wishlist: update some
[mplayer.git] / Makefile
2012-09-13 reimarAllow compiling -vo gl with OSX backend even if X11...
2012-09-13 reimarSplit out an objective-C common OS X layer, to be reuse...
2012-09-07 reimarMove file vo_gl2.c to vo_gl_tiled.c to reflect rename.
2012-05-30 ibAdd a Makefile target for testing the help message...
2012-03-31 reimarSmall fixes to make it easier to compiler for OpenGL ES
2012-03-03 ibRename sub window video window.
2012-02-22 diegobuild: Separate libpostproc check from FFmpeg check.
2012-02-19 diegobuild: Remove generated documentation on 'make clean'.
2012-02-19 diegolavcac3enc: make the filter buildable with shared FFmpeg
2012-02-07 cigaesbuild: fix lavfi dependencies (swscale and swresample).
2012-01-14 ibAdd differently sized, new icons for the GUI.
2012-01-08 reimarFix testing of H