2003-02-27 Zdenek Kabelac* compile PNG only when ZLIB is available
2003-02-26 Michael Niedermayermove repeat_pict field from AVCodecContext -> AVFrame...
2003-02-25 François Revolprettier debug output
2003-02-25 François Revoltemporary fix: BeOS only has 'which' as an alias to...
2003-02-25 Fabrice Bellardadded DTG active format information
2003-02-25 Mark Hillsogg deallocate patch by (Mark Hills <mark at pogo dot...
2003-02-24 Zdenek Kabelac* using const buffers for reading
2003-02-24 Zdenek Kabelac* const arrays
2003-02-24 Zdenek Kabelac* fixed IMA WAV decoding (though still might not be...
2003-02-24 Michael Niedermayerhuffyuv v1 tables, as they are essential and the only...
2003-02-24 Michael Niedermayerget_vlc2() "docs"
2003-02-24 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2003-02-24 Michael Niedermayerround readed bits up to next 32bits, as orginal huffyuv...
2003-02-23 Michael Niedermayersws_ prefix, more seperation between internal & externa...
2003-02-23 Philip GladstoneMake ACLs work correctly for streams. Try comparing...
2003-02-22 Michael Niedermayer32 vs. 64bit bugfix by (Dave Huang (dahanc))
2003-02-21 Michael Niedermayer100l (gcc 3.2 .....)
2003-02-21 Michael Niedermayeryuv2rgb brightness/contrast/saturation/different colors...
2003-02-21 Fabrice Bellardavoid false URL protocol detection when using ':' in...
2003-02-20 Michael Niedermayerreverse incorrect stride < (width+7)&~7 fix
2003-02-20 Nick Kurshevsync with mplayerxp. Fixes some 405.avi related flaws
2003-02-18 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2003-02-18 Michael Niedermayeroptimize
2003-02-18 Zdenek Kabelac* using $(MAKE)
2003-02-18 Michael Niedermayerfixing 410 -> 420
2003-02-18 Zdenek Kabelac* sync with main liba52 sources
2003-02-18 Zdenek Kabelac* update cleanup rules (Steven M. Schultz)
2003-02-16 Wolfgang Hesselermore #ifdef CONFIG_ENCODERS patch by (Wolfgang Hesseler...
2003-02-16 Philip GladstoneUpdated with many new features.
2003-02-15 Michael Niedermayer1000l
2003-02-15 Michael Niedermayerbigendian bug (fixes?)
2003-02-15 Michael Niedermayersimpler & faster
2003-02-14 Michael Niedermayermoving postprocess to ffmpeg/libavcodec
2003-02-14 Michael Niedermayerimproving parsing of incomplete headers
2003-02-13 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2003-02-13 Michael Niedermayerbrightness / saturation / contrast / different yuv...
2003-02-13 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2003-02-13 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2003-02-13 François RevolLooks like this one was forgotten in the INT -> int_t...
2003-02-12 François Revolfix for legacy audio
2003-02-12 Zdenek Kabelac* int64_t is now the right name
2003-02-11 Michael Niedermayeravoid #include "../
2003-02-11 Michael Niedermayer#ifdef c++
2003-02-11 Zdenek Kabelac* prototypes at one place
2003-02-11 Zdenek Kabelac* UINTX -> uintx_t INTX -> intx_t
2003-02-11 Michael Niedermayer-fPIC compileable
2003-02-11 Michael Niedermayeryv12 -> yuy2 converter in alpha asm (from mplayerxp)
2003-02-11 Michael Niedermayercleanup (unsigned stride -> int stride)
2003-02-11 Philip GladstoneInitial checkin for a cheaper text drawing function...
