2013-03-09 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: use the correct remaining buffer size when...
2013-03-09 Justin Rugglespng: use av_mallocz_array() for the zlib zalloc function
2013-03-09 Anton Khirnovwmaprodec: require block_align to be set.
2013-03-09 Anton Khirnovffv1: fix calculating slice dimensions for version 2
2013-03-09 Anton Khirnovxxan: fix invalid memory access in xan_decode_frame_type0()
2013-03-09 Anton Khirnovwmadec: require block_align to be set.
2013-03-09 Anton Khirnovivi_common: do not call MC for intra frames when dc_tra...
2013-03-09 Anton Khirnovroqvideodec: fix a potential infinite loop in roqvideo_...
2013-03-09 Alexander Kojevnikovmp3dec: Fix VBR bit rate parsing
2013-03-09 Anton Khirnovwmaprodec: return an error, not 0, when the input is...
2013-03-09 Anton Khirnovvmdaudio: fix invalid reads when packet size is not...
2013-03-09 Luca Barbatoh264: check for luma and chroma bit dept being equal
2013-03-09 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 9.4 Release
2013-03-02 Reinhard Tartlerupdate Changelog
2013-03-02 Anton Khirnovh264: set ref_count to 0 for intra slices.
2013-03-02 Anton Khirnovh264: on reference overflow, reset the reference count...
2013-03-02 Martin Storsjöflvdec: Check the return value of a malloc
2013-03-02 Martin Storsjöflvdec: Don't read the VP6 header byte when setting...
2013-02-26 Luca Barbatovorbisdec: Accept 0 amplitude_bits
2013-02-26 Michael Niedermayervorbisdec: Error on bark_map_size equal to 0.
2013-02-26 Luca Barbatovorbisdec: Add missing checks
2013-02-26 Justin Rugglesac3dec: validate channel output mode against channel...
2013-02-24 Diego Biurrundoc: developer: Allow tabs in the vim configuration...
2013-02-24 Vicente Jimenez... doc: filters: Correct BNF FILTER description
2013-02-24 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 9.3 Release
2013-02-23 Reinhard Tartlerupdate Changelog
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnovcavs: initialize various context tables to 0
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnov4xm: check the return value of read_huffman_tables().
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnovqtrle: add more checks against pixel_ptr being negative.
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnovmlpdec: do not try to allocate a zero-sized output...
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnovav_memcpy_backptr: avoid an infinite loop for back = 0
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnovflicvideo: avoid an infinite loop in byte run compression
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnovlagarith: avoid infinite loop in lag_rac_refill()
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnovmov: use the format context for logging.
2013-02-23 Anton Khirnovloco: check that there is data left after decoding...
2013-02-23 Reinhard Tartlerupdate Changelog
2013-02-22 Matt Wolenetzx86: h264: Don't use redzone in AVX h264_deblock on...
2013-02-19 Vicente Jimenez... doc: Fix some obsolete references to av* tools as ff...
2013-02-19 Michael Niedermayervqavideo: check chunk sizes before reading chunks
2013-02-19 Michael Niedermayerroqvideodec: check dimensions validity
2013-02-19 Michael Niedermayerqdm2: check array index before use, fix out of array...
2013-02-19 Martin Storsjömpegvideo: Do REBASE_PICTURE with byte pointers
2013-02-18 Matti Hamalainensvq3: unbreak decoding
2013-02-17 Luca Barbatobuild: make audio_frame_queue a stand-alone component
2013-02-16 Diego Biurrunbuild: The libopencore-amrnb encoder depends on audio_f...
2013-02-16 Diego Biurrunlibopencore-amrwb: Make AMR-WB ifdeffery more precise
2013-02-16 Diego Biurrunlibopencore-amr: Conditionally compile decoder and...
2013-02-16 Diego Biurrunlibopencore-amrnb: cosmetics: Group all encoder-related...
2013-02-14 Martin Storsjöarm: Fall back to runtime cpu feature detection via...
2013-02-14 Derek Buitenhuisdoc/platform: Fix 10l typo
2013-02-07 Kostya Shishkovxxan: properly handle odd heights.
2013-02-07 Anton Khirnovmsrledec: check bounds before constructing a possibly...
