2013-08-24 Luca Barbatodsicinav: Bound-check the source buffer when needed
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatodsicinav: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-08-24 Martin Storsjölavf: Make sure avg_frame_rate can be calculated withou...
2013-08-24 Martin Storsjömov: Do not allow updating the time scale after it...
2013-08-24 Martin Storsjömov: Seek back if overreading an individual atom
2013-08-24 Martin Storsjöac3dec: Don't consume more data than the actual input...
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo: Reject impossible FRAMETYPE_NULL
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo: Do not reference mismatched tiles
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo: Sanitize ff_ivi_init_planes fail paths
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo5: return proper error codes
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo: Bound-check before applying motion compensation
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo: Bound-check before applying transform
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo4: Validate scantable dimension
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo4: Check the quantization matrix index
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoindeo4: Do not access missing reference MV
2013-08-24 Martin Storsjöac3dec: Increment channel pointers only once per channel
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatodca: Respect the current limits in the downmixing capab...
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatodca: Error out on missing DSYNC
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatopcm: always use codec->id instead of codec_id
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatomlpdec: Do not set invalid context in read_restart_header
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatopcx: Do not overread source buffer in pcx_rle_decode
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatowmavoice: conceal clearly corrupted blocks
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoiff: Do not read over the source buffer
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoqdm2: Conceal broken samples
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoqdm2: refactor joined stereo support
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoadpcm: Write the correct number of samples for ima-dk4
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoimc: Catch a division by zero
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoatrac3: Error on impossible encoding/channel combinations
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoatrac3: set the getbits context the right buffer_end
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoatrac3: fix error handling
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoqdm2: check and reset dithering index per channel
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoqdm2: formatting cosmetics
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatoqdm2: use init_static_data
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatowestwood_vqa: do not free extradata on error in read_header
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatovqavideo: check the version
2013-08-24 Michael Niedermayerrmdec: Use the AVIOContext given as parameter in rm_rea...
2013-08-24 Michael Niedermayeravio: Handle AVERROR_EOF in the same way as the return...
2013-08-24 Luca Barbatowtv: Mark attachment with a negative stream id
2013-08-04 Anton Khirnovavconv: do not use lavfi direct rendering with -deinterlace
2013-07-27 Luca Barbatoavidec: Let the inner dv demuxer take care of discarding
2013-07-06 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog
2013-07-06 Luca Barbatokmvc: Clip pixel position to valid range
2013-07-06 Luca Barbatokmvc: use fixed sized arrays in the context
2013-07-06 Luca Barbatoindeo: reject negative array indexes
2013-07-06 Luca Barbatoindeo: Cosmetic formatting
2013-07-06 Luca Barbatoindeo: Refactor ff_ivi_init_tiles and ivi_decode_blocks
2013-07-06 Luca Barbatoindeo: Refactor ff_ivi_dec_huff_desc
2013-07-06 Luca Barbatoindeo: use a typedef for the mc function pointer
2013-07-06 Luca Barbatoindeo: use proper error code
2013-07-06 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog
2013-07-04 Luca Barbatoindeo: check for reference when inheriting mvs
2013-07-04 Luca Barbatoindeo: use proper error code
2013-07-04 Luca Barbatoindeo: Properly forward the error codes
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatomjpeg: Check the unescaped size for overflows
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatowmapro: error out on impossible scale factor offsets
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatowmapro: check the min_samples_per_subframe
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatowmapro: return early on unsupported condition
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatowmapro: check num_vec_coeffs against the actual availab...
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatowmapro: make sure there is room to store the current...
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatolavc: move put_bits_left in put_bits.h
2013-06-30 Luca Barbato4xm: do not overread the source buffer in decode_p_block
2013-06-30 Luca Barbato4xm: check bitstream_size boundary before using it
2013-06-30 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 9.8 RELEASE
2013-06-16 Reinhard Tartlerupdate Changelog
2013-06-16 Kostya Shishkovsmacker: check frame size validity
2013-06-16 Kostya Shishkovsmacker: pad the extradata allocation
2013-06-16 Kostya Shishkovsmacker: check the return value of smacker_decode_tree
2013-06-16 Kostya Shishkovsmacker: fix an off by one in huff.length computation
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: do not overread the prestream buffer
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: validate the buffer size before parsing it
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: reject frames not compatible with the declared...
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: drop pointless assert
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: forward errors from decode_p_block
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: fold last_picture lazy allocation in decode_p_frame
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: do not overread while parsing header
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: refactor fourxm_read_header
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-06-16 Luca Barbato4xm: use the correct logging context
2013-06-08 Luca Barbatotiff: do not overread the source buffer
2013-06-08 Anton Khirnovapetag: use int64_t for filesize
2013-06-01 Luca Barbatovmd: refactor the inner decode loop
2013-06-01 Luca Barbatovmd: use the PALETTE_COUNT constant uniformly
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatovmd: drop incomplete chunks and spurious samples
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatovmd: return meaningful errors
2013-05-31 Alexandra Khirnovavmdav: convert to bytestream2
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatowavpack: use bytestream2 in wavpack_decode_block
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatowavpack: return meaningful errors
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatowavpack: check packet size early
2013-05-31 Anton Khirnovpixdesc: mark gray8 as pseudopal
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatomjpegdec: validate parameters in mjpeg_decode_scan_prog...
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatomjpeg: Validate sampling factors
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatoljpeg: use the correct number of components in yuv
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatowavpack: validate samples size parsed in wavpack_decode...
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatojpegls: check the scan offset
2013-05-31 Reinhard Tartlerjpegls: factorize return paths
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatojpegls: return meaningful errors
2013-05-31 Jindrich Makovickampegvideo: allocate sufficiently large scratch buffer...
2013-05-31 Luca Barbatomjpegdec: properly report unsupported disabled features
2013-05-31 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 9.7 Release
2013-05-12 Reinhard Tartlerupdate Changelog