Here are juste two added #ifdef CONFIG_ENCODERS to allow
[ffmpeg.git] / Changelog
2003-12-03 Mike Melansoninitial support for Duck TrueMotion v1 (think of it...
2003-11-14 Mike Melansonyep, FLI support
2003-10-03 Mike Melansonimplemented Id Quake II CIN support
2003-10-01 Roman Shaposhnik * preAlpha DV encoding support -- there's still...
2003-10-01 Mike MelansonNew demuxers: Sega FILM/CPK, Westwood VQA & AUD; new...
2003-09-15 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2003-09-14 Mike Melansoninitial Interplay video decoder
2003-09-10 Mike MelansonTim
2003-09-08 Mike Melansonfringe feature update
2003-06-13 Hetz Ben HamoChangelog update
2003-06-11 Hetz Ben Hamo..
2003-06-11 Hetz Ben HamoTypo fixes (ok, mplayer team, enough laughing ;)
2003-06-10 Hetz Ben HamoNo more HTML in Changelog
2003-06-10 Hetz Ben Hamosmall fix
2003-06-10 Hetz Ben HamoA newer Changelog
2002-12-28 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-11-14 Joel Yliluoma16-bit and 15-bit rgb/bgr patch by (Joel Yliluoma ...
2002-10-29 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardupdated
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardupdated - feel free to correct/improve
2002-05-25 Fabrice Bellardupdated
2002-05-18 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-02-09 Juanjo- Fixes on RTP and GOB headers for H.263.
2001-11-19 Juanjo- Preliminary RTP friendly mode for H.263.
2001-09-16 Fabrice Bellardupdated
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardupdated
2001-08-13 Fabrice Bellardupdated
2001-08-11 Fabrice Bellardupdated
2001-08-07 Fabrice Bellardupdated
2001-07-22 Fabrice BellardInitial revision