream field for exporting stream-global...
2014-03-24 Anton Khirnovlavc: give a typedeffed name to the AVPacket.side_data...
2014-03-24 Peter Kreftingconfigure: Remove dcbzl check for e500v1 and e500v2...
2014-03-24 Tanja Batchelormpeg: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-23 Luca Barbatoh264: Split h264 slice decoding from nal decoding
2014-03-23 Vittorio Giovarah264: move macroblock decoding into its own file
2014-03-23 Luca Barbatobuild: Sort h264 objects
2014-03-23 Luca Barbatobuild: h264 parser depends on full h264 decoder
2014-03-23 Vittorio GiovaraRELEASE_NOTES: mention new filters
2014-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavc: drop ff_pixfmt_list_420
2014-03-23 Vittorio Giovarachangelog: switch libx265 and compand entries
2014-03-23 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Always use -DOPJ_STATIC when checking for...
2014-03-22 John Stebbinsmovenc: Allow override of major brand in ftyp atom
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunlagarith: Fix typo in printf format string
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move thirdpel-related bits into their own...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunx86: dsputil: Move hpeldsp-related declarations to...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunppc: dsputil: Move hpeldsp-related declarations to...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunx86: dsputil: Move fpel declarations to a separate...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrundsputil: Refactor duplicated CALL_2X_PIXELS / PIXELS16...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move ff_zigzag_direct and ff_crop_tab declarat...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunimgconvert: Move ff_deinterlace_line_*_mmx declarations...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunx86: dsputil: Move inline assembly macros to a separate...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunnuv: Reuse the DSPContext from RTJpegContext
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunfloat_dsp: Replace arch optimization ifdefs by if cascade
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunavcodec: more correct printf specifiers
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrunavfilter: more correct printf format specifiers
2014-03-20 wm4vaapi: switch ff_vaapi_get_surface_id from Picture...
2014-03-20 wm4vdpau: switch ff_vdpau_get_surface_id from Picture...
2014-03-20 wm4vdpau: don't assume Picture and H264Picture are the...
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrundsputil: Use correct type in me_cmp_func function pointer
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunbuild: Group general components separate from de/encode...
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrundsputil: Conditionally compile dsputil code on all...
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrundsputil: Propagate bit depth information to all (sub...
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunarm: dsputil: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunppc: dsputil: Drop trailing semicolon from macros
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunppc: dsputil: Merge some declarations and initializations
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunppc: dsputil: Simplify some ifdeffed function definitions
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunppc: dsputil: Drop some unnecessary parentheses
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunppc: dsputil: more K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunppc: dsputil: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunppc: dsputil: comment formatting and wording/grammar...
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunhpeldsp_template: Merge some declarations and initializ...
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunhpeldsp_template: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunhpel_template: Drop some unnecessary parentheses
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunhpel_template: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-20 Janne Grunaufloat-dsp-test: do not use C99's predefined __func__
2014-03-19 Martin Storsjöfloat_dsp: Use LOCAL_ALIGNED for instead of DECLARE_ALI...
2014-03-19 Diego Biurrunconfigure: ppc: Disable ldbrx instruction by default
2014-03-19 Luca Barbatomxf: Lowercase UL strings
2014-03-19 Luca Barbatomxf: Verbose debug logging
2014-03-19 Luca Barbatomxf: Override faulty PreviousPartition entries
2014-03-19 Luca Barbatomxf: Add additional H264 PictureEssenceCoding
2014-03-18 Janne Grunauaarch64: float_dsp NEON assembler
2014-03-18 Vittorio Giovaralibopenjpeg: Support rgba64 decoding
2014-03-18 Carl Eugen... libopenjpeg: Support rgba64 encoding
2014-03-18 Vittorio Giovaralibopenjpeg: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-18 Janne Grunaufloat_dsp: add test program and use it as fate test
2014-03-18 Janne Grunausbrdsp: move #if to disable all educational code
2014-03-18 Janne Grunaulavc: er: remove unused variable size
2014-03-18 Vittorio Giovarasvq3: directly set pix_fmt and color_range
2014-03-18 Keiji Costantinimpegts: Forward error codes in various functions
2014-03-18 Keiji Costantinimpegts: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovaralibx264: check color_range
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovaraljpeg: check color_range
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovaramdec: set color_range
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovaramjpeg: set color_range
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovarafraps: set color_range
2014-03-16 Carl Eugen... tiff: Support rgba encoding
2014-03-16 Jean Firstimg2: add j2c file extension
2014-03-16 Carl Eugen... raw, nut: Support rgba64 encoding
2014-03-16 Carl Eugen... png: Support rgb48 and rgba64 encoding
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovarapng: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovaracodec_desc: update dvaudio tag
2014-03-16 Michael Niedermayerisom: fix C99-style declaration
2014-03-16 Jean FirstRGBA64 pixel formats
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovarah264 does not depend on mpegvideo any more
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovarampegvideo: remove h264-only fields
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovarampegvideo: move ff_draw_horiz_band() to mpegutils.c