2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'f0ca6ffa0ae5d5564516ee7a18aa1e234751444a'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '9cbae3a7d57bd2b862c37fd8123bd1fba680e801'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '9f5d6f460ceeda8b4ac29b3249a49e275b64c706'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'fe66671bd5f446f8d0a9c70968ba8fe891efe028'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '3c5cf2a31b4b29a8e4282cbe6a3f0617c14698b8'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '447b5b278c689b21bbb7b5747c8773145cbd9448'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '27eeee76b2546fd313808997b3d07ba9cce94551'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'f0a88d4d2a74534460f4a8b79c448bd5890dbd41'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '533a6198505edd1379e1cd722852350ae4a85acc'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '233d2fa0443197df12b4f7823d591dad964149b3'
2015-10-27 Paul B Maholavformat/aiff: add ADP4 DVI ADPCM support
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '18f9308e6a96bbeb034ee5213a6d41e0b6c2ae74'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '22f4d9c303ede1a240538fd105c97047db40dc86'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '1ec72c6c68dbc78bf4ebb6f06c13316dc488bdfa'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '5ea5a24eb70646a9061b85af407fcbb5dd4f89fd'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'e02dcdf6bb6835ef4b49986b85a67efcb3495a7f'
2015-10-27 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'dca23ffbc7568c9af5c5fbaa86e6a0761ecae50c'
2015-10-27 Kyle Swansondoc/filters.texi: ebur128 grammar fix
2015-10-27 AppCheckerfix: assigning instead of comparing
2015-10-27 Hendrik Leppkesavcodec: disallow hwaccel with frame threads
2015-10-27 Rostislav PehlivanovFATE: Increase FUZZ value on AAC LTP encoding test
2015-10-27 Timothy Gusrtenc: Reindent
2015-10-27 Timothy Gudrawutils: Reindent
2015-10-27 Timothy Guavfilter: Reindent
2015-10-27 Timothy Guavcodec: srtdec: Reindent
2015-10-27 James Almerx86/vf_w3fdif: use aligned loads in w3fdif_complex_high
2015-10-27 Rostislav PehlivanovFATE: Slightly increase thresholds on prediction AAC...
2015-10-27 Kieran Kunhyaopusdec: Don't run vector_fmul_scalar on zero length...
2015-10-27 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/opusdec: Fix extra samples read index
2015-10-26 Kyle Swansonavfilter: add vibrato filter
2015-10-26 Luca Barbatoavprobe: Unref the packet once it is used
2015-10-26 Clément Bœschavcodec/options: remove a few more redundant "default...
2015-10-26 Clément Bœschavcodec/options: remove redundant and wrong default...
2015-10-26 Clément Bœschavcodec/avdct: remove redundant "default" information...
2015-10-26 Derek Buitenhuistests/aac: Add bitexact flags to AAC LTP Encode test
2015-10-26 Tinglin Liumov: Add support parsing QuickTime Metadata Keys.
2015-10-26 Vittorio Giovaratimecode: Support HFR values
2015-10-26 Vittorio Giovaratimecode: Do not fail for non-standard framerates
2015-10-26 Michael Niedermayertests/fate/aac: Add bitexact flags to fate-aac-pns...
2015-10-26 Hendrik Leppkesroqvideodec: use av_frame_copy
2015-10-26 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavfilter/vf_removegrain: replace qsort with AV_QSORT
2015-10-26 Paul B Maholavformat/thp: set duration for audio stream too
2015-10-26 Paul B Maholavcodec: add SDX2 DPCM decoder
2015-10-25 Ganesh AjjanagaddeMAINTAINERS: add key fingerprint
2015-10-25 Tom Butterworthhap: Set avctx.bits_per_coded_sample
2015-10-25 Clément Bœschavutil/opt: print more meaningful default flags values
2015-10-25 Vittorio Giovaracmdutils: Check for and report the correct codec capability
2015-10-25 Vittorio Giovarascreenpresso: Drop parameter change check
2015-10-25 Alexis Balliermpegvideo_enc: Fix encoding videos with less frames...
2015-10-25 Michael Niedermayermpegvideo_enc: Merge ifs with identical conditions
2015-10-25 Michael Niedermayermpegvideo_enc: Factor new_picture unref out
2015-10-25 Nicolas Georgelavfi/drawutils: add const to blending mask.