2003-02-11 Philip GladstoneAdd Makefile entry for the drawtext filter
2003-02-11 Philip GladstoneAdd checking for the existience of freetype2
2003-02-10 Michael Niedermayercheck for qscale==0 (fixes 1/0 on one corrupted stream)
2003-02-10 Zdenek Kabelac* check for potentialy problematic field len
2003-02-10 Zdenek Kabelac* static,const,compiler warning cleanup
2003-02-10 Zdenek Kabelac* opts compilation
2003-02-10 Zdenek Kabelac* still unfinished code for Options
2003-02-10 Zdenek Kabelac* still unfinished code for Options
2003-02-10 Zdenek Kabelac* static,const,compiler warning cleanup
2003-02-09 Fabrice Bellardraw ac3 auto detects parameters
2003-02-09 Max Krasnyanskyvariable UDP packet size patch by Max Krasnyansky
2003-02-09 Mike Melansonhook this up to the CYUV decoder
2003-02-09 Mike Melansonregister cyuv with allcodecs.c
2003-02-09 Fabrice Bellardadded 8 bit palette support for non animated GIF
2003-02-09 Fabrice Bellardadded 8 bit palette support
2003-02-09 Fabrice Bellardadded paletted 8 bit format support
2003-02-09 Michael NiedermayerCreative YUV (CYUV) decoder by (Mike Melanson <melanson...
2003-02-09 Philip Gladstoneprevent segfault when passed no arguments
2003-02-08 Michael Niedermayerdirect blocksize in bframes fix (might fix qpel+bframe...
2003-02-08 Philip GladstoneFix a bug in the conversion of rgba32->yuv420p. This...
2003-02-08 François Revolfix for using ffplay without specifying the audio device
2003-02-08 Michael Niedermayermpeg1 b frame regression test
2003-02-08 Michael Niedermayerupdate
2003-02-08 Michael Niedermayerchanges to f_code calculation for b frames -> changed...
2003-02-08 Michael Niedermayermpeg1 bframe encoding patch by (Raphaël LEGRAND) with...
2003-02-07 Michael Niedermayerchecksum changed cuz of b frame segfault fix?
2003-02-07 Michael Niedermayerb frame segfault fix (+-1 bug)
2003-02-06 Fabrice BellardDV packet copy fix by Roman Shaposhnick
2003-02-06 François RevolFix against C integrists breaks :P (hope I didn't break...
2003-02-05 Philip GladstoneFix the 'hard cpu loop' problem when capturing audio...
2003-02-04 Fabrice Bellardyes, PNG can be simpler :-)
2003-02-04 Fabrice Bellardremoving unused stuff
2003-02-04 Michael Niedermayercliping MVs, i dunno if its correct but it looks better...
2003-02-03 Fabrice Bellardzero copy packet handling for DV1394 by Max Krasnyansky
2003-02-03 Fabrice Bellardadded GIF image format (both read and write)
2003-02-03 Fabrice Bellardadded primitive image GIF encoder based on animated...
2003-02-03 Fabrice Bellardadded automatic GIF/animated GIF probing - added GIF...
2003-02-03 Michael Niedermayeryuv9 -> yv12 bugfixes
2003-02-02 Michael Niedermayerdivx503 decoding fix
2003-02-02 Fabrice Bellardavoid too many false detections
2003-02-02 Fabrice Bellardhandle odd image sizes when using subsampled chroma...
2003-02-02 Fabrice Bellardfixed copy
2003-02-02 Fabrice Bellardadded jpeg image encoder and decoder (new YUV handling...
2003-02-02 Fabrice Bellardadded animated GIF decoder (pts and various disposal...
2003-02-02 Fabrice BellardTry this fix
2003-02-01 Fabrice Bellarddependencies are only build with make depend
2003-02-01 Fabrice Bellardfixed dependencies
2003-02-01 Fabrice Bellardadded basic png handling
2003-02-01 Fabrice Bellardadded basic png handling - do not remake dependencies...
2003-02-01 Fabrice Bellardadded stripped down libpng
2003-02-01 Michael Niedermayer10l found by (Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik at rangers...