2015-01-23 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '2a06c2a03e1205aaeede5af850b9271752ddd4cf'
2015-01-23 Michael Niedermayeravformat/dv: check av_malloc() return code
2015-01-23 Michael Niedermayeravformat/librtmp: Fix build with --disable-network...
2015-01-23 Michael Niedermayerdoc/APIchanges: fill in more missing hash values and...
2015-01-23 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/af_channelmap: Check for missing argument...
2015-01-23 Michael Niedermayermpegvideo_enc: Draw edges on input for non-multiple...
2015-01-23 Jon Morleylibavformat/mov.c: Handle timecode from tmcd atom in...
2015-01-23 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '9108967513fcaff3d55514a7bca4c9fbba128c71'
2015-01-23 Martin Storsjörtspdec: Consistently use rtsp_hd_out for writing
2015-01-23 Michael Niedermayeravutil/buffer: factor buffer_replace() out
2015-01-22 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/h264: Partially decode and display single field...
2015-01-22 Werner Robitzaavformat: allow .264 as extension for raw H.264 stream
2015-01-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '6341ab0ad3fde9583138e121f518e21cde15258e'
2015-01-22 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mov: Stricter sanity checks on the display_matrix
2015-01-22 Derek Buitenhuislibx265: Pass through user-set frame type
2015-01-22 Derek Buitenhuislibx265: Pass through user-set frame type
2015-01-22 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/avf_showcqt: use av_malloc_array()
2015-01-22 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/drawutils: Check for av_malloc* failures
2015-01-22 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/drawutils: Use av_malloc_array()
2015-01-22 Michael Niedermayeravformat/flvenc: accept AVMEDIA_TYPE_SUBTITLE instead...
2015-01-22 Michael Niedermayerdoc/APIchanges: Fill in some more missing hash values
2015-01-22 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mpegvideo: also export 0,0 motion vectors
2015-01-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '3a724a7f3ba7fa766c6a6f0924a15cc742031b8d'
2015-01-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '1d8aa23794cc63e9517d5055a2d48040b843b1cf'
2015-01-22 Rodger Combsavformat/dashenc: fix format string generation
2015-01-22 Martin Storsjödashenc: Use inttypes.h macros for format strings inste...
2015-01-22 Rodger Combsdashenc: Fix format string generation
2015-01-22 Carl Eugen... lavc/pnm: Support decoding ya16.
2015-01-22 Carl Eugen... lavc/pamenc: Support encoding ya16be.
2015-01-22 Carl Eugen... lavc/tiffenc: Support encoding ya16le.
2015-01-22 Carl Eugen... lavc/pngenc: Support encoding ya16be.
2015-01-21 Brian Bricelibrtmp: Allow changing the socket send buffer size
2015-01-21 Christophe... libavformat/img2dec: fix warning when !HAVE_GLOB
2015-01-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'da9bffaf08a1173451da1b4e1ae50881e7093642'
2015-01-21 Michael Niedermayerswscale/input: fix rgba64 alpha non native
2015-01-21 Michael Niedermayerswscale/input: Fix alpha of YA16 input
2015-01-21 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/vf_showinfo: show timebase & framerate too
2015-01-21 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_lenscorrection: support 8bit planar RGB...
2015-01-21 Derek Buitenhuisdoc/platform: Reference only MSYS2 and MinGW-w64
2015-01-21 Derek Buitenhuisdoc/platform: Reference only MSYS2 and MinGW-w64
2015-01-21 Michael Niedermayerdoc/APIchanges: fill in and correct some values
2015-01-21 Michael Niedermayerdoc/APIchanges: Add av_find_best_pix_fmt_of_2() and...
2015-01-21 agathahavcodec/nvenc: set repeatSPSPPS flag for streaming
2015-01-21 Michael Niedermayerffprobe: fix memleaks on errors
2015-01-21 Andreas Cadhalpunlibavcodec/ppc/mpegvideoencdsp.c: fix stack smashing...
