Fix non-Doxygen comment.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / xvmc.h
2009-02-14 Diego BiurrunFix non-Doxygen comment.
2009-02-14 Diego BiurrunAdd avcodec.h #include so that LIBAVCODEC_VERSION_MAJOR...
2009-02-14 Ivan Kalvachevvertically align xvmc struct member comments
2009-02-14 Ivan KalvachevRename xvmc flags to follow ffmpeg AV_ notion.
2009-02-14 Diego BiurrunGive public #defines that are used by MPlayer an AV_...
2009-02-14 Diego BiurrunUpdate multiple inclusion guards to match filename.
2009-02-14 Diego BiurrunFix compilation: Restore mistakenly removed constant...
2009-02-14 Ivan Kalvachevexplain chroma_format field in xvmc struct
2009-02-14 Ivan Kalvachevdescribe idct variable in xvmc struct
2009-02-14 Ivan KalvachevDescribe the purpose of magic in xvmc structure.
2009-02-14 Diego BiurrunRevert adding a _pixfmt to vdpau/xvmc header names.