configure: Drop redundant header check for d3d11.h
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec /
2017-10-10 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop explicit check for dlfcn.h
2017-10-10 James Almerconfigure: rename hevc_ps to hevcparse
2017-10-09 James Almerextract_extradata: return an error when buffer allocati...
2017-09-27 Mark Thompsoncinepakenc: Move declaration out of for initialisation...
2017-09-27 Mark Thompsonhapdec: Delete include for nonexistent file
2017-09-27 Mark Thompsonhevc: Fix aligned array declarations
2017-09-27 Luca Barbatoqsv: Join the derived session to the parent
2017-09-25 Mark Thompsoncbs_h264: Fix writing streams with auxiliary pictures
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsonvaapi_mpeg2: Convert to use coded bitstream infrastructure
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsonmpeg12: Move finding the best frame rate to common...
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsoncbs_mpeg2: Add support for picture display extension
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsoncbs_h265: Fix ranges of prediction weight offsets
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsoncbs_h265: Fix reading of unknown parameter set extensio...
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Fix CPB/DPB delays
2017-09-12 Mark ThompsonRevert "vaapi_h265: Reduce the amount of padding in...
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsonh264_metadata: Fix double-free
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsoncbs: Add buffer padding when splitting fragments
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsoncbs: Always check for bitstream end before reading
2017-09-11 Luca Barbatoqsv: Load the hw hevc plugin by default on Linux
2017-09-02 Martin Storsjöarm: Fix SIGBUS on ARM when compiled with binutils...
2017-08-31 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Use dllexport/dllimport for data symbols...
2017-08-31 Martin Storsjömsvc: Properly specify dllexport for data symbols share...
2017-08-21 Luca Barbatopng: Support RGBA64 pixel format
2017-08-21 Luca Barbatopng: Report more details regarding unsupported pixel...
2017-08-20 Mark Thompsonmpeg2enc: Don't mark all streams as component video
2017-08-20 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add mpeg2_metadata bitstream filter
2017-08-20 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write support for MPEG-2
2017-08-20 Mark Thompsoncbs_h2645: Return error if writing fails
2017-08-18 Anton Khirnovh264dec: use a large enough field for reference list...
2017-08-13 Piotr Bandurskixwddec: support 8bpp grayscale
2017-08-13 Diego Biurrundfa: Disallow odd width/height and add proper bounds...
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h265: Reduce the amount of padding in the stream
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h265: Add support for AUD NAL units
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h265: Convert to use coded bitstream infrastructure
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add support for SEI recovery points
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add support for AUD NAL units
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Convert to use coded bitstream infrastructure
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add hevc_metadata bitstream filter
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add h264_redundant_pps bitstream filter
2017-08-13 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add h264_metadata bitstream filter
2017-08-12 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add trace_headers bitstream filter
2017-08-12 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write support for H.265
2017-08-12 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write support for H.264
2017-08-12 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write API
2017-08-10 Vittorio Giovarah264: Add support for alternative transfer characterics SEI
2017-08-06 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode: Move quality option to common code
2017-08-05 Mark Thompsonhevc: Validate the number of long term reference pictures
2017-08-05 Mark Thompsonhevc: Improve stream constraint values in common header
2017-08-05 Mark Thompsonh264: Add stream constraint values to the common header
2017-07-28 Anton Khirnovhevcdec: add a CUVID hwaccel
2017-07-28 Anton Khirnovhevcdec: set the active SPS before calling get_format()
2017-07-27 Anton Khirnovcuvid: add cuvid.h to SKIPHEADERS
2017-07-26 Anton Khirnovh264dec: add a CUVID hwaccel
2017-07-26 Anton Khirnovdecode: add a per-frame private data for hwaccel use
2017-07-26 Anton Khirnovdecode: add a mechanism for performing delayed processi...
2017-07-26 Anton Khirnovdecode: add a method for attaching lavc-internal data...
2017-07-26 Anton Khirnovdecode: avoid leaks on failure in ff_get_buffer()
2017-07-26 Anton Mitrofanovh264dec: Fix mix of lossless and lossy MBs decoding
2017-07-26 Anton Mitrofanovh264_cabac: Fix CABAC+8x8dct in 4:4:4
2017-07-26 Yogender Kumar Guptah264dec: fix Lossless Decoding (Profile 244) for 8x8...
2017-07-26 Anton Khirnovh264dec: track the last seen value of x264_build
2017-07-26 wm4lavc, lavu: move frame cropping to a convenience function
2017-07-25 Huang, Zhengxulibavcodec/mjpeg_qsv: Add QSV MJPEG encoder
2017-07-22 wm4dxva: DXVA2_ModeHEVC_VLD_Main10 does not support Main
2017-07-21 Vittorio Giovarahevc: Make sure to update the current frame transfer...
2017-07-09 Luca Barbatoflac: Use a local cache for decode_residual()
2017-07-09 Luca Barbatoflac: Postpone unlikely condition checks
2017-07-09 Alexandra Hájkováflac: Convert to the new bitstream reader
2017-07-09 Luca Barbatobitstream: Avoid undefined behavior in bitstream_skip()
2017-07-05 Diego Biurrunbink: Split read_dct_coeffs()
2017-07-05 Diego Biurruncinepakenc: misc small changes
2017-07-05 Diego Biurruncinepakenc: K&R formatting cosmetics
2017-07-05 Timothy Gucinepakenc: Stop using AVPicture
2017-07-05 Diego Biurruncinepakenc: Drop broken debug code
2017-07-05 addr-see-the-websi... cinepakenc: add option handling for flexibility
2017-07-05 addr-see-the-websi... cinepakenc: fixes and improvements
2017-07-05 Tomas HärdinAdd Cinepak encoder
2017-06-28 Vittorio Giovarahevc: Add support for alternative transfer characterics SEI
2017-06-28 Vittorio Giovaradvbsubdec: Free subrect memory on allocation error
2017-06-28 Lorenz Brundvbsubdec: Fixed segfault when decoding subtitles
2017-06-26 Anton Khirnovhwframe: Allow hwaccel frame allocators to align surfac...
2017-06-26 wm4dxva: verbose-log decoder GUID list
2017-06-26 wm4dxva: support DXGI_FORMAT_420_OPAQUE decoding
2017-06-26 wm4dxva: fix some warnings
2017-06-26 wm4dxva: add declarative profile checks
2017-06-24 Ben Changnvenc: Minimize the surface allocation
2017-06-24 Ben Changnvenc: Use a fifo to manage the free surface pool
2017-06-24 Ben Changnvenc: Add an explicit auto alias
2017-06-20 Memphizaarch64: vp9: Fix assembling with Xcode 6.2 and older
2017-06-17 Diego Biurrunbuild: Add missing mpeg4audio dependency for RTP muxer
2017-06-13 Michael Niedermayerlibfdk-aacdec: Correct buffer_size parameter
2017-06-13 Diego Biurrunmmal: Add missing .item_name to AVClass declaration
2017-06-12 Diego BiurrunConvert all AVClass struct declarations to designated...
2017-06-10 Srinath K Rnvenc: Add default value for AVCodecContext::refs
2017-06-08 wm4dxva: add support for new dxva2 and d3d11 hwaccel APIs
2017-06-08 wm4dxva: move d3d11 locking/unlocking to functions
2017-06-08 wm4dxva: preparations for new hwaccel API
2017-06-08 wm4lavc: set avctx->hwaccel before init
2017-06-01 Diego Biurrunsmacker: Improve error handling
2017-06-01 Michael Niedermayersmacker: Check that the data size is a multiple of...