descriptionFateserver git repo
last changeTue, 7 Sep 2021 15:26:42 +0000 (17:26 +0200)
2021-09-07 Martin StorsjöMove validation of parsed slot/date into split_header... master
2021-09-07 Martin StorsjöAdd missing validation of out of process data
2021-09-07 Martin StorsjöAdd a missed taint check in report.cgi
2021-08-29 fateold local changes
2021-08-23 Nicolas Georgeindex: force scalar context for param('query').
2021-08-23 Nicolas George*.cgi: enable taint checks.
2021-08-23 Nicolas Georgeindex: validate parameters.
2021-08-23 Nicolas Georgelog: validate parameters.
2021-08-23 Nicolas Georgereport: validate parameters.
2021-08-23 Nicolas Georgehistory: validate parameters.
2021-08-23 Nicolas Georgeall: uniformize compression handling.
2021-08-08 Nicolas GeorgeFATE: add functions to validate parameters.
2021-08-08 Nicolas Georgeindex: remove $uri.
2021-08-08 Nicolas George*.cgi: hardcode Perl library path.
2021-08-08 Nicolas GeorgeFATE: cosmetic: reorder @EXPORT.
2020-01-21 Mans RullgardInclude slot owner in summary hash
2 years ago master