Add explicit location for headers from the stream/ directory.
[mplayer.git] / libmpdemux / demux_viv.c
2007-03-15 diegoAdd explicit location for headers from the stream/...
2007-02-21 diegocosmetics: Fix some common typos, sepErate --> sepArate...
2006-12-02 diegoRemove superfluous bswap.h include.
2006-07-14 diegoprintf --> mp_msg
2006-06-14 uauChange free_sh_audio() to take demuxer and stream id...
2006-06-04 rtogniFix potential integer overflows in memory allocation.
2006-01-12 rathannmassive attack: mp_msg printf format fixes
2006-01-10 rathannconvert some printfs to mp_msg
2006-01-08 nicodvbinclude the right avcodec.h, consistently with the...
2005-12-19 henrymalloc padding to avoid access beyond allocated memory
2005-08-05 rtognimpDemuxer modularization
2004-03-31 rfelkermake stupid gcc versions happy
2003-12-15 rtognimp100l Fix audio decoding and random sig11
2003-04-21 alexfixed 2 10l-s (bug found in the spring cleanup patch...
2002-11-23 michaelwarning patch by (Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik at...
2002-09-22 arpitons of warning fixes, also some 10l bugfixes, includin...
2002-05-20 arpisome more output cosmetics, especially for vivo and...
2002-01-29 plwarning (proper) fix
2001-12-25 plwarning fix
2001-12-19 plx = malloc(strlen(s) + c) ... strcpy(x, s)
2001-12-16 arpivivo A-V sync fixed
2001-12-15 alex-vivo version option added
2001-12-15 alexadded -vivo subconfig
2001-12-12 alexhacked audio support to work with acm
2001-12-10 alexfixed Waveformatheader emu and added vivo1/2 audio...
2001-12-01 alexadded support for packet 0x82 (from vivodump.c by arpi)
2001-11-25 alexchanged to generate fourcc's like: viv<version> ->...
2001-11-22 alexwrote a very annoying bug
2001-11-22 alexadded support for demux_info
2001-11-16 alexsome minor fixes
2001-11-11 plsmall fix
2001-11-11 alexdisabled vivo2 scaling (decodes some vivo2 files)
2001-11-10 alexchecking for EOF
2001-11-09 alexfreeing up space and some debug
2001-11-09 alexvivo_check_file uses also new textparser
2001-11-09 alexadded text block parser
2001-11-04 arpivivo 2.0 compatibility
2001-11-04 arpivivo demuxer