jvdec: check frame dimensions
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec /
2014-12-20 Anton Khirnovjvdec: check frame dimensions
2014-12-20 Anton Khirnovmjpegdec: check for pixel format changes
2014-10-15 Vittorio Giovaraimc: fix order of operations in coefficients read
2014-09-27 Rémi Denis-Courmontmpeg12: Always invoke the get_format() callback
2014-09-27 Rémi Denis-Courmonth264: Always invoke the get_format() callback
2014-08-26 Michael Niedermayermpegvideo: Use the current_picture pts
2014-08-18 Christophe Gisquetproresenc: Properly account for alpha plane
2014-08-18 Christophe Gisquetproresenc: Realloc if buffer is too small
2014-08-18 Christophe Gisquetproresenc: Report buffer overflow
2014-08-18 Christophe Gisquetproresenc: Remove unneeded parameters from encode_alpha...
2014-08-12 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: check that global parameters do not change...
2014-08-07 Felix Abecassish264: fix interpretation of interleaved stereo modes
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovsvq1: do not modify the input packet
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovcdgraphics: do not return 0 from the decode function
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovcdgraphics: switch to bytestream2
2014-08-06 Vittorio Giovarajpeg2000: enable 4 component pixel formats
2014-08-05 Michael Niedermayerhuffyuvdec: check width size for yuv422p
2014-08-05 Michael Niedermayermmvideo: check horizontal coordinate too
2014-08-05 Michael Niedermayerwmalosslessdec: fix mclms_coeffs* array size
2014-08-03 Diego Biurrunhuffyuv: Check and propagate function return values
2014-08-01 Vittorio Giovarah264: prevent theoretical infinite loop in SEI parsing
2014-08-01 Michael Niedermayerpgssubdec: Check RLE size before copying
2014-07-30 Diego Biurrunfate: Add dependencies for dct/fft/mdct/rdft tests
2014-07-27 Martin Storsjöarm: Avoid using the 'setend' instruction on ARMv7...
2014-07-27 Anton Khirnoveamad: use the bytestream2 API instead of AV_RL
2014-07-16 Vittorio Giovarag2meet: allow size changes within original sizes
2014-06-26 Martin Storsjöadpcm: Write the proper predictor in trellis mode in...
2014-06-26 Martin Storsjöadpcm: Avoid reading out of bounds in the IMA QT trelli...
2014-06-26 Anton Khirnovavpacket: fix copying side data in av_packet_copy_props()
2014-06-26 Vittorio Giovarajpeg2000: fix dereferencing invalid pointers during...
2014-06-26 Justin RugglesCheck mp3 header before calling avpriv_mpegaudio_decode...
2014-06-26 Justin RugglesCheck if an mp3 header is using a reserved sample rate.
2014-05-30 Thierry Fauckppc: Fix compilation for ppc64le (ELFv2)
2014-05-10 nu774pcm-dvd: Fix 20bit decoding
2014-05-10 Janne Grunauarm: hpeldsp: fix put_pixels8_y2_{,no_rnd_}armv6
2014-05-10 Janne Grunauarm: hpeldsp: prevent overreads in armv6 asm
2014-05-08 Luca Barbatovp9: Read the frame size as unsigned
2014-05-07 Tim Walkerdcadec: Use correct channel count in stereo downmix...
2014-05-07 Tim Walkerdcadec: Do not decode the XCh extension when downmixing...
2014-03-30 Martin Storsjögolomb: Fix the implementation of get_se_golomb_long
2014-03-16 Janne Grunauarmv6: vp8: use explicit labels in motion compensation asm
2014-03-10 Luca Barbatogolomb: Add a get_se_golomb_long
2014-03-09 Vittorio Giovarahevc: make pps/sps ids unsigned where necessary
2014-03-09 Michael Niedermayerhevc: Do not turn 32bit timebases into negative numbers
2014-03-09 Michael Niedermayerhevc: use av_mallocz() for allocating tab_ipm
2014-03-09 Michael Niedermayerhevc: Use get_bits_long() in decode_vui()
2014-03-09 Janne Grunauarm: vp3: remove incorrect const in ff_vp3_idct_dc_add_...
