2016-09-30 Clément Bœschdoc/examples/http_multiclient: fix compilation
2016-09-30 Clément Bœschbuild: fix avio_dir_cmd and avio_reading example depend...
2016-09-30 Clément Bœschbuild: sort EXAMPLE_LIST
2016-09-29 Timo Rothenpieleravutil/hwcontext_cuda: use proper synchronization flag
2016-09-29 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/cuvid: make use of new av_hwdevice_ctx_create api
2016-09-29 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/cuvid: support a pre-initialized hw_frames_ctx
2016-09-29 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/cuvid: use actual frame size for buffer allocation
2016-09-29 Jan Sebechlebskyavformat/tee: Copy interrupt callback and flags to...
2016-09-29 Timo Rothenpielerffmpeg_cuvid: make use of new av_hwdevice_ctx_create api
2016-09-29 Anton Khirnovffmpeg: pass the hwaccel frames context to the decoder
2016-09-29 Carl Eugen... lavf/movenc: Put correct display aspect ratio in ARES...
2016-09-29 Carl Eugen... lavf/mov: Read display aspect ratio from ares atom...
2016-09-29 Carl Eugen... Changelog: Mention edts support.
2016-09-29 Jan Ekströmmovenc: Add support for writing language codes into...
2016-09-29 Sasi Inguvalavf/mov.c: Make audio timestamps strictly monotonicall...
2016-09-29 Sasi Inguvalavc/utils.c: Subtract skip_samples when frame is DISCA...
2016-09-28 Moritz Barsnickffmpeg_vaapi: fix choice of decoder_format
2016-09-28 Steven Liudoc/muxers: fix hlsenc options examples error
2016-09-28 James Almerdoc/codecs.texi: fix and expand color related options
2016-09-28 Jan Ekströmmovenc: use similar logic to DASH when writing bit...
2016-09-28 James Almeravfilter/vf_colorspace: fix range for output colorspace...
2016-09-28 raymondzheng1412... avformat/concatdec: don't call open_file when seek...
2016-09-28 James Almeravutil/hwcontext: use CONFIG_QSV instead of CONFIG_LIBM...
2016-09-28 Philip Langdaleffmpeg_cuvid: Don't unnecessarily include nvcuvid.h
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit '59e7361cc791e5103be1712dc59a2055f118d0da'
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit '6f19bbcf8532d018d8d6d82e000738d0ac2385c9'
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit 'e85f6f7f8d037c0af0f294000718d9ba22753baa'
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit '40dd5166d2ba4f9035b93748840e408cd8be40e5'
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit 'a8164323374e86ce5f93759230868c98356833a2'
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit '5d560d38deca1e4705e6d3784d737363b9c830fe'
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit '6ed0f70f97c882813199b3bafd724ceeb43659de'
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit '5fa255b65c7887cc913f097aed1b581fbf1a8745'
2016-09-28 Carl Eugen... lavc/8bps: Fix 32bit output of 24bit video.
2016-09-28 Sylvain Laurentlavf/mpegtsenc: Set min PID for data pkt to 0x0010.
2016-09-28 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/nvenc: nicely align AVOptions
2016-09-28 Yogender Guptaavcodec/nvenc: Extended rate-control support as provide...
2016-09-28 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/nvenc: add HEVC REXT profile
2016-09-28 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/nvenc: Make sure that enum and array index...
2016-09-28 Michael Niedermayeravformat/avidec: Check nb_streams in read_gab2_sub()
2016-09-28 Michael Niedermayeravformat/avidec: Remove ancient assert
2016-09-28 Adriano Pallavicinolavc/qdm2: increase code clarity
2016-09-28 Sasi Inguvalavc/movtextdec.c: Avoid infinite loop on invalid data.
2016-09-28 James Almerffprobe: don't use AVStream.codec to set decoder framerate
2016-09-27 James Almeravformat/matroskadec: set AVCodecParameters.field_order...
2016-09-27 Sophia Wangavformat/matroskadec: retain error codes in matroska_re...
2016-09-27 Mulvyadoc/filters: blend terminates on longest input
2016-09-27 James Almerffmpeg: stop using AVStream.codec on stream copy
2016-09-27 James Almeravformat: add av_stream_get_codec_timebase()
2016-09-27 Michael Niedermayerswr: Update version & APIChanges for swr_build_matrix()
2016-09-27 Michael Niedermayerswresample: Add swr_build_matrix()
2016-09-27 Michael Niedermayerswresample: Use double and float for matrixes for best...
