2014-09-10 Diego Biurrundoc: Fix syntax and logical errors in avconv stream...
2014-09-04 Diego Biurrunffmpeg: Clarify wording of ffmpeg --> avconv deprecatio...
2014-08-23 Michael Niedermayeradpcmenc: Calculate the IMA_QT predictor without overflow
2014-08-23 Michael Niedermayersvq1enc: Set picture_structure correctly
2014-08-23 Michael Niedermayerh264: Remove an assert on current_picture_ptr being...
2014-08-23 Martin Storsjöparser: Don't use pc as context for av_dlog
2014-08-21 Michael Niedermayermpegvideo: remove last_picture_ptr / h264 assert.
2014-08-21 Michael Niedermayerelbg: Fix an assert
2014-08-21 Diego Biurrunswscale: Remove two bogus asserts
2014-08-20 Diego Biurrunh264_refs: Fix debug tprintf argument types
2014-08-20 Diego Biurrunnutdec: Remove unused and broken debug function stub
2014-08-19 Aaron Colwellvp8: avoid race condition on segment map.
2014-08-17 Mans Rullgardarm/neon: dsputil: use correct size specifiers on vld1...
2014-08-17 Mans Rullgardarm: dsputil: prettify some conditional instructions...
2014-08-17 Mans Rullgardarm: dsputil: fix overreads in put/avg_pixels functions
2014-08-12 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: check that global parameters do not change...
2014-08-09 Reinhard Tartleravcodec: Add more missing #includes for ff_get_buffer()
2014-08-09 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 0.8.15 Release
2014-08-09 Luca Barbatolavf: Fix leftovers from the ff_get_buffer patch
2014-08-09 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Check for -Werror parameters on clang
2014-08-09 Luca Barbatoavcodec: Introduce ff_get_buffer
2014-08-09 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog for v0.8.14
2014-08-08 Michael Niedermayervp3: Copy all 3 frames for thread updates
2014-08-08 Luca Barbatompegts: Do not try to write a PMT larger than SECTION_SIZE
2014-08-08 Luca Barbatompegts: Define the section length with a constant
2014-08-07 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog for v0.8.14
2014-08-07 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 0.8.14 Release
2014-08-06 Michael Niedermayererror_concealment: avoid using the picture if not fully...
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovsvq1: do not modify the input packet
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovcdgraphics: do not return 0 from the decode function
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovcdgraphics: switch to bytestream2
2014-08-05 Michael Niedermayerhuffyuvdec: check width size for yuv422p
2014-08-05 Michael Niedermayermmvideo: check horizontal coordinate too
2014-08-04 Diego Biurrunhuffyuv: Check and propagate function return values
2014-08-01 Mans Rullgardtwinvq: fix out of bounds array access
2014-08-01 Janne Grunauh264: slice-mt: check master context for valid current_...
2014-08-01 Vittorio Giovarah264: prevent theoretical infinite loop in SEI parsing
2014-08-01 Michael Niedermayerh264_sei: check SEI size
2014-08-01 Michael Niedermayerpgssubdec: Check RLE size before copying
2014-08-01 Diego Biurrunx86: Fix linking with some or all of yasm, mmx, optimiz...
2014-07-31 Diego Biurruncmdutils: Conditionally compile libswscale-related...
2014-07-30 Bernhard Übelackervideo4linux2: Avoid a floating point exception
2014-07-30 Diego Biurrunvf_select: Drop a debug av_log with an unchecked double...
2014-07-30 Anton Khirnoveamad: use the bytestream2 API instead of AV_RL
2014-06-27 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog for 0.8.13
2014-06-27 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 0.8.13 Release
2014-06-25 Luca Barbatolzo: Handle integer overflow
2014-06-17 Sean McGovernsgidec: fix an incorrect backport
2014-06-01 Reinhard TartlerAdd some bug references
2014-06-01 Sean McGovernUpdate Changelog for 0.8.12
2014-06-01 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 0.8.12 Release
2014-06-01 Janne Grunauh264: set parameters from SPS whenever it changes
2014-06-01 Martin Storsjöalac: Limit max_samples_per_frame
2014-06-01 Luca Barbatoswscale: Fix an undefined behaviour
2014-06-01 Rafaël Carréapedec: do not buffer decoded samples over AVPackets
2014-06-01 Mark Himsleyisom: lpcm in mov default to big endian
2014-06-01 Baptiste Couduriermovdec: handle 0x7fff langcode as macintosh per the...
2014-06-01 Michael Niedermayeravi: Improve non-interleaved detection
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: reset next_output_pic earlier in start_frame()
2014-06-01 Justin Rugglestiffdec: use bytestream2 to simplify overread/overwrite...
2014-06-01 Justin Rugglesbytestream: add bytestream2_copy_buffer() functions
2014-06-01 Paul B Maholbytestream: add functions for accessing size of buffer
2014-06-01 John Stebbinsmovenc: allow override of "writing application" tag
2014-06-01 John Stebbinsmatroskaenc: allow override of "writing application...
2014-06-01 Luca Barbatoavfilter: Add missing emms_c when needed
2014-06-01 Janne Grunaumpeg12: check scantable indices in all decode_block...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovsgidec: fix buffer size check in expand_rle_row()
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovadx: check that the offset is not negative
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo: set reference/pict_type on generated referen...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: reset data partitioning at the beginning of each...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: reset ref count if decoding the slice header...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: reset first_field if frame_start() fails for...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: limit allowed pred modes in ff_h264_check_intra_p...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: reject mismatching luma/chroma bit depths during...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: check that execute_decode_slices() is not called...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: do not use 422 functions for monochrome
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: reset data_partitioning if decoding the slice...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264_refs: make sure not to write over the bounds of...
2014-06-01 Anton Khirnovh264: check buffer size before accessing it
2014-06-01 Mans Rullgardconfigure: use utilities from /usr/xpg4/bin if it exists
2014-06-01 Johan Anderssoncmdutils: update copyright year to 2014.
2014-06-01 Keiji Costantiniituh263: reject b-frame with pp_time = 0
2014-03-16 Martin Storsjödoc: Point to the correct, actually maintained gas...
2014-03-14 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog for 0.8.11
2014-03-13 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Update freetype check to follow upstream
2014-03-13 Luca Barbatodrawtext: Drop pointless header
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Support preprocessor macros as header names
2014-03-08 Janne Grunauarm: hpeldsp: fix put_pixels8_y2_{,no_rnd_}armv6
2014-03-06 Janne Grunauarm: hpeldsp: prevent overreads in armv6 asm
2014-03-01 Anton Khirnovlagarith: reallocate rgb_planes when needed
2014-03-01 Anton Khirnovlagarith: avoid infinite loop in lag_rac_refill()
2014-03-01 Ronald S. Bultjelagarith: pad RGB buffer by 1 byte.
2014-03-01 Anton Khirnovtruemotion1: check the header size
2014-03-01 Anton Khirnovshorten: pad the internal bitstream buffer
2014-03-01 Justin Rugglessamplefmt: avoid integer overflow in av_samples_get_buf...
2014-03-01 Luca Barbatoh264: Fix a typo from the previous commit
2014-03-01 Vittorio Giovarah264: Lower bound check for slice offsets
2014-02-14 Anton Khirnovrpza: limit the number of blocks to the total remaining...
2014-02-07 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 0.8.11 Release
2014-02-07 Anton Khirnovlavf: make av_probe_input_buffer more robust