avcodec: rename the AV1 profiles
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec /
2018-03-29 James Almeravcodec: rename the AV1 profiles
2018-03-16 Zhong Liqsvenc: add the Access Unit Delimiter NAL Unit support
2018-03-16 Zhong Liqsvenc: Fix a typo of FrameRateExtD/FrameRateExtN
2018-03-12 Luca BarbatoSupport AV1 encoding using libaom
2018-03-12 Luca BarbatoAdd AV1 video decoding support through libaom
2018-03-07 Alexander Kravchenkoamf: Replace writer_id option with LIBAV_AMF_WRITER_ID...
2018-03-05 Zhong Liqsvenc: Provide a detailed error message if the paramet...
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsonh264_metadata: Add option to delete filler data
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs_h264: Add support for filler NAL units
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs_h264: Move slice_group_id array out of PPS structure
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsonh264_metadata: Always add the SEI user data to the...
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsonh264_metadata: Use common SEI addition function
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs_h264: Add utility functions to insert/delete SEI...
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs: Refcount all the things!
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs_h264: Add hack for pic_timing with no active SPS
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs_h2645: Remove active ps references when it is replaced
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs: Demote the "decomposition unimplemented" warning
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h265: Mark unused entries in RefPicList[01] as...
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode: Destroy output buffer pool before VA...
2018-02-20 Jun Zhaovaapi_encode: Allocate slice structures and parameter...
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs: Minor comment fixes / cosmetics
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs: Add an explicit type for coded bitstream unit...
2018-02-20 Mark Thompsoncbs: Allocate the context inside the init function
2018-02-12 Diego Biurrunbuild: Ignore generated mpeg12framerate test binary
2018-02-12 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/vc1dec: fix mby_start for interlaced content
2018-02-11 Ruiling Songlavc/qsv: default la_ds to MFX_LOOKAHEAD_DS_UNKNOWN
2018-02-11 Zhong Liqsvenc: AVBR is not supported on non-windows OS
2018-02-11 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add per-thread surfaces in get_hw_frame_parameters()
2018-02-11 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add support for increasing hardware frame pool...
2018-02-06 Diego BiurrunDrop some unnecessary config.h #includes
2018-02-01 Martin Storsjöavpacket: Initialize the allocated padding area in...
2018-01-31 Sean McGovernvc1: skip motion compensation when data for last pictur...
2018-01-26 Zhong Liqsvdec: Relax the surface vs coded dimension check
2018-01-25 Ruiling, Songqsv: Skip the packet if decoding failure
2018-01-08 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsv: better to use alignment by 16 and HEVC 10b require...
2018-01-04 Michael WoottonAdd support for H.264 and HEVC hardware encoding for...
2017-12-27 Luca Barbatox264: Support version 153
2017-12-20 Martin Storsjömmaldec: Fix compilation after 2fcb0090
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Mark all AVHWAccel structures as const
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Delete all fake hwaccels
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Remove register mechanism for hwaccels
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Deprecate av_hwaccel_next() and av_register_hwaccel()
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Use hardware config information in ff_get_format()
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonwebp: Fix alpha initialisation
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add hardware config metadata for decoders support...
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add codec metadata to indicate hardware support
2017-12-14 wm4avcodec: add metadata to identify wrappers and hardware...
2017-12-12 Luca Barbatoqsv: Support explicit lookahead downscaling
2017-12-12 Li, Zhongqsv/vp8dec: fixes memory leak issue
2017-12-12 Li, Zhonglavc/qsvenc: add error messeage if ICQ unsupported.
2017-12-12 Li, Zhonglavc/qsvenc: ICQ/VCM/QVBR are not avilable on Linux
2017-12-12 Li, Zhonglavc/qsvenc: set HRD buffer size
2017-12-08 Alexandra Hájkováhevc: Add hevc_get_pixel_4/8/12/16/24/32/48/64
2017-12-06 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h265: Add named options for setting profile and...
2017-12-06 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add named options for setting profile and...
2017-12-02 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Make the decode profile matching more explicit
2017-12-02 Jun Zhaovaapi_h264: Fix VUI max_dec_frame_buffering
2017-12-02 Jun Zhaovaapi_h265: Enable VBR mode
2017-12-02 Mark Thompsoncbs_mpeg2: Fix marker_bit type
2017-12-02 Mark Thompsoncbs: Add padding to slice data allocations
2017-11-28 Vittorio Giovarastereo3d: Support view type for frame sequence type
2017-11-28 Vittorio Giovaraprores: Always assume limited range
2017-11-24 Li, Zhongqsvenc: cavlc option is only available for h264
2017-11-23 Li, Zhongqsv/hevcdec: Load hw plugin by default on non-windows os
2017-11-19 Martin Storsjölibavcodec: Don't use dllexport, only dllimport when...
2017-11-12 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add missing return value check
2017-11-12 Mark Thompsonh264_metadata: Fix clearing SEI payload in error case
2017-11-12 Mark Thompsoncbs_h2645: Fix memory leak on when reading SEI fails
2017-11-12 Mark Thompsoncbs: Add a missing return value check
2017-11-12 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Do not use deprecated header type
2017-11-12 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add workaround for bad SEI in old Intel...
2017-11-11 James Almervp9_superframe_bsf: cache packets by creating new refer...
2017-11-11 Andreas Cadhalpunsmacker: limit recursion depth of smacker_decode_bigtree
2017-11-11 Michael Niedermayersmacker: add sanity check for length in smacker_decode_...
2017-11-03 Martin Storsjölibspeexenc: Use speex_lib_get_mode instead of the...
2017-10-24 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Always free parameter buffers after vaEndPicture...
2017-10-24 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Remove H.264 baseline profile
2017-10-24 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Disable deprecation warnings around use of struc...
2017-10-24 Martin Storsjöarm: Remove a redundant check in fmtconvert_init_arm.c
2017-10-23 wm4lavc: fix hw_device_ctx operation
2017-10-19 wm4lavc: external hardware frame pool initialization
2017-10-18 Luca Barbatoqsv: Make the hevc idr_interval consistent with the...
2017-10-18 Martin Storsjöaarch64: Remove a dot from a label
2017-10-16 Diego Biurrunmss1: Add missing macro parameters to ARITH_GET_* macros
2017-10-14 Luca Barbatoqsv: Expose idr_interval for hevc as well
2017-10-12 Michael Niedermayerpictor: Correctly check frame dimensions
2017-10-10 Diego Biurrunbuild: Remove check for gsm/gsm.h for libgsm
2017-10-10 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop explicit check for dlfcn.h
2017-10-10 James Almerconfigure: rename hevc_ps to hevcparse
2017-10-09 James Almerextract_extradata: return an error when buffer allocati...
2017-09-27 Mark Thompsoncinepakenc: Move declaration out of for initialisation...
2017-09-27 Mark Thompsonhapdec: Delete include for nonexistent file
2017-09-27 Mark Thompsonhevc: Fix aligned array declarations
2017-09-27 Luca Barbatoqsv: Join the derived session to the parent
2017-09-25 Mark Thompsoncbs_h264: Fix writing streams with auxiliary pictures
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsonvaapi_mpeg2: Convert to use coded bitstream infrastructure
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsonmpeg12: Move finding the best frame rate to common...
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsoncbs_mpeg2: Add support for picture display extension
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsoncbs_h265: Fix ranges of prediction weight offsets
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsoncbs_h265: Fix reading of unknown parameter set extensio...