2015-01-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '440119b18836887d98c9e337c5911563bb43588c'
2015-01-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'bba02479260d0e7dec8c530a7e75a1c7aa53c06e'
2015-01-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'ea3fc9fe68752eb1b9078b28bea18a1e781d1c2c'
2015-01-20 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_join: swap av_mallocz_array() args for...
2015-01-20 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_join: Use av_mallocz_array()
2015-01-20 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/af_ashowinfo: Use av_realloc_array()
2015-01-20 Michael Niedermayeravdevice/alsa-audio-common: Use *alloc_array()
2015-01-20 Paul B Maholfix Makefile: remove ilpack
2015-01-20 Paul B Mahollavfi: remove mp=ilpack
2015-01-20 Martin Storsjölibopenh264enc: Move a declaration of a variable into...
2015-01-20 Martin Storsjölibopenh264enc: Remove a workaround for silencing warni...
2015-01-20 Anshul Maheshwarichanged name of erase_display_memory to screen_changed
2015-01-20 Anshul MaheshwariInitilaize array to known size
2015-01-20 Anshul MaheshwariCHAR_DEBUG to av_dlog
2015-01-20 Anshul MaheshwariCosmetic changes in cc_caption
2015-01-20 Michael NiedermayerRevert "avcodec/h264: also show frames with missing...
2015-01-20 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/snowdec: AVMotionVector support
2015-01-20 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/snowdec: set AVFrame.pict_type correctly
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayersmoothstreamingenc: Add a missing "goto fail"
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/vf_idet: factorize av_frame_free(&idet->prev)
2015-01-19 wm4h264: unref leaking error recovery picture
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/xsubdec: Check av_mallocz() return codes
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/xan: Use av_realloc_array()
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/avfilter: allow idet like scale to have parame...
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/vf_idet: flush internal buffers on parameter...
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/vf_idet: reduce noisyness if the filter has...
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: Reduce noisiness of frame clipping in rate...
2015-01-19 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: Favor filter graph based duration over ost...
2015-01-18 Michael Niedermayeravdevice/openal-dec: Check the return code of av_new_pa...
2015-01-18 Mark Reidlibavformat/mxfdec.c: support demuxing opatom audio...
2015-01-18 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/svq1enc: fix error handling/cleanup in case...
2015-01-18 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/svq1enc: Check memory allocations
2015-01-18 Michael Niedermayeravformat/rmdec: Check the return value of av_get_packet()
2015-01-18 Michael Niedermayeravformat/nsvdec: Check the return value of av_get_packet()
2015-01-18 Muhammad Faizavfilter/showcqt: add gamma2 option
2015-01-18 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mpegvideo_parser: Check the ff_set_dimensions...
2015-01-18 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mpegvideo_parser: more robust dimension setup
2015-01-17 Clément Bœschavformat/sbgdec: remove double ;;
2015-01-17 Clément Bœschavdevice/pulse_audio_dec: remove double ;;
2015-01-17 Clément Bœschavcodec/vp8: remove double ;;
2015-01-17 Clément Bœschavcodec/tiffenc: remove double ;;
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravformat/asfdec: Check the av_get_packet() return value
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravformat/rtpdec_hevc: Fix 2 "may be used uninitialized...
2015-01-17 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/nvenc: Add support for nvenc api version 5
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dvbsubdec: Check get_region() return value
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravformat/nsvdec: Check av_get_packet() return value
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/vf_frei0r: fix build with DEBUG enabled
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/vf_frei0r: also set AVFilterLink.frame_rate
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mss12: Use av_malloc_array()
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/libopusenc: Use av_mallocz_array()
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/libmp3lame: use av_malloc_array()
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/flac_parser: fix handling EOF if no headers...
2015-01-17 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/flac_parser: print error messages in case of...
2015-01-16 Michael NiedermayerFix precission typos
2015-01-16 Michael Niedermayeravfilter/vf_framepack: Check and update frame_rate