2012-01-19 diegoMove static keyword to the beginning of function declar...
2012-01-19 diegoconfigure: Only test for Win32 threads on Windows.
2012-01-16 diegoconfigure: Enable os2threads support on OS/2.
2012-01-15 reimarFix seeking beyond EOF in stream_cdda to work with...
2012-01-15 reimarPrint an error when streams behave in a way that the...
2012-01-15 reimarFix seeking with e.g. flv files.
2012-01-15 reimarEliminate duplicate subtitle lines which will most...
2012-01-15 reimarSSA reader: do not strip commas in commands.
2012-01-14 compnreimar says comments are C strings and so i move all...
2012-01-14 cehoyosSupport BW10 decoding via FFmpeg.
2012-01-14 reimarSDL: Try to select a fullscreen mode that does not...
2012-01-14 ibAdd size to ICONERROR warning message.
2012-01-14 ibAdd differently sized, new icons for the GUI.
2012-01-14 ibUse check items for audio, video and subtitle tracks.
2012-01-14 reimarFix vo_gl unsharp filter for chroma.
2012-01-14 ibDon't needlessly set variables.
2012-01-14 reimarFix -ass-styles with SRT subs and more.
2012-01-14 reimarExtract setting up default ASS style to a separate...
2012-01-14 cehoyosSupport RGB48 tiff decoding via FFmpeg.
2012-01-13 ibCosmetic: Revise comment.
2012-01-13 ibRemove unused parameter from uiMenuMouseHandle().
2012-01-13 ibRemove unused parameter from uiPlaybarShow().
2012-01-13 ibRemove unused parameter from wsXDNDProcessClientMessage().
2012-01-13 ibFix bug with switching audio and video tracks.
2012-01-13 ibReplace deprecated avcodec functions by new ones.
2012-01-13 ibRemove unused parameter from create_MessageBox().
2012-01-13 ibUse correct data types and common variable names in...
2012-01-12 ibProperly handle the lack of XShm.
2012-01-12 ibRemove unnecessary #ifdef.
2012-01-12 ibCosmetic: Remove blank lines.
2012-01-12 ibSimplify XShape handling and setting of wsUseXShape.
2012-01-12 ibCosmetic: Remove braces.
2012-01-12 ibAlways inform / warn about missing shared memory /...
2012-01-12 ibRemove unnecessary #ifdef and #include.
2012-01-12 ibAdd user event evMenu.
2012-01-12 nicodvbpropagate the pts to vf_next_put_image(); fixes playbac...
2012-01-12 ibFix bug with VCD stream calling DVD code.
2012-01-12 ibReplace goto label by an internal event case expression.
2012-01-12 ibRemove all unnecessary #ifdefs from GUI code.
2012-01-12 ibDefine (extern) sub_cp unconditionally.
2012-01-10 ibReduce number and avoid conditional definition of searc...
2012-01-10 ibRetrieve DVD's titles, chapters and angles by stream...
2012-01-10 ibRemove all #ifdef MP_DEBUG from Win32 GUI code.
2012-01-08 reimarForce "simple" IDCT to avoid different results on diffe...
2012-01-08 reimarFix directory creation in refupdate script.
2012-01-08 reimarRemove another md5sums reference file that missed the...
2012-01-08 reimarRemove file that was checked in accidentally (it was...
2012-01-08 reimarFix testing of H.264 conformance tests.
2012-01-08 reimarAdd a script to help update the references.
2012-01-08 reimarAdd references for new fate samples.
2012-01-08 reimarRemove unused reference files.
2012-01-08 reimarPrint a hint if FATE_SAMPLES was not set and fatetest...
2012-01-08 reimarClean up
2012-01-08 reimarPut test-related code in Makefile under ifdef FATE_SAMPLES.
2012-01-06 cehoyosSupport cyuv uyvy422 rawvideo with -vc -ffcyuv,
2012-01-05 reimarAdd support for additional libopenjpeg output formats.
2012-01-05 reimarAdd support for 422P9.
2012-01-05 cehoyosSupport for Avid Meridian Uncompressed via FFmpeg.
2012-01-05 reimarAdd reference result for vble test file.
2012-01-05 reimarDisable wmv8_drm test.
2012-01-05 reimarQCP files are audio-only, do not run them through video...
2012-01-05 reimarChange a few more pts-related float to double.
2012-01-05 reimarUse double also to calculate ogg subtitle pts.
2012-01-05 reimarRemove pointless cast.
2012-01-05 reimarCalculate Ogg timestamps as double instead of float.
2012-01-05 reimarCheck for correct function (th_info_init, not theora_in...
2012-01-05 reimarAdd more fate test reference results.
2012-01-05 ibRemove #ifdef MP_DEBUG.
2012-01-05 ibExplicitly enumerate all stream types.
2012-01-05 ibRemove pointless menu entry.
2012-01-05 ibUse empty1px.xpm instead of empty.xpm for check item...
2012-01-05 ibUse check items for CD and VCD titles as well.
2012-01-05 ibFix bug in CD / VCD / DVD related menus.
2012-01-05 ibMove CD / VCD / DVD related menu code.
2012-01-05 diegobuild: Merge tests/Makefile into top-level Makefile...
2012-01-05 ibMove some DVD related events.
2012-01-05 ibRemove #ifdef MP_DEBUG.
2012-01-04 diegoPort libtheora glue code to Theora 1.0 API.
2012-01-04 siretartfmt-conversion.c: add a remark about the usage of ...
2012-01-04 siretartlibmpdemux/mp_taglists.c: Replace #ifdef with #if direc...
2012-01-04 cehoyosSupport decoding AVrp, v308 and yuv4 via FFmpeg.
2012-01-04 siretartmake the checks for available codec id more robust
2012-01-04 diegoconfigure: Simplify Theora check.
2012-01-03 ibRemove unnecessary #include.
2012-01-03 ibRemove (conditional and) unnecessary #include
2012-01-03 ibAdd checks for errors in stream_cdda's get_track_by_sec...
2012-01-03 ibAllow Windows style CDROM device names for Wine port.
2012-01-03 ibUse cdparanoia compatibility names for CD function...
2012-01-03 siretartAllow compilation with Libav
2012-01-02 ibInitialize device options in guiInit().
2012-01-02 ibRemove pointless filename setting from device name.
2012-01-02 ibAllow uiPlay() without guiInfo.Filename for some stream...
2012-01-02 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2012-01-02 ibDon't explicitly set stream type if the type doesn...
2012-01-02 iiveAdd support of compression algorithm 3 (header strippin...
2012-01-02 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg v410 decoder.
2012-01-02 cehoyosSupport Y41P decoding via FFmpeg.
2012-01-02 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 34475
2012-01-01 cehoyosUpdate copyright year.
2011-12-31 ibCosmetic: Collect together Wine port related functions.