x86: yasm: Use complete source path for macro helper %includes
[ffmpeg.git] / libavresample / avresample.h
2012-10-29 Anton Khirnovlavr: document upper bound on number of output samples.
2012-10-29 Anton Khirnovlavr: add general API usage doxy
2012-10-05 Anton Khirnovlavr: change the type of the data buffers to uint8_t**.
2012-07-08 Justin Ruggleslavr: resampling: add filter type and Kaiser window...
2012-06-18 John StebbinsAdd Dolby/DPLII downmix support to libavresample
2012-05-09 Anton Khirnovlavr: make avresample_read() with NULL output discard...
2012-05-01 Justin Ruggleslavr: use 8.8 instead of 10.6 as the 16-bit fixed-point...
2012-04-25 Justin RugglesAdd libavresample