2011-12-24 Kostya Shishkovrv10/20: tell decoder to use edge emulation
2011-12-24 Luca Barbatoflvenc: use int64_t to store offsets
2011-12-24 Reimar DöffingerVC-1: fix reading of custom PAR.
2011-11-05 Dustin Brodyh264: notice memory allocation failure
2011-11-05 Baptiste Coudurierlibx264: do not set pic quality if no frame is output
2011-11-05 Alex Conversemxfdec: Include FF_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE when alloc...
2011-11-05 Diego Biurrunrv30: return AVERROR(EINVAL) instead of EINVAL
2011-11-05 Rafaël CarréDo not decode RV30 files if the extradata is too small
2011-11-05 Mans Rullgardaacps: skip some memcpy() if src and dst would be equal
2011-11-05 Jindrich Makovickampegts: fix Continuity Counter error detection
2011-11-05 Justin Rugglesalsa: fallback to buffer_size/4 for period_size.
2011-11-05 Clément Bœschmxfenc: fix ignored drop flag in binary timecode repres...
2011-11-05 John Stebbinsdca: set AVCodecContext frame_size for DTS audio
2011-11-05 Jason Garrett... H.264: fix overreads of qscale_table
2011-11-05 Piotr Kaczubapostprocess.c: filter name needs to be double 0 terminated
2011-11-05 Alex ConverseReplace strncpy() with av_strlcpy() in libpostproc.
2011-11-05 Michael Niedermayerjpegdec: actually search for and parse RSTn
2011-11-05 Alex Converseriff: Add mpgv MPEG-2 fourcc
2011-11-05 Tomas HärdinAdded M701 codec_tag for mpeg2video
2011-11-05 Reinhard Tartlerupdate version
2011-11-05 Reinhard TartlerRelease notes and changelog for 0.6.3
2011-11-05 Michael NiedermayerFix memory (re)allocation in matroskadec.c, related...
2011-11-05 Mans Rullgardcavs: fix some crashes with invalid bitstreams
2011-11-05 Reinhard Tartlerlibvo-aacenc: Sync up with 0.7.2
2011-11-05 Mans RullgardFix MMX rgb24 to yuv conversion with gcc 4.6
2011-08-04 Chris Evansoggdec: prevent heap corruption.
2011-07-25 Reinhard TartlerFix ff_imdct_calc_sse() on gcc-4.6
2011-05-13 Reinhard Tartlerbackport libvo-aacenc wrapper for aac encoding
2011-04-30 Reinhard TartlerRelease notes for 0.6.3
2011-04-30 Reinhard Tartlerupdate Changelog
2011-04-30 Michael NiedermayerAMV: disable DR1 and don't override EMU_EDGE
2011-04-30 Reinhard Tartlerlavf: inspect more frames for fps when container time...
2011-04-30 Reinhard TartlerFix races in default av_log handler
2011-04-30 Michael Niedermayeraac: add headers needed for log2f()
2011-04-30 Michael Niedermayermjpeg: Detect overreads in mjpeg_decode_scan() and...
2011-03-22 Michael KostylevSupport writing 2d float arrays.
2011-03-22 Reinhard TartlerAdd missing dependencies for the AAC-HE backport for...
2011-03-22 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Add the -D parameter to the dlltool command
2011-03-22 Luca BarbatoSet the correct target for mingw64 dlltool
2011-03-22 Luca Barbatoconfigure: use dlltools instead of lib.exe
2011-03-18 Reinhard Tartlerrelease notes and changelog for 0.6.2
2011-03-18 Reinhard Tartlerpartially rename FFmpeg to Libav
2011-03-18 Janne Grunauconsolidate .gitignore patters into a single file
2011-03-18 Janne Grunauconvert svn:ignore properties to .gitignore files
2011-03-18 KostyaDo not attempt to decode APE file with no frames
2011-03-18 Reimar DöffingerFix invalid reads in VC1 decoder
2011-03-18 Reinhard TartlerBump version number for 0.6.2 release.
2011-01-24 Frank BarchardCheck rangebits to avoid a possible crash.
2011-01-24 Jason Garrett... Fix crashes in vorbis decoding found by zzuf
2010-10-18 Diego Biurrunslight rewording for the release focus description
2010-10-18 Diego BiurrunRewording for the 0.6.1 release notes.