2013-02-07 Kostya Shishkovqtrle: fix the topmost line for 1bit
2013-02-07 Anton Khirnovaasc: fix output for msrle compression.
2013-02-07 Anton Khirnovyop: check for input overreads.
2013-02-07 Anton Khirnovyop: check that extradata is large enough.
2013-02-07 Anton Khirnovfraps: fix off-by one bug for version 1.
2013-02-07 Anton Khirnovvf_delogo: fix copying the input frame.
2013-02-07 Anton Khirnovvf_delogo: fix an uninitialized read.
2013-02-07 Anton Khirnovdnxhdenc: fix invalid reads in dnxhd_mb_var_thread().
2013-02-07 Michael Karcheratrac3: use correct loop variable in add_tonal_components()
2013-02-07 Tim Walkermlp: store the channel layout for each substream.
2013-02-07 Tim Walkermlpdec: TrueHD: use Libav channel order.
2013-02-07 Tim Walkermlpdec: set the channel layout.
2013-02-07 Diego Biurrunx86: ac3: Fix HAVE_MMXEXT condition to only refer to...
2013-01-28 Martin Storsjöarm: vp8: Fix the plain-armv6 version of vp8_luma_dc_wht
2013-01-24 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 9.2 Release
2013-01-24 Justin Ruggleslavr: call mix_function_init() in ff_audio_mix_set_matrix()
2013-01-24 Martin Storsjörtpenc_chain: Use the original AVFormatContext for...
2013-01-24 Martin Storsjörtp: Make sure the output format pointer is set
2013-01-24 Martin Storsjörtp: Make sure priv_data is set before reading it
2013-01-22 Janne Grunauvideodsp_armv5te: remove #if HAVE_ARMV5TE_EXTERNAL
2013-01-20 Luca Barbatoget_bits: change the failure condition in init_get_bits
2013-01-19 Xi Wangmpegvideo: fix loop condition in draw_line()
2013-01-17 Luca Barbatofate: update ref after rv30_loop_filter fix
2013-01-17 Xi Wangrv30: fix masking in rv30_loop_filter()
2013-01-17 Luca Barbatolibcdio: support recent cdio-paranoia
2013-01-17 Martin Storsjötheora: Skip zero-sized headers
2013-01-15 Ronald S. Bultjeh264: add 3 pixels below for subpixel filter wait position
2013-01-15 Anton Khirnovh264: fix ff_generate_sliding_window_mmcos() prototype.
2013-01-15 Ronald S. Bultjeh264: don't clobber mmco opcode tables for non-first...
2013-01-15 Luca Barbatolibx264: use the library specific default rc_initial_bu...
2013-01-15 Luca Barbatolavc: set the default rc_initial_buffer_occupancy
2013-01-14 Luca Barbatolavc: introduce the convenience function init_get_bits8
2013-01-14 Luca Barbatolavc: check for overflow in init_get_bits
2013-01-12 Diego BiurrunAPIchanges: Fill in missing hashes and dates; fix a...
2013-01-11 Marcin Juszkiewiczconfigure: enable pic for shared libs on AArch64
2013-01-11 Luca Barbatozmbv: Reset the decoder on keyframe errors
2013-01-11 Vladimir Pantelicvc1dec: prevent a crash due missing pred_flag parameter
2013-01-11 Dale Curtismatroska: Fix use after free
2013-01-11 Ronald Bultjevp3: Fix double free in vp3_decode_end()
2013-01-07 Reinhard Tartlerupdate Changelog
2013-01-07 Luca Barbatooggdec: make sure the private parse data is cleaned up
2013-01-07 Luca Barbatooggdec: free the ogg streams on read_header failure
2013-01-06 Reinhard Tartlerupdate Changelog
2013-01-06 Justin Rugglesx86: lavr: use the x86inc.asm automatic stack alignment...
2013-01-06 Reinhard TartlerPrepare 9.1 Release
2013-01-05 Xi Wangswscale: fix NULL checking in sws_alloc_context()
2013-01-05 Xi Wangmxfdec: fix NULL checking in mxf_get_sorted_table_segme...
2013-01-04 Reinhard Tartlerfinalize changelog for version 9