2013-03-19 Lou Loganweb/projects: add QtAV project
2013-03-18 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add ffmpeg 1.1.4
2013-03-18 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: add 1.2 and 1.1.4
2013-03-15 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: fix typo
2013-03-15 Michael Niedermayerweb: FFmpeg 1.2
2013-03-15 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: release intervals are not irregular anymore
2013-03-15 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add FFmpeg 1.2
2013-03-14 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: list library versions
2013-03-07 Lou Loganweb/index: change documentation link in intro
2013-03-04 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: CVEs for 1.1.3
2013-03-04 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add FFmpeg 1.0.5
2013-03-03 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add carls git repo
2013-03-01 Michael Penkovweb/documentation: update link to FFmpeg and SDL Tutorial
2013-02-28 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: forgot updating one 0.5 version
2013-02-28 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add 0.5.12
2013-02-25 Compnremove jason from consulting page, as asked on irc
2013-02-23 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add 1.1.3
2013-02-21 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add 0.7.15 and 0.8.14
2013-02-18 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add 0.7.14
2013-02-17 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add 0.8.13
2013-02-17 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add 0.5.11
2013-02-14 Alexander Strasserweb: Switch back to standard banner on 15th of February
2013-02-09 Alexander Strasserweb: Announce seasonal art contest spring 2013
2013-02-07 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: list CVEs for 1.0.4
2013-02-07 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: clarify the 1.0.2 issues
2013-02-07 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: fill in CVEs for the 1.0 branch
2013-02-07 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: CVEs and commits for the 1.1 branch
2013-02-07 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: FFmpeg 1.0.4
2013-02-06 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: ffmpeg 1.1.2
2013-02-04 Lou Loganweb/contact: mention ffserver-user/ffmpeg-user merge
2013-02-04 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: add FFmpeg 1.0.2
2013-02-04 Alexander Strasserweb: news: Announce FFmpeg at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage...
2013-02-03 Alexander Strasserweb/documentation: Add a bunch of list item closing...
2013-02-02 Alexander Strasserweb/documentation: Add link to the book "FFmpeg Basics"
2013-01-27 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: list security relevant commits for 1.0.1
2013-01-22 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: FFmpeg 1.0.3
2013-01-20 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: FFmpeg 1.0.2
2013-01-20 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: FFmpeg 1.1.1 release
2013-01-08 Compnremove project description header. not needed
2013-01-08 Carl Eugen... Synchronise news entry with updated 1.1 Changelog.
2013-01-07 Michael Niedermayerweb: FFmpeg 1.1
2013-01-06 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add FFmpeg 1.1
2013-01-06 Compndownload: add rpmfusion builds
2012-12-31 Michael Niedermayerweb/index: replace g+ icon by a local copy so google...
2012-12-31 Paul B Maholweb: add g+ badge that links to FFmpeg page on g+
2012-12-30 Alexander Strasserweb: Add end-of-the-year news article
2012-12-29 Michael Niedermayerweb/consulting: remove mail address obfuscation from...
2012-12-29 Michael Niedermayerweb/consulting: add ubitux
2012-12-29 Michael Niedermayerweb/consulting: add carl
2012-12-29 Michael Niedermayerweb/donations: make text specifying that donation are...
2012-12-27 Stefano Sabatiniweb/documentation: mention the version of the exposed...
2012-12-27 Stefano Sabatiniweb/documentation: remove "Reporting bugs" section
2012-12-21 Alexander Strasserweb: Add winter banner
2012-12-21 Alexander Strasserweb: CSS: Use margin instead of padding for banner...
2012-12-20 Stefano Sabatiniweb/documentation: upcase first letter in Community...
2012-12-20 Stefano Sabatiniweb/documentation: move Dranger/Penkov tutorial entry...
2012-12-20 Stefano Sabatiniweb/documentation: remove link to outdated "FFmpeg...
2012-12-20 Stefano Sabatiniweb/documentation: remove link to Martin Bohme outdated...
2012-12-20 Stefano Sabatiniweb/documentation: remove link to badly outdated HOWTOs
2012-12-20 Clément Bœschabout: fix libswresample link.
2012-12-19 Stefano Sabatiniweb/documentation: change "Component Documentations...
2012-12-19 Stefano Sabatiniabout: link tools and libraries to the corresponding...
2012-12-19 Stefano Sabatinidocumentation: add sections linking components and...
2012-12-09 Michael Niedermayerdonations: simplify text for ffis donations.
2012-12-03 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: update for 1.0.1
2012-11-14 Alexander Strasserweb: Announce seasonal art contest winter 2012/2013
2012-11-01 Stefano Sabatinidocumentation: add link to platform.html internal file
2012-11-01 Stefano Sabatinidocumentation: give a more complete title to the linked...
2012-11-01 Stefano Sabatinidocumentation: move "official" documentation before...
2012-11-01 Stefano Sabatinidocumentation: prefer "ff*" over "FF*" for tools
2012-10-31 Alexander Strasserweb: Switch back to standard banner on 06th of November
2012-10-28 Michael Niedermayerweb/donations: remove first link, it confused at least...
2012-10-26 Michael Niedermayerweb: add links to doxy for all the release branches
2012-10-25 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: add 0.10.6
2012-10-25 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add 0.10.6
2012-10-24 Lou Loganweb/projects: add some forgotten projects
2012-10-17 burekAdded id attributes to h2 tags to enable anchor links...
2012-10-12 burekAdded "id" attributes to several "h2" tags to get ancho...
2012-09-28 Michael Niedermayerweb: FFmpeg 1.0
2012-09-28 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: add ffmpeg 1.0
2012-09-22 Alexander Strasserweb: Add autumn banner
2012-09-19 Michael Niedermayerweb/download: 0.11.2 / 0.10.5
2012-09-11 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: remove duplicate
2012-09-02 Michael Niedermayerweb/security: fill in some commit hashes
2012-08-29 Alexander Strasserweb: Announce seasonal art contest autumn 2012
2012-08-16 Michael PenkovInclude link to updated tutorial source.
2012-08-16 Helmut K. C... add repository for static builds for Mac OS X Intel...
2012-08-12 Michael Niedermayerweb:bugreports: Clarify that all needed info should...
2012-08-12 Michael Niedermayerweb/logik: switch logo back to standard on the 12th
2012-08-12 Michael Niedermayerweb:bugreports: provide a good example not a bad one
2012-08-12 Michael Niedermayerweb:bugreports: remove useless crap at the top of the...
2012-08-12 Stefano Sabatinicontact: remove ffmpeg-soc mailing-list entry from...
2012-08-12 Compnmove security email to top of security page
2012-07-29 Michael Niedermayerweb: cleanup and (simplify for donators) the donations...
2012-07-29 Michael Bradshawweb: Add missing opening p tag
2012-07-29 Michael Bradshawweb: Replace & with &
2012-07-28 Stefano Sabatinisrc: add donation page
2012-07-20 Compntypo fix spotted by J_Darnley on irc
2012-07-19 Stefano Sabatiniindex: fix year in the SOCIS entry ID
2012-07-19 Stefano Sabatiniindex: remove inconsistent empty line