2010-10-18 Diego Biurrunsmall spelling fixes
2010-10-13 Reinhard Tartlerupdate version for 0.6.1 v0.6.1
2010-10-13 Reinhard Tartleradd note about flic fix (CVE-2010-3429) to RELEASE...
2010-10-13 Reinhard Tartleradd note about flic fix (CVE-2010-3429)
2010-10-02 Reinhard TartlerFix several security issues in flicvideo.c
2010-10-02 Reinhard Tartlerproperty changes from the AAC backport
2010-07-31 Reinhard Tartlerclarify addition of VP80 fourcc code
2010-07-31 Reinhard Tartlerupdate release notes for the upcoming 0.6.1 point release
2010-07-31 Reinhard Tartlerupdate changelog for upcoming 0.6.1 point release
2010-07-28 Reinhard TartlerBackport AAC-HE v2 from trunk
2010-07-19 Reinhard Tartleraviobuf: Do short seeks forward by reading and skipping...
2010-07-09 Reinhard Tartlerac3: make the value of codec_id during (E-)AC-3 parsing...
2010-06-28 GoogleAdd VP80 fourcc
2010-06-26 Reinhard TartlerDoxygen av_codec_get_id() and av_codec_get_tag().
2010-06-26 Jean-Daniel... Some fields were incorrectly reset (to NULL) when calli...
2010-06-24 Reinhard Tartler10l: aacsbr: Fix f_master[2] calculation when k2diff...
2010-06-21 Diego BiurrunFix two small typos.
2010-06-16 Reinhard Tartlerremove note that libvpx was considered (L)GPL incompatible
2010-06-15 Reinhard Tartlerconfigure: fix symver detection with icc 10 v0.6
2010-06-15 Reinhard TartlerFix symbol version compat wrappers on systems with...
2010-06-15 Reinhard TartlerAdd compatibility wrappers for functions moved from...
2010-06-15 Reinhard Tartlerrevert r23610, better patch is pending
2010-06-15 Reinhard Tartleradd symver hacks for gnu linkers
2010-06-10 Reinhard Tartlerremove redundant changelog entry
2010-06-09 Reinhard Tartlerlibrtmp may link to different ssl implementations
2010-06-09 James ZernAdd WebM muxer
2010-06-05 Reinhard Tartlerlibvpx now has an (L)GPL-compatible license.
2010-06-05 Reinhard Tartlerupdate RELEASE notes
2010-06-03 James ZernVP8 encoding via libvpx.
2010-06-03 Reinhard TartlerAdd an entry to APIchanges for the addition of sws_conv...
2010-06-02 Reinhard Tartlerupdates: introductionary and more general notes, add...
2010-06-01 Reinhard Tartlerdisable (native) vorbis encoder for the 0.6 branch
2010-06-01 Reinhard Tartlerffmpeg: offer alternatives for experimental codecs...
2010-06-01 Reinhard Tartlerffmpeg: fail if user selected codec is experimental...
2010-05-31 Reinhard TartlerAdd a short note about libvpx.
2010-05-30 Diego BiurrunRequire --enable-nonfree flag for libvpx.
2010-05-29 Reinhard TartlerTreat SIPP like xvid, fixed issue1966
2010-05-29 Reinhard TartlerSamsung uses SIPP as FourCC for MPEG-4 ASP.
2010-05-29 Reinhard Tartlerffserver: Send a Content-Base header in the reply to...
2010-05-29 Reinhard Tartlerbackport latest ffserver fixes like memory leaks and...
2010-05-29 Reinhard TartlerMark vorbis encoder as experimental.
2010-05-29 Reinhard TartlerMark AAC encoder as experimental.
2010-05-29 Janne GrunauAdd CODEC_CAP_EXPERIMENTAL and prefer encoders without it.
2010-05-29 Reinhard TartlerCheck for VUI overeading and reset num_reoder_frames.
2010-05-29 Reinhard Tartlerapi-example: Try to avoid decoding incomplete frames
2010-05-29 Googlematroska: Add V_VP8
2010-05-29 Reinhard TartlerFix VP8 listing in general.texi
2010-05-29 James ZernVP8 decoding via libvpx
2010-05-29 Reinhard TartlerDisplay a more descriptive log message when probe buffe...