2016-03-12 Michael Niedermayerdocs/asv1: add changelog entry and update html too master
2016-03-12 Michael Niedermayerdocs: update asv1 with biSize value
2013-01-10 Michael Niedermayermisc/codec-features: fix typo
2013-01-10 Michael Niedermayercodec-features: update divx5 gmc status
2011-04-12 Michael Niedermayertest
2010-11-30 michaelYet another sudoko solver
2010-07-23 michaeladd gfft_0padded()
2010-07-22 michaelifft16()
2010-07-22 michaelport optimizations from fft8 to ifft8
2010-07-22 michaeladd half reduce functions and use them in the gfft
2010-07-22 michaelOptimize ifft4() in line of fft4()
2010-07-19 michael10l, actually use usedParityCount.
2010-07-19 michaelTest smaller parityCounts, this speeds the test up...
2010-07-19 michaelClarify that one can use a parityCount during decoding...
2010-07-19 michaelFix apparent off by 1 error in failure detection of...
2010-07-19 michaelFix a bug in rsEuclid() about syndrom order.
2010-07-13 michaelDont waste cycles on calculating 0 in factor() / ldpc.c.
2010-07-13 michaelRemove redundant variable solvew in factor().
2010-07-13 michaelindent
2010-07-13 michaelDo 100 decode runs in test_ldpc with the same erasure...
2010-07-13 michaelPrint a letter to indicate what is being done in test_l...
2010-07-13 michaelName matrix factorization function appropriately.
2010-07-13 michaelDocument and adjust needed array sizes in galois.c
2010-07-13 michaelput back needed size of erased array
2010-07-13 michaelget rid of VLAs in rs.c
2010-07-13 michaelget rid of VLAs in ldpc.c
2010-07-13 michaelGet rid of VLAs in galois.c
2010-07-13 michaelindent
2010-07-13 michaelOptimize LDPC syndrom computation from O(n*nzc) to...
2010-07-13 michaelFactorize syndrom[c->parity_len] out
2010-07-13 michaelGet rid of 2 multiply by 1
2010-07-13 michaelFix allocation size of logline.
2010-07-13 michaelDo not merge right hand elementary row operations
2010-07-09 michaelGet rid of VLAs in ldpc.c.
2010-07-09 michaelGet rid of VLAs in test.c.
2010-07-09 michaelget rid of 2 VLAs.
2010-06-29 michaelImprove speed of prodPoly()
2010-06-24 michaelSimplify
2010-06-23 michaelA memcpy or 2 less if there are no errors.
2010-04-14 michaelPRNG test code
2009-12-21 michaelThe remaining votes.
2009-12-18 michaelBetter tie breaking for IRV.
2009-12-18 michaelRemove unused variables
2009-12-18 michaelAdd instant runoff voting support.
2009-12-17 michael;;->;
2009-12-17 michaelAdd a borda count based on 10points in addition to...
2009-12-17 michaelNever implement an algorithm based on its description...
2009-12-16 michael3 more votes.
2009-12-16 michaelFix harmless *2 bug.
2009-12-16 michaelInput to test margins vs. votes and rating of candidate...
2009-12-16 michaelAdd vote seperators
2009-12-16 michaelDetect vote boundaries by non parseable lines instead...
2009-12-16 michaelsend debug output to stderr so it can be filtered out
2009-12-16 michaelRestructure code so things are run twice once based...
2009-12-16 michaelSupport Ranked Pairs with votes instead of margins.
2009-12-15 michaelAdd Reynaldos vote.
2009-12-15 michaelRemove special case for Borda calculation after removin...
2009-12-15 michaelRemove a vote for an empty string.
2009-12-15 michaelRemove email addresses
2009-12-15 michael3 more votes
2009-12-15 michaelAdd missing return 0 to main().
2009-12-15 michaelFix license.
2009-12-15 michaelInitial commit of my vote counting software.
2009-04-24 michaelCorrect indention.
2009-04-24 michaelCalculate min_weight without scaning row_weight.
2009-04-24 michaelRename minrow to min_weight, also a better name.
2009-04-24 michaelRename row to row_weight, the new name is better.
2009-04-24 michaelOnly reset the (nzc) elements of tab to 0 that have...
2009-04-19 michaelFix bug that caused col_weight to become incorrect.
2009-04-12 michaelindent
2009-04-12 michaelOptional support for fast to encode matrixes.
2009-04-11 michaelWork with 32bits at a time for GF(2) LDPC, 4x faster.
2009-04-11 michaelFirst try of LDPC over GF(2)
2009-04-11 michaelGF(2) support
2009-04-10 michaelBetter wording
2009-04-10 michaela little doxy for init_matrixLDPC()
2009-04-10 michaelForgot static.
2009-04-10 michaelindent
2009-04-10 michaelAlso test unreliable low weight LDPCs.
2009-04-10 michaelFactorize swaping.
2009-04-10 michaelPerform column pivoting to improve sparsitiy.
2009-04-10 michael10l
2009-04-10 michaeldont recalculate row_weight
2009-04-10 michael25% faster inverse()
2009-04-10 michaelChange solver to favor sparse rows, 50% sparser final...
2009-04-10 michaelSolve matrix only partially and use sparse vectors...
2009-04-01 michaelPerform gaussian elimination in 2 passes, first the...
2009-02-01 michaelReplace rand() by marsaglias KISS99 PRNG, should fix...
2009-02-01 michaelThe element one past the last of noe_revTable was used...
2008-11-25 michaelChange nzc defaults again.
2008-11-25 michaelIndent
2008-11-25 michaelMake the sparseness of the parity matrix a user parameter.
2008-11-25 michaelPrint cumulative decoder failures.
2008-11-25 michaelBetter parity matrix construction.
2008-11-25 michaelUse heap instead of stack for large matrixes.
2008-11-24 michaelrename asm to __asm__ to make -std=c99 work
2008-11-24 michaelLow density parity check codes support.
2008-11-24 michael100l typo, forgotten (
2008-11-24 michaelAdding a random number generator.
2008-11-24 michaelAdd missing newline, patch by diego.