Update missing tags of previous commit
[mplayer.git] / DOCS / xml / ru / install.xml
2006-11-13 voroshilUpdate missing tags of previous commit
2006-11-13 voroshilr20876: rename: XviD -> Xvid
2006-11-10 voroshilr20834: The -gui command line option is back.
2006-11-01 voroshiltrivial sync with r20551
2006-10-30 voroshilconvert DOCS/ru from koi8r to UTF-8
2006-10-26 voroshilr20379: Remove doubled -dvd-device information.
2006-10-19 voroshilr20183: Recommend gcc 4.x on PowerPC
2006-09-27 voroshilr19974: Update gcc section. Some rewording.
2006-09-14 voroshilr19829: Improve TrueType font installation section
2006-09-12 voroshilr19809: link fix: The codecs page was merged into the...
2006-09-10 voroshilr19779: RTC is no longer the default timing method
2006-09-09 voroshilr19767: Remove outdated hint about patching kernel...
2006-09-08 voroshilSections structure synced with english pages.
2006-09-08 voroshilr19736: Remove references to obsolete font generators...
2006-09-07 voroshilOutdated file synced with r19589
2006-09-05 diegoRemove reference to deleted divx4 section.
2006-08-28 reimarRadio support, patch by Vladimir Voroshilov (voroshil...
2006-08-28 diegolive.com --> LIVE555
2006-03-27 diegoRename the default GUI skins directory from 'Skin'...
2006-03-01 diegoNew website structure, the /homepage subdirectory is...
2004-11-11 diegocompilation fix
2004-08-21 lumagsync
2004-07-19 diegoembarassing typo
2004-07-16 lumagMajor translation update. Sync, some rewording, etc.
2003-12-26 wightMicroDVD, not Microdvd
2003-12-09 lumagSync
2003-10-30 lumagSync
2003-10-29 lumagSync
2003-10-27 lumagSync
2003-10-25 diego-vop ---> -vf
2003-09-24 lumagFixed xreflabel attributes.
2003-09-22 lumagMassive docs update. (sync, etc.) New translated files...
2003-07-16 lumagSync
2003-06-29 lumagSync with english
2003-05-29 lumagSync
2003-05-20 lumagFixed selling error and broken tag.
2003-05-20 lumagSync with en
2003-05-05 lumagTranslation update.
2003-05-01 lumagFixed a lot of typos.
2003-04-28 lumagFixed L0L bug Forgot to delete ending tags of itemlist.
2003-04-28 lumagTranslation update + small fixes.
2003-03-30 lumagRussian XML translation update.
2003-03-28 diegoRussian translation by Dmitry Baryshkov <lumag@qnc...