2011-11-21 Michael NiedermayerUpdate for 0.8.7 n0.8.7
2011-11-21 Michael Niedermayersvq1dec: call avcodec_set_dimensions() after dimensions...
2011-11-21 Michael Niedermayervp3dec: Check coefficient index in vp3_dequant()
2011-11-21 Michael Niedermayerqdm2dec: fix buffer overflow.
2011-11-21 Michael Niedermayerh264: Fix invalid interlaced progressive MB combination...
2011-11-21 Michael Niedermayermpegvideo: dont use ff_mspel_motion() for vc1
2011-11-21 Thierry Foucuimgutils: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-21 Michael Niedermayerac3probe: Detect Sonic Foundry Soft Encode AC3 as raw...
2011-11-21 Michael Niedermayermjpeg: support mpo
2011-11-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/release/0.7' into...
2011-11-19 Anton KhirnovAdd a version bump and APIchanges entry for avcodec_ope...
2011-11-19 Mans Rullgardlavf: fix multiplication overflow in avformat_find_stre...
2011-11-19 Anton Khirnovlavf: fix invalid reads in avformat_find_stream_info()
2011-11-19 Anton Khirnovlavf: add avformat_find_stream_info()
2011-11-19 Baptiste Coudurierlavc: fix parentheses placement in avcodec_open2().
2011-11-19 Anton Khirnovlavc: introduce avcodec_open2() as a replacement for...
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayerrawdec: use a default sample rate if none is specified.
2011-11-18 Stefano Sabatinirawdec: add check on sample_rate
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayerqdm2dec: check remaining input bits in the mainloop...
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: check strip_size
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayerwma: Check channel number before init.
2011-11-18 Carl Eugen... Do not try to read 16bit gray png files with alpha...
2011-11-18 K.Y.Hcook: fix apparent typo in extradata parsing
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayerffplay: limit lowres to the maximum supported. Fixes...
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayerv4l2: fix uninitialized variable
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayervf_transpose: remove pix_fmts which can currently not...
2011-11-18 Alex Conversevp5: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-18 Thierry Foucuvp6: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-13 Stefano Sabatinivf_transpose: avoid multiple calls to avfilter_draw_slice()
2011-11-08 Reimar Döffingernuv: Fix combination of size changes and LZO compression.
2011-11-08 Reimar Döffingerav_lzo1x_decode: properly handle negative buffer length.
2011-11-08 Miroslav Slugeňlibavformat: add support for G726 audio decoder in...
2011-11-08 Reimar DöffingerDo not call parse_keyframes_index with NULL stream.
2011-11-04 Michael NiedermayerVersion numbers for 0.8.6 n0.8.6
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayersnow: emu edge support
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesimc: validate channel count
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesimc: check for ff_fft_init() failure
2011-11-04 Justin Ruggleslibgsmdec: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: fix arch x86_32
2011-11-04 Tobias Rappmp3enc: avoid truncating id3v1 tags by one byte
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerasfdec: Check packet_replic_size earlier
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglescin audio: validate the channel count
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesbinkaudio: add some buffer overread checks.
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesatrac1: validate number of channels
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesatrac1: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-11-04 Ronald S. Bultjevp3: fix oob read for negative tokens and memleaks...
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesapedec: set s->currentframeblocks after validating...
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesapedec: use unsigned int for 'nblocks' and make sure...
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesapedec: check for data buffer realloc failure
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesapedec: check for filter buffer allocation failure
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesmpegaudiodec: check output data size based on avctx...
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerresample: Fix array size
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerresample2: fix potential overflow
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerresample: Fix overflow
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglestta: check for extradata allocation failure in tta...
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesvorbisdec: check output buffer size before writing...
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglestwinvq: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-11-04 Alex Conversevp6: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesshorten: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesshorten: check for realloc failure
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimarmpegts: do not return from ff_mpegts_parse_packet(...
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimarmpegts: fix return value when enough ts packets have...
2011-11-04 Matthew EinhornFixes avpicture_layout to not write past buffer end.
2011-11-04 Alex Converseavio: Check for invalid buffer length.
2011-11-04 Ronald S. Bultjepthread: copy coded frame dimensions in update_context_...
2011-11-04 Ronald S. Bultjevp8: prevent read from uninitialized memory in decode_mvs
2011-11-04 Ronald S. Bultjevp8: force reallocation in update_thread_context after...
2011-11-04 Ronald S. Bultjevp8: fix return value if update_dimensions fails
2011-11-04 Ronald S. Bultjematroskadec: fix out of bounds write
2011-11-04 Alex Conversemov: 10l: Terminate string with 0 not '0'
2011-11-04 Alex Conversemov: Prevent illegal writes when chapter titles are...
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglestruespeech: check to make sure channels == 1
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesmlpdec: validate that the reported channel count matche...
2011-11-04 John Brooksrtpdec: Read the packet length for all RTCP packet...
2011-11-04 John Brooksrtpdec: Fix the minimum packet length for RTCP SR packets
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayermem: fix memalign hack av_realloc()
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerarm: fix av_clipl_int32() asm
2011-11-04 Mans Rullgardh264: fix HRD parameters parsing
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglessmacker: validate channels and sample format.
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglessmacker: check buffer size before reading output size
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglessmacker: validate number of channels
2011-11-04 Mans Rullgardsipr: fix get_bits(0) calls
2011-11-04 Alex Conversemxfdec: Fix some buffer overreads caused by the misuse...
2011-11-04 Mans Rullgard4xm: fix signed overflow
2011-11-04 Mans Rullgardwmavoice: fix a signed overflow
2011-11-04 Mans Rullgardmpegvideo_enc: fix a signed overflow
2011-11-04 Mans Rullgardcrc: fix signed overflow
2011-11-04 Mans Rullgardh264pred: use unsigned types for pixel values, fix...
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimarqtrle: check for out of bound writes.
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimarxxan: check for out of bound accesses
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimartxd: check for out of bound reads.
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimarqtrle: check for invalid line offset
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimarvqavideo: check for out of bound reads.
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimarvqa: fix double free on corrupted streams
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimarvqavideo: check for invalid/unsupported version
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimareamad: release the reference frame on video size changes
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimareamad: check for out of bound reads when doing MC
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimareamad: avoid NULL derefence when missing the reference...
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimareatgv: fix pointer arithmetic overflows.
2011-11-04 Laurent Aimareatgv: fix out of bound reads on corrupted motions...