descriptionFFmpeg git repo
last changeTue, 19 Jun 2018 20:48:04 +0000 (22:48 +0200)
6 hours ago Carl Eugen... lavf/mov: Do not fail hard for truncated stsz atoms. master
21 hours ago Gyan Doshiavformat/movenc: read track title from correct key
22 hours ago Gyan Doshiavcodec/libx265: apply lavc maxrate, bufsize & rc_init_...
26 hours ago Lou Loganavdevice/v4l2enc: add video4linux2 name alias
32 hours ago Aman Guptaavformat/mpegts: parse large PMTs with multiple tables
32 hours ago Aman GuptaRevert "avcodec/mediacodecdec: wait on first frame...
32 hours ago Thomas Guillemavcodec/videotoolboxenc: fix invalid session on iOS
32 hours ago Thomas Guillemavcodec/videotoolboxenc: split initialization
32 hours ago Thomas Guillemavcodec/videotoolboxenc: fix mutex/cond leak in error...
41 hours ago Jerome Borsboomavcodec/vc1: remove unused ff_vc1_loop_filter_iblk
41 hours ago Jerome Borsboomavcodec/vc1: rewrite vc1_decode_i_blocks to align with...
41 hours ago Jerome Borsboomavcodec/vc1: add Simple and Main profile to vc1_put_sig...
41 hours ago Carl Eugen... Revert "avcodec/vc1: add Simple and Main profile to...
2 days ago Danil Iashchenkolibavfilter/opencl: Add macro for setting opencl kernel...
2 days ago Jerome Borsboomavcodec/vc1: support multi-slice field interlaced pictu...
2 days ago Jerome Borsboomavcodec/vaapi_vc1: slice_vertical_position starts from...
4 days ago n4.0.1 FFmpeg 4.0.1 release
7 weeks ago n4.1-dev Main development, master branch...
8 weeks ago n4.0 FFmpeg 4.0 release
2 months ago n3.3.7 FFmpeg 3.3.7 release
3 months ago n3.0.11 FFmpeg 3.0.11 release
3 months ago n2.8.14 FFmpeg 2.8.14 release
4 months ago n3.4.2 FFmpeg 3.4.2 release
5 months ago n3.2.10 FFmpeg 3.2.10 release
5 months ago n3.3.6 FFmpeg 3.3.6 release
5 months ago n2.4.14 FFmpeg 2.4.14 release
6 months ago n3.4.1 FFmpeg 3.4.1 release
6 months ago n3.0.10 FFmpeg 3.0.10 release
7 months ago n3.2.9 FFmpeg 3.2.9 release
7 months ago n3.5-dev Main development, master branch...
7 months ago n3.3.5 FFmpeg 3.3.5 release
8 months ago n3.4 FFmpeg 3.4 release
6 hours ago master
32 hours ago release/4.0
2 days ago release/3.4
2 months ago release/3.3
2 months ago release/3.2
2 months ago release/3.1
2 months ago release/3.0
3 months ago release/2.8
4 months ago release/2.4
22 months ago release/2.7
22 months ago release/2.6
22 months ago release/2.5
2 years ago release/2.0
2 years ago release/2.1
2 years ago release/2.2
2 years ago release/2.3