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2002-12-19 Zdenek Kabelac* fix for empty image queue
2002-12-18 Michael Niedermayermb qp limits
2002-12-18 Michael Niedermayersupport dumping the qscale stuff to the screen
2002-12-17 Michael Niedermayermore debug output
2002-12-15 Jürgen Keilmlib fix patch by (Juergen Keil <jk at tools dot de>)
2002-12-11 Michael Niedermayerfixing playback of DaveMatthews_Crash_PocketPC.avi
2002-12-09 Zdenek Kabelac* fill codec_id in codec_open
2002-12-09 Michael Niedermayer100l
2002-12-09 Michael NiedermayerAVVideoFrame -> AVFrame
2002-12-09 Michael Niedermayercleanup / messup?
2002-12-09 Michael Niedermayercorrect mpeg4 vo type
2002-12-08 Michael Niedermayerremove fake wmv2 codec
2002-12-07 Michael Niedermayerump4 decoding fixed
2002-12-06 Dieterpractically disabling altivec resampling code (some...
2002-12-06 Michael Niedermayerfixing api-example
2002-12-06 Michael Niedermayeraspect ratio encoding for mpeg1
2002-12-06 Michael Niedermayermpeg1&2 aspect decoding
2002-12-06 Michael Niedermayerfixing aspect (hopefully, i couldnt reproduce the bug)
2002-12-06 Michael Niedermayerfixing 2pass assert failure
2002-12-06 Michael Niedermayermissing "\" (found by nick)
2002-12-05 Michael Niedermayerbetter? scene change detection
2002-12-05 Michael Niedermayerfixing hq + adaptive quant
2002-12-05 Michael Niedermayerdrop b frames if there are no reference frames
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayerfixing files where the first frame isn a keyframe
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayernew PSNR code (now works with chroma, b frames, ...)
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayerprint a warning if something allocates 0 bytes
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayerworkaround old xvid bug
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayerspecific debug output support
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayerfixing illegal 3. esc bug (the mpeg4 std only requires...
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayeruse spatial error concealment if we dont have a previou...
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2002-12-03 Zdenek Kabelac* two functions to handle allocation of static data...
2002-12-03 Alex Beregszaszi10l fix
2002-12-03 Michael Niedermayer100l (sad8x8_x2 had params in wrong order)
2002-12-03 Michael Niedermayer100l (mixing chroma & luma linesize)
2002-11-30 Philip GladstoneSimplify an expression and eliminate a compile warning
2002-11-27 Falk HüffnerKludge around compilation failure on Alpha.
2002-11-26 Francisco Javier... via c3 fix patch by (Francisco Javier Cabello Torres...
2002-11-26 Michael Niedermayerapiexample doesnt send complete frames to the codec
2002-11-26 Brian Foleyaltivec accelerated v-resample patch by (Brian Foley...
2002-11-26 François RevolAvoid "unused variable 'c'" warning.
2002-11-26 Michael Niedermayerfixing h263+ slices if the padding at the end of the...
2002-11-26 Philip GladstoneAdd some rudimentary support for sparc64
2002-11-26 Agent Smithdont put flies in the stdout soup patch by (Agent Smith...
2002-11-25 Francisco Javier... via c3 detection patch by (Francisco Javier Cabello...
2002-11-25 Michael Niedermayer10l
2002-11-25 Michael Niedermayerfixing aspect
2002-11-23 Michael Niedermayermoving init of some variables (hurry_up,...) to MPV_fra...
2002-11-22 Brian Foley* altivec and pix_norm patch by Brian Foley
2002-11-22 Mark Hills* Ogg/Vorbis patch by Mark Hills
2002-11-22 Zdenek Kabelac* remaining part of John Ryland's patch
2002-11-20 Alex Beregszaszimjpegb support (need more samples)
2002-11-20 Michael Niedermayeraspect ratio cleanup
2002-11-20 Zdenek Kabelac* cut&paste fix
2002-11-19 Brian Foleyaltivec optimizations patch by (Brian Foley <bfoley...
2002-11-19 Michael Niedermayer10l
2002-11-19 Zdenek Kabelac* oops fixed bad initialization of ff vals.
2002-11-19 Zdenek Kabelac* fixed prototype
2002-11-19 Zdenek Kabelac* compilation fix (ARM users please check)
2002-11-18 Michael Niedermayerhurry_up=5 support
2002-11-15 Michael Niedermayerslices & encoding optim
2002-11-15 Michael Niedermayerdr1
2002-11-14 Michael Niedermayer0.1l
2002-11-14 Michael NiedermayerYV12 support (warning this is experimental & wont work...
2002-11-14 Joel Yliluoma16-bit and 15-bit rgb/bgr patch by (Joel Yliluoma ...
2002-11-14 Michael Niedermayerhuffyuv
2002-11-14 Zdenek Kabelac* minor warning fix
2002-11-14 Zdenek Kabelac* not checking for get_buffer_callback - it would be...
2002-11-14 Michael Niedermayer1l found by kabi
2002-11-12 Zdenek Kabelac* fixing some minor const warnings
2002-11-12 Zdenek Kabelac* init for inv_zigzag_direct16 moved to init block
2002-11-12 Zdenek Kabelac* init table once
2002-11-12 Zdenek Kabelac* using macros to shorten init part
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* quick fix for bit exact setting
2002-11-11 Michael Niedermayer100l for kabi (fixing qpel)
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* using DSPContext - so each codec could use its local...
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* using DSPContext - so each codec could use its local...
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* using DSPContext - so each codec could use its local...
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* using DSPContext - so each codec could use its local...
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* useless commit - ignore
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* avcodec_init could be removed I guess...
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* consts
2002-11-11 Zdenek Kabelac* added dsp_mask
2002-11-10 Arpi10l - set pixelfmt (colorspace) _before_ calling get_bu...
2002-11-10 Michael Niedermayerreversing header game
2002-11-10 Michael Niedermayeravoid duplicate ";" warnings (based upon a patch by...
2002-11-10 Michael Niedermayerhurry_up>=5 -> skip everything except header & set...
2002-11-09 Michael Niedermayerfixing -sameq with mpeg2
2002-11-09 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2002-11-08 Michael Niedermayercleanup (breaks compatibility, requested by fabrice)
2002-11-06 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2002-11-06 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2002-11-05 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2002-11-05 Michael Niedermayerlrintf detection (based upon a patch by François Revol...
2002-11-04 Michael Niedermayervc++ sucks, found by ("csharprules" <csharprules at...
2002-11-04 Zdenek Kabelac* DR1 support
2002-11-02 Alex Beregszaszifixed some bugs in app parser - some jfif and adobe...
2002-11-02 Michael Niedermayersupport forcing low_delay during decoding
2002-11-02 Michael NiedermayerAltivec Patch (Mark III) by (Dieter Shirley <dieters...
2002-11-02 François Revoladded MACE (Macintosh Audio Compression/Expansion)...