2016-09-27 Carl Eugen... doc: Mention -dn in the "Stream selection" paragraph.
2016-09-27 James Almerffprobe: don't access AVCodecContext.pkt_timebase directly
2016-09-26 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/ansi: Check dimensions
2016-09-26 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/mpegvideo_enc: fix memory leak
2016-09-26 Carl Eugen... lavf/movenc: Allow to disable writing the timecode...
2016-09-26 Jean-Yves Simonavcodec/hevc: Add YUV420P10 to vaapi hardware decode...
2016-09-25 James Almerffmpeg: fix memleak of bitstream filter context on...
2016-09-25 James Almerffmpeg: fix memleak of encoder options AVDictionary...
2016-09-25 James Almeravcodec/Makefile: Fix mlpenc dependencies
2016-09-25 James Almeravformat/avidec: remove warning about deprecated declar...
2016-09-25 Clément Bœschdoc/libav-merge: change gmane link to a ffmpeg.org one
2016-09-25 Clément Bœschdoc: move out merge script to tools
2016-09-25 Clément Bœschdoc: remove codecpar mention in libav-merge.txt
2016-09-25 Clément BœschMerge commit '1e93c1e30ff0e8bf6094a426ca60f005e9cdaed3'
2016-09-25 Josh de Kocklavd/sdl2: add sdl alias
2016-09-25 Josh de Kocklavd/sdl2: remove unused code
2016-09-25 Michael Niedermayeravformat/avidec: Fix memleak with dv in avi
2016-09-25 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: Fix bistream typos
2016-09-25 Xiaolei Yuavcodec: fix vc1dsp dependencies
2016-09-24 Carl Eugen... lavf/utils: Avoid an overflow for huge negative durations.
2016-09-24 James Almeravcodec/nvenc: use AVERROR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL instead...
2016-09-24 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/tests/integral: Remove unused variables
2016-09-24 Clément Bœschffmpeg: switch to the new BSF API
2016-09-24 Carl Eugen... lavd/sdl2: Fix 32bit rgb formats on little-endian hardware.
2016-09-24 Carl Eugen... lavd/sdl2: Move unsupported formats SDL_PIXELFORMAT_xxx...
2016-09-24 Carl Eugen... lavf/aacdec: Do not autodetect a single frame inside...
2016-09-24 Josh de Kocklavd: drop SDL1 device and SDL1 support
2016-09-24 Marton Balintffplay: add SDL2 support
2016-09-24 Lukasz Mareklavd/opengl: use SDL2
2016-09-24 Josh de KockMAINTAINERS: update my entries
2016-09-24 Josh de Kocklavd: Add SDL2 output device
2016-09-24 Clément Bœschlavfi: add nlmeans filter
2016-09-24 Anssi Hannulaavformat/hls: Fix handling of EXT-X-BYTERANGE streams...
2016-09-24 Steven Liuavformat/hlsenc: refine EXT-X-BYTERANGE support for...
2016-09-23 Sasi Inguvaffprobe.c: Indicate decode-but-discard packets when...
2016-09-23 Michael Niedermayerfate: add Test for h264_mp4toannexb (ticket2991)
2016-09-23 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/cavsdsp: use av_clip_uint8() for idct
2016-09-23 James Almeravcodec/remove_extradata_bsf: Fix AVoption parameter...
2016-09-23 Michael Niedermayertests/fate/ffmpeg: Remove dead automatic remove extrada...
2016-09-23 Hendrik Leppkesx86/h264_weight: use appropriate register size for...
2016-09-23 Michael Niedermayertests/fate: Add fate-ffmpeg-bsf-remove-* tests
2016-09-23 Timo Rothenpielercompat/cuda: convert to unix line endings
2016-09-23 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/cuvid: mark as avoid for probing
2016-09-23 Timo Rothenpieleravformat/utils: avoid using marked decoders for probing
2016-09-23 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec: add new AVOID_PROBING capability
2016-09-23 James Almerfate: update fate-source reference file
2016-09-23 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/h264: Use ptrdiff_t for (bi)weight functions
2016-09-23 Philip Langdalecuvid: Pass bit depth information to decoder
2016-09-23 Philip Langdalecuvid: Use bundled headers