Move static keyword to the beginning of function declarations.
[mplayer.git] / libmpdemux / mpeg_hdr.c
2012-01-19 diegoMove static keyword to the beginning of function declar...
2011-10-24 reimarRemove unused code.
2011-10-24 reimarMark pointer arguments as const where possible.
2011-10-24 reimarStop h264_parse_sps and mp_vc1_decode_sequence_header...
2011-05-07 reimarRemove some useless code that calculates something
2010-10-03 diegoMove mp_unescape03 function around to avoid forward...
2010-03-15 cehoyosCalculate width and height in mp4_header_process_vop().
2010-03-15 cehoyosFix value of bit counter at end of functions to prepare...
2010-02-21 reimarInitialize frame rate extension fields in mp_header_pro...
2010-02-21 reimarParse and use the information from the frame rate exten...
2009-08-11 cehoyosFix H.264 SPS parsing in case of scaling list present.
2009-05-13 diegowhitespace cosmetics: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2009-05-08 diegoAdd standard license header to all files in libmpdemux.
2007-10-19 diegoMark constant argument of mp_header_process_sequence_he...
2007-01-20 nicodvbin h264_parse_sps() reuse mp_unescape03()
2007-01-20 nicodvbadded function to parse vc1 sequence header
2006-05-07 nicodvbCOSMETICS: moved code to parse mpeg1/2 A/R to mpeg_hdr.c
2006-03-25 nicodvbH264: when fixed_fps is set the framerate is expressed...
2005-08-30 nicodvbmultiplying fps by 10000 is no more necessary (when...
2005-08-06 rfelker100l to whoever wrote this crap using 1/10000 units...
2005-06-02 lorenmdemux high profile H.264 ES
2005-04-20 rfelkerproper fix
2005-04-20 rfelkerundo dominik's 1000l cvs admin -o (recommitting bad...
2005-04-19 lorenminteger overflow when reading fps from h264 vui.
2005-04-09 nicodvbassign picture->(width,height) when parsing h264
2005-03-20 nicodvbexport getbits() as mp_getbits()
2005-03-01 rathannFix:
2005-03-01 rathannmissing #include (for malloc and free)
2005-02-24 nicodvbframerate autodetection for H264 in raw/ts streams
2005-01-12 nicodvbautomatic fps calculation for mpeg4 in raw stream/mpeg-ts
2004-07-03 ranmaRemove useless "size restrictions" message
2004-06-11 iivempeg2 chroma422/444 support
2002-03-31 arpiafter some STFW i've found some info about fps codes
2002-03-31 arpimtvp says its' 29.97 not 1 fps
2001-10-30 arpimpeg video header parser