2014-03-09 Keiji Costantinirv10: Forward error from rv10_decode_packet
2014-03-09 Derek Buitenhuisfic: Properly handle skip frames
2014-03-08 Janne Grunauarm: hpeldsp: fix put_pixels8_y2_{,no_rnd_}armv6
2014-03-07 Reinhard TartlerRevert "Add libx265 encoder"
2014-03-05 Janne Grunauarm: hpeldsp: prevent overreads in armv6 asm
2014-03-02 Keiji Costantiniituh263: reject b-frame with pp_time = 0
2014-03-02 Hendrik Leppkeslatm: Always reconfigure if no extradata was set previously
2014-03-02 Diego Biurrunparser: cosmetics: Drop some unnecessary parentheses
2014-03-02 Luca Barbatoparser: K&R formatting cosmetics
2014-03-02 Diego Biurrunparser: Remove commented-out cruft
2014-03-02 Christophe Gisquetdca: replace some memcpy by AV_COPY128
2014-03-02 Janne Grunauh264: avoid undefined behavior in chroma motion compens...
2014-03-02 Diego Biurrunx86: dsputil: Use correct file name as multiple inclusi...
2014-03-02 Diego Biurrunbit_depth_template: Use file name as multiple inclusion...
2014-03-02 Diego Biurrunsvq3: Adjust #endif comment
2014-03-02 Luca Barbatohevc: Mention the missing SPS in the error message
2014-03-02 Diego Biurrunx86: dca: Add missing multiple inclusion guards
2014-03-02 Diego Biurrundoxygen: Add a number of missing function parameter...
2014-03-02 Anton Khirnovpthread_frame: flush all threads on flush, not just...
2014-03-02 Luca Barbatoh264: Fix a typo from the previous commit
2014-03-02 Vittorio Giovarah264: Lower bound check for slice offsets
2014-03-02 Luca Barbatohevc: Always consider VLC NALU type mismatch fatal
2014-02-16 Vittorio Giovarah264: use avpriv_request_sample for chroma_format_idc
2014-02-16 Diego BiurrunMove all example programs to doc/examples
2014-02-16 Maxim Poliakovskig2meet: validate bpp and bitmasks in the display info
2014-02-15 Tim Walkerac3dec: set AV_FRAME_DATA_DOWNMIX_INFO side data.
2014-02-15 Tim Walkerac3: update AC3PreferredStereoDownmixMode.
2014-02-15 Vittorio Giovarah264_parser: use enum values in h264_find_frame_end()
2014-02-14 Janne Grunauppc: reduce overreads when loading 8 pixels in altivec...
2014-02-14 Jan Ekströmutvideoenc: Enable support for multiple slices and...
2014-02-14 Derek Buitenhuislibx265: Remove redundant default param call
2014-02-14 Derek Buitenhuislibx265: Fix use of uninitialized input picture
2014-02-14 Vittorio Giovarah264_sei: reorder headers
2014-02-14 Vittorio Giovarah264_sei: name buffering period type consistently
2014-02-14 Vittorio Giovarah264: drop outdated comments
2014-02-14 Vittorio Giovarah264: store current_sps_id inside the current sps
2014-02-14 Vittorio Giovarah264: print values in case of error
2014-02-13 Luca Barbatoh264: Refactor ff_h264_decode_ref_pic_list_reordering
2014-02-13 Janne Grunaumpeg12dec: do not add stereo3D side data to a non-exist...
2014-02-12 Janne Grunauh264: make context_count unsigned
2014-02-12 Derek BuitenhuisAdd libx265 encoder
2014-02-12 John Stebbinsaacdec: set AVFrame sample_rate
2014-02-11 John Stebbinslavc: set AVFrame pkt_pts and reordered_opaque in reget...
2014-02-11 Kostya Shishkovg2meet: make JPEG tile decoder operate on 8x8 block...
2014-02-11 Maxim Poliakovskig2meet: factor out seeking to the chunk end
2014-02-10 Anton Khirnovrpza: limit the number of blocks to the total remaining...
2014-02-10 Anton Khirnovrpza: move some variables to the blocks where they...
2014-02-10 Anton Khirnovrpza: use fixed-width int types
2014-02-10 Anton Khirnovrpza: switch to bytestream2
2014-02-09 Luca Barbatohevc: Conceal zero td
2014-02-09 Kostya Shishkovdnxhd: Support DNx444
2014-02-09 Ronald S. Bultjevp8: fix PPC assembly to work if src_stride != dst_stride
2014-02-09 Janne Grunauasvenc: free avctx->coded_frame on codec close