2012-07-01 Michael Niedermayermov: add workaround for incorrect 0 time point.
2012-07-01 Michael NiedermayerRELEASE: update, seem this has been forgotten
2012-07-01 Matthieu Bouronlavf/aiffdec: handle ID3 chunk
2012-07-01 Michael Niedermayerh264: clear the ref lists when the reference are cleared.
2012-07-01 Michael Niedermayerh264: check log2_max_poc_lsb for validity
2012-07-01 Stefano Sabatinilavf/segment: rename variable "size" to "list_size"
2012-07-01 Stefano Sabatinilavf/segment: pass the top level chained muxer format...
2012-07-01 Michael Niedermayerituh263dec: use av_assert
2012-07-01 Michael Niedermayerwmaenc: switch all remaining asserts to av_asserts
2012-07-01 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'cus/stable'
2012-06-30 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-06-30 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: re-set frame_size after filter graph reset.
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayerswr: fix MMX resample code, add emms
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayeravcodec_encode_audio2: print error messages for errors
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayerwmaenc: rewrite 2nd stage quantization code
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayerwmaenc: remove alternative quantization loop
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayerwmaenc: fix off by 1 error in quantization loop
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayerwmaenc: change another assert to av_assert
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayernutdec: set duration_estimation_method
2012-06-30 Ronald S. Bultjedsputilenc_mmx: split assignment of ff_sse16_sse2 to...
2012-06-30 Ronald S. Bultjednxhdenc: add space between function argument type...
2012-06-30 Ronald S. Bultjex86: fmtconvert: add special asm for float_to_int16_int...
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayernutdec: estimate duration from last syncpoint
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayernutdec: remove assert that is wrong for some new durati...
2012-06-30 Michael Niedermayernutdec: check that filesize is valid before using it.
2012-06-30 Marton Balintffplay: only configure video filters after we got the...
2012-06-30 Ronald S. Bultjeattributes: Add a definition of av_always_inline for...
2012-06-30 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: factorize expression in audio_decode_frame()
2012-06-30 Martin Storsjöcmdutils: Pass the actual chosen encoder to filter_code...
2012-06-30 Ronald S. Bultjeos_support: Add fallback definitions for stat flags
2012-06-30 Martin Storsjöos_support: Rename the poll fallback function to ff_poll
2012-06-30 Martin Storsjönetwork: Check for struct pollfd
2012-06-30 Martin Storsjöos_support: Don't compare a negative number against...
2012-06-30 Ronald S. Bultjeos_support: Include all the necessary headers for the...
2012-06-30 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: use the more powerful version of abuffersink.
2012-06-30 Nicolas Georgesink_buffer: implement fixed frame size.
2012-06-30 Nicolas Georgelavfi: implement samples framing on links.
2012-06-30 Nicolas Georgefate: add a test for the -force_key_frames option.
2012-06-30 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: fix parsing of -force_key_frames option.
2012-06-30 Clément Bœschswr: fix make checkheaders.
2012-06-30 Clément Bœschswr: small align cosmetic.
2012-06-30 Clément Bœschswr: use __asm__ instead of __asm.
2012-06-29 Mans Rullgardx86: vc1: fix and enable optimised loop filter
2012-06-29 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: group together and vertically align correlated...
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: vertially align complex if condition in audio_d...
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: move assignment in else block in audio_decode_f...
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: split overly long line in audio_decode_frame()
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayerpngdsp: Fix license header
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayerprores: Fix license header
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayerwma_common: Fix license header
2012-06-29 Clément BœschRealText demuxer and decoder.
2012-06-29 Clément BœschSAMI demuxer and decoder.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschlavf/subtitles: add some SMIL helpers.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschfate: add JacoSUB and MicroDVD subtitles tests.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschfate: introduce subtitles.mak and move SubRip test...
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschlavc/microdvddec: support "DEFAULT" properties.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschlavc/ass: honor Default style.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschlavf/microdvd: rewrite using subtitles queue API.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschlavf/jacosubdec: fix FPE in case timeres is badly set.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschlavf/jacosubdec: use subtitles queue API.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschlavf: add internal demuxer helpers for subtitles.
2012-06-29 Clément Bœschffmpeg: fix a memleak in subtitles decoding.
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatinilavf/segment: rename segment private context from ...
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatinilavf/segment: add stream_segment variant of the segment...
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatinilavf: allow multiple names in output devices selected...
2012-06-29 Martin Sliwkaavformat: disable seeking on FIFOs/named pipes
2012-06-29 Lou Logancosmetics: minor libavcodec spelling errors
2012-06-29 Ronald S. Bultjefile: Only include unistd.h if it exists
2012-06-29 Ronald S. Bultjerandom_seed: Only read /dev/*random if we have unistd.h
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatinilavf/segment: add some debugging logs
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatinilavf/segment: fix command with missing -list option
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatinilavf/applehttp: add log message in case of applehttp_re...
2012-06-29 Samuel Pitoisetdoc: Indicate that RTMPT is natively implemented in...
2012-06-29 Ronald S. Bultjertpdec: Don't explicitly include unistd.h any longer
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayerdca: favor native over ffmpeg in table name
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: avoid useless NULL checks in swr_free()
2012-06-29 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: fix wrong reference to function in audio_decode...
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayeravutil: fix project name reference in doxy section
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayerdca: fix project reference in table name
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayervf_ass: fix table name to refer to correct lib.
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayerformats.h: fix project reference in comment
2012-06-29 Michael Niedermayerpixdesc: fix project reference in comment
2012-06-29 Paul B MaholReplace Libav with FFmpeg in license headers for files...
2012-06-28 Michael Niedermayergit-howto: replace confusing and incorrect text about...
2012-06-28 Michael Niedermayergit-howto: partial rewrite of the push checklist to...
2012-06-28 Michael Niedermayergit-howto: remove inconvenient and odd 24h limit on...
2012-06-28 Michael NiedermayerMakefile: remove checkheaders from the main check target
2012-06-28 Michael Niedermayergit-howto: cleanup, remove unreasonable recommendition.
2012-06-28 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-06-28 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: simplify code by using avfilter_unref_bufferp()
2012-06-28 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: deprecate av_buffersrc_buffer() function
2012-06-28 Nick BreretonGenerate channel layout, reordering for DTS-XXCH extens...
2012-06-28 Nick BreretonParse & decode DTS XXCH frames
2012-06-28 Jeff Downsh264: Fix maximum reference count check for non-b frames
2012-06-28 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: warn that -t does not work with -filter_complex.
2012-06-28 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: warn when -t is used for inputs.
2012-06-28 Nicolas Georgesink_buffer: warn when there are too many buffers.
2012-06-28 Nicolas Georgebuffersrc: warn when there are too many buffers.
2012-06-28 Paul B Mahollavfi/amerge: silence warnings