Update to new website style
[fateserver.git] / report.cgi
2014-07-31 Timothy GuUpdate to new website style
2014-02-01 Timothy Gufateserver: Make gitweb linking work again
2014-02-01 Timothy Gufateserver: use singular form of "test" when applicable
2014-01-31 Timothy Gufateserver: remove styles conflicting with website CSS
2014-01-23 Timothy Gufateserver: add FFmpeg website-style banner and navbar
2011-07-15 Mans RullgardAllow build-only configurations
2011-07-15 Mans RullgardMake 'git-' prefix on revision optional for gitweb...
2011-05-21 Mans RullgardDisplay comment field
2011-03-06 Mans RullgardAdd licence headers
2011-02-13 Mans Rullgardreport: display slot owner
2011-01-29 Mans RullgardMove lastpass loading to a sub in FATE.pm
2011-01-27 Mans RullgardShow number of compiler warnings
2011-01-18 Mans Rullgardreport: link last good rev to gitweb log since then
2011-01-18 Mans RullgardLink revision string to gitweb commit
2010-09-18 Mans Rullgardreport: show error code for failed builds
2010-08-17 Mans RullgardAllow URL rewriting for prettier links
2010-08-03 Mans RullgardAdd thead/tbody tags
2010-08-01 Mans Rullgardreport: replace blank diff with a message
2010-07-31 Mans Rullgardreport: fix status display when some tests failed
2010-07-31 Mans Rullgardreport: fix status line in summary
2010-07-31 Mans Rullgardreport: show exit status of failed tests
2010-07-30 Mans Rullgardreport: gzip output if supported by browser
2010-07-30 Mans RullgardStyle test listings similarly to other lists
2010-07-30 Mans Rullgardreport: display last good rev for failed tests
2010-07-30 Mans Rullgardreport: use record splitting helper
2010-07-30 Mans Rullgardreport: remove unused variable
2010-07-30 Mans Rullgardreport: create links to all log files
2010-07-29 Mans RullgardCompress report files
2010-07-27 Mans RullgardMove config loading to FATE.pm
2010-07-27 Mans Rullgardreport: improve status banner
2010-07-26 Mans RullgardImprove presentation of timestamps
2010-07-26 Mans Rullgardreport: add syntax highlighting to diffs
2010-07-26 Mans RullgardAdd 'anchor' function
2010-07-26 Mans RullgardAdd functions for splitting report records into named...
2010-07-25 Mans Rullgardreport: provide logs of each stage
2010-07-25 Mans Rullgardreport: set type attribute in script tag
2010-07-25 Mans Rullgardreport: display stderr of failed tests
2010-07-25 Mans Rullgardreport: javascript toggles of diffs
2010-07-25 Mans Rullgardreport: print number of failed tests in table header
2010-07-25 Mans RullgardInitial checkin