2011-06-29 Carl Eugen... Fix VDPAU decoding for some H264 samples.
2011-06-28 Martin Matuskapict_type: add a value for unknown/none.
2011-06-25 Stefano Sabatiniconfigure: select buffersink_filter when ffmpeg is...
2011-06-22 Jason Garrett... H.264: fix 4:4:4 + deblocking + 8x8dct + cavlc + MBAFF n0.7.1
2011-06-22 Jason Garrett... H.264: fix 4:4:4 + deblocking + MBAFF
2011-06-22 Jason Garrett... H.264: fix 4:4:4 cropping warning
2011-06-22 Jason Garrett... H.264: reference the correct SPS in decode_scaling_matrices
2011-06-22 Michael Niedermayerrelease_notes: update for 0.7.1
2011-06-22 Michael Niedermayerset VERSION for 0.7.1
2011-06-22 Clément Bœschvf_mp: do not add duplicated pixel formats.
2011-06-22 Anton Khirnovffplay: use new avformat_open_* API.
2011-06-22 Reimar DöffingerRevert needless API change in 05e84c95.
2011-06-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge branch 'master' into oldabi
2011-06-21 Clément Bœschffplay: do not init SDL audio if -an is specified. n0.8
2011-06-21 Clément BœschFix zero-length gnu_printf format string warning.
2011-06-21 Reimar DöffingerA cmp instruction with two constants is invalid, thus...
2011-06-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge branch 'master' into oldabi
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerrelease_notes: document not fully understood mingw...
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerrelease_notes: some updates
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerpresets: forgotten libvpx presets
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerrelease_notes: fix version
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerrelease_notes: mention more codecs
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerrelease_notes: there will be 2 releases each for one...
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerrelease_notes: suggest git log instead of the poorly...
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerrelease_notes: we do support releases
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerbuild system: disable memalign on haiku, its not reliab...
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerffprobe: remove duplicate avformat_alloc_context()
2011-06-21 Gavin KinseyFix segmentation fault in ffprobe
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerwma: fix infinite loop
2011-06-21 Jason Garrett... Fix H.264 4:4:4 lossless decoding.
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerswscale: undo version upgrade that git merged in and...
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerswscale: revert ABI breaking long->int chnage that...
2011-06-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge branch 'master' into oldabi
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayerlibx264: fix open gop default.
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayeravfilter picture pool: double free hotfix
2011-06-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-21 Michael Niedermayermpegaudio_parser: be less picky on the start position
2011-06-21 Kim Nguyenppc32: Fix movrel
2011-06-20 Justin RugglesReplace usages of av_get_bits_per_sample_fmt() with...
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: cabac: fix register constraints for 32-bit mode
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardcabac: move x86 asm to libavcodec/x86/cabac.h
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: h264: cast pointers to intptr_t rather than int
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: h264: remove hardcoded edi in decode_significance_...
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: h264: remove hardcoded esi in decode_significance...
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: h264: remove hardcoded edx in decode_significance...
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: h264: remove hardcoded eax in decode_significance...
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: cabac: change 'a' constraint to 'r' in get_cabac_i...
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: cabac: remove hardcoded esi in get_cabac_inline()
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: cabac: remove hardcoded edx in get_cabac_inline()
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: cabac: remove unused macro parameter
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: cabac: remove hardcoded ebx in inline asm
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardx86: cabac: remove hardcoded struct offsets from inline asm
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardcabac: remove inline asm under #if 0
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardcabac: remove BRANCHLESS_CABAC_DECODER switch
2011-06-20 Mans Rullgardcabac: remove #if 0 cascade under never-set #ifdef...
2011-06-20 Ivan KalvachevFix bink audio playback outside of FFmpeg.
2011-06-20 Reinhard Tartlerdocument libswscale bump
2011-06-20 Ronald Bultjeerror_resilience: skip last-MV predictor step if MVs...
2011-06-20 Ronald Bultjeerror_resilience: actually add counter when adding...
2011-06-20 Michael Niedermayerqdm2: Fix alignment of local array.
2011-06-20 Stefano Sabatiniocv: replace FF_INTERNAL_MEM_TYPE_MAX_VALUE with SIZE_MAX
2011-06-20 Stefano Sabatinidrawtext: add braces around initialisers for option...
2011-06-20 Stefano Sabatinidrawtext: reindent after the previous commit
2011-06-20 Stefano Sabatinidrawtext: fix strftime() text expansion
2011-06-20 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: print warning if encoding would duplicate massi...
2011-06-20 Reinhard TartlerBump major version for b8e893399ff8755721dc117695ec5ff1...
2011-06-20 Ronald S. Bultjeh264-mt: fix deadlock in packets with multiple slices...
2011-06-20 Michael Niedermayercmdutils: remove outcommented merge trash
2011-06-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-20 Yusuke Nakamuramov: Fix empty edit detection.
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayerdump_metadata: Fix 0xd in metadata
2011-06-19 Michael NiedermayerAttempt to fix ticket266
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayereval: Fix 32bit unsigned parsing
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayeravidec: consider non video to contain only keyframes...
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayerffplay: dont drop frames by default when there is no...
2011-06-19 Mina Nagy Zakilavfi: add layout negotiation fields and helper functions.
2011-06-19 Mina Nagy Zakilavfi: use int64_t lists in AVFilteFormats
2011-06-19 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: fix realloc size computation in avfilter_add_for...
2011-06-19 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: fix Makefile HEADERS
2011-06-19 Mans RullgardDrop git- prefix from version labels
2011-06-19 Reinhard TartlerUse the contents of RELEASE as version fallback instead...
2011-06-19 Mans Rullgardpath64/open64: filter out unsupported flags
2011-06-19 Reinhard TartlerAdd Release Notes
2011-06-19 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: add vsink_buffer, and use it in ff* tools
2011-06-19 Stefano Sabatinivsrc_color: use internal timebase
2011-06-19 Stefano Sabatiniopt: do not crash in av_set_options_string() if opts...
2011-06-19 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: add negate filter
2011-06-19 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: add LUT (LookUp Table) generic filters
2011-06-19 Alex Conversesipr: Drop unused DSPContext
2011-06-19 Alex Conversesipr: include string.h for mem*()
2011-06-19 Alex Conversesipr: Use memmove() to copy overlapped buffers.
2011-06-19 Alex Converseh264: drop some ugly casts
2011-06-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayerswscale: fix mono input for width%8
2011-06-19 ami_stuffavidec: Ignore unknown stream types
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayerh264: print actual slice number in "Too many slices...
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayerjpegdec: include mjpb_skiptosod in debug output
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayerjpegdec: fix CJPG decoding.
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayerw32threads: with only 1 thread there cant be a active...
2011-06-19 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: warn if samples need to be converted in a lossy...