2015-10-25 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavutil/tree: clean up pointer incompatibility warnings
2015-10-25 Carl Eugen... lavf/xwma: Support wmapro.
2015-10-25 Michael Niedermayeravutil/tree: Document the guaranteed ordering of compar...
2015-10-25 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavcodec/huffman: replace qsort with AV_QSORT
2015-10-25 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeversion.sh: add note that ffversion.h is auto-generated
2015-10-25 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeall: add const-correctness to qsort comparators
2015-10-25 Paul B Maholavformat/aiffdec: give friendly message if compressed...
2015-10-25 Paul B Maholdoc/general: update after recent additions
2015-10-25 Paul B Maholavformat: add xvag demuxer
2015-10-25 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavutil/tree: add additional const qualifier to the...
2015-10-25 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavutil/tree: improve documentation for av_tree_find...
2015-10-25 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavfilter/vf_deshake: use a void * comparator for consis...
2015-10-24 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeall: fix -Wextra-semi reported on clang
2015-10-24 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeall: remove some casts of function pointer to void *
2015-10-24 Ronald S. Bultjevp9: uses ff_set_dimensions (which sets coded_width...
2015-10-24 Ronald S. Bultjevideodsp: don't overread edges in vfix3 emu_edge.
2015-10-24 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavfilter: avoid zero arguments to variadic macro
2015-10-24 Marton Balintlibzvbi-teletextdec: fix AVSubtitleRect pict compatibli...
2015-10-24 Marton Balintffplay: use a separate struct for the rescaled YUVA...
2015-10-24 Carl Eugen... lavf/ingenientdec: Add a probe function.
2015-10-24 Carl Eugen... lavc/hapdec: Use correct no-transparency colour space.
2015-10-24 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dpxenc: Fix "libavcodec/dpxenc.c:250:44: warnin...
2015-10-23 Paul B Maholavformat/genh: add ADPCM IMA DVI support
2015-10-23 Paul B Maholavformat/ads: extend format long description
2015-10-23 Paul B Maholavformat/svag: extend format long description
2015-10-23 Paul B Maholavcodec: extend long decription for adpcm psx codec
2015-10-23 Paul B Maholavformat/msf: extend format long description
2015-10-23 Tom ButterworthAdd myself as maintainer for Hap
2015-10-23 Ganesh AjjanagaddeRevert "configure: add -Wstrict-prototypes when available"
2015-10-23 Vittorio GiovarainnoHeim/Rsupport Screen Capture Codec decoder
2015-10-23 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeconfigure: add -Wstrict-prototypes when available
2015-10-23 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavutil/qsort: use the do while form for AV_QSORT, AV_MSORT
2015-10-23 Ronald S. Bultjevf_psnr/ssim: don't crash if stats_file is NULL.
2015-10-23 Tom Butterworthavcodec/hap: set bits_per_coded_sample
2015-10-23 Arttu Ylä-Outinenkvazaar: Add libkvazaar HEVC encoder
2015-10-23 Luca Barbatompjpeg: Cope with multipart lacking the initial CRLF
2015-10-23 Luca Barbatoimg2enc: Make sure the images are atomically written
2015-10-23 Paul B Maholavfilter: add shuffleframes filter
2015-10-23 Luca Barbatolibx264: Make sure the extradata are padded
2015-10-23 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mov: Autodetect mp3s which need parsing
2015-10-23 Martin Storsjömovenc: Honor flush requests with delay_moov, when...
2015-10-23 Martin Storsjörtsp: Allow $ as interleaved packet indicator before...
2015-10-22 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavdevice/pulse_audio_common: add av_warn_unused_result
2015-10-22 Ronald S. Bultjevf_ssim: print per-channel dB values.
2015-10-22 Ronald S. Bultjevf_psnr: remove %0.2f format specifiers for stream...
2015-10-22 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/libzvbi-teletextdec: Add variable to fix build
2015-10-22 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavfilter,swresample,swscale: use fabs, fabsf instead...
2015-10-22 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '3ee2c60cc296eee3f63d7b5fee9b4332eeeac9fa'