2004-02-06 joeynew filter: vf_noformat.
2004-02-06 joeynew filter: vf_noformat.
2004-02-06 rikget_bit_count -> put_bits_count
2004-02-06 diegoExpand frame dropping state description, qp filter...
2004-02-05 arpiavi-fix v0.1: simple tool to fix chunk sizes in a RIFF...
2004-02-05 michael#include dsputil.h as it contains the lrintf emu code
2004-02-05 diegoDuplicate -include option moved to cfg-common.h.
2004-02-05 michaelqp change filter
2004-02-04 iive psnr and debug option added
2004-02-04 wightmissing \
2004-02-03 pontscho'video window vanishes after pause' bugfix, based on...
2004-02-03 nauj27sync
2004-02-03 iivexvid4 new aspect options - patch by Nico <nsabbi@tiscal...
2004-02-02 diegolame accepts only integers, pointed out by iive.
2004-02-02 nicolassync
2004-02-02 nicolasduplicate words and spaces removed
2004-02-02 iivenew options - aspect,autoaspect,turbo,chroma_opt. patch...
2004-02-02 michaelqns tip
2004-02-02 michaelquantizer noise shaping
2004-02-02 wightsync
2004-02-02 wight& removed - build fix
2004-02-02 diegoSearch links updated.
2004-02-02 diegoFix description of -srate, as pointed out by Rich.
2004-02-01 diegoTelecine HOWTO by Corey Hickey <
2004-02-01 diegorgbtest filter added, kerndeint filter description...
2004-02-01 ranmakerndeint documentation
2004-02-01 faust31000l
2004-02-01 mosuDo not open more than one audio/video/subtitle stream...
2004-01-31 alexadd libvo to include list for lavc
2004-01-31 mosuDo not try to seek beyond the end of the stream when...
2004-01-31 mosuCleanup and small improvement in seeking if the final_g...
2004-01-31 paszczisync
2004-01-30 wight100l for forgetting to update this. It would brake...
2004-01-30 faust3a few more nvidia cards (only tested card is GeForceFX...
2004-01-30 michaelrgb test pattern generator, so we could change everythi...
2004-01-30 wightMove symlinks to a separate target
2004-01-30 paszczisync
2004-01-30 diegoMake URL a little more precise.
2004-01-30 diegoSimplified support for libc5 systems.
2004-01-30 gabucinosync (PJS name discovered:)
2004-01-30 diegobuild fix
2004-01-30 diegoSimplifications and bug fixes by Torinthiel.
2004-01-30 rfelker1000000000l reported by Steven Schultz (thanks!)
2004-01-30 diegosync by Ioannis Panteleakis <>
2004-01-30 diegoSync with the last DVB update, patch by Nico <nsabbi...
2004-01-29 wightStructure rewritten, to allow single language build...
2004-01-29 rtognimpSync
2004-01-29 diegospelling, random fixes
2004-01-29 diegoScale filter reworded, presize option documented, lowpa...
2004-01-29 ranma10l fix by Jindrich Makovicka
2004-01-29 attilafix some 10ls in sample rate handlin
2004-01-29 attilaadd support for aac in real media files
2004-01-29 henry10l
2004-01-29 attila* changes mencoder's exit code on explicit kill to 2
2004-01-29 attilafix broken fullscreen start of gmplayer
2004-01-29 attilaFix the PJS (aka dunnowhat) subtitles
2004-01-29 attilaCompliance with the DVB power management specification...
2004-01-29 ranmasoftpulldown + kerndeint
2004-01-29 attilacontinue playing real files after errors
2004-01-29 ranmakerndeint adaptive deinterlacer
2004-01-29 alexswitch to inttypes.h (u_int32_t vs uint32_t) in favour...
2004-01-28 alexdisable buggy code, patch by Romain Dolbeau
2004-01-28 alexsupport for latest CVS, patch by Ville Syrjala
2004-01-28 alexremoved unused headeer dependencies
2004-01-28 alexuse inttypes.h and std types, this fixes compilation...
2004-01-28 alexSet fcchandler according to fourcc, some players (Archo...
2004-01-27 paszczisync
2004-01-27 nicolassync
2004-01-27 gabucinosync
2004-01-27 rfelkerif the user wants fast, use fast code! otherwise the...
2004-01-27 rfelker10000l
2004-01-27 rfelkernot pretty, but at least it prevents the channels from...
2004-01-27 rfelker100l
2004-01-27 rfelker10l
2004-01-25 rathannInitial translation prepared by chomar <duch at wla...
2004-01-25 alexreviewed the locking codes, a mutex should be unlocked...
2004-01-25 alexDon't mutex_unlock if it was never locked. Patch by...
2004-01-25 alexsupport for AVID DV fourcc, patch by xliska at informat...
2004-01-25 alexadded changes until now
2004-01-25 alexAltivec optimized stereo resampler by Romain Dolbeau...
2004-01-25 alexppc970 support, patch by Romain Dolbeau
2004-01-25 rtognimpUse fli decoder from libavcodec
2004-01-25 rtognimpPass header to codec in extradata (needed by ffmpeg...
2004-01-25 alexfreebsd fix (btw, why does it needs this int_max shit?
2004-01-25 nicolassync
2004-01-25 diegoupdates by smoker <>
2004-01-24 gabucinosync
2004-01-24 diegoMake the build system print everything it does.
2004-01-24 diegosmall fixes
2004-01-24 attilaadd divx2svcd script.
2004-01-24 attilaprevent subreader from segfaulting when sami subs dont...
2004-01-24 attilaadd option to select mixer channel
2004-01-23 arpimkv.cpp -> mkv_old.cpp, to avoid dependency name collis...
2004-01-23 mosuFix for compilation with libmatroska 0.6.3.
2004-01-23 iiveadd lame filter options
2004-01-23 iivefix aspect 4 according to the standart
2004-01-22 mosuDo not deactivate the video stream if no audio stream...
2004-01-22 nauj27sync. Named parameters documented.
2004-01-22 nauj27sync and livavcodecs tags
2004-01-22 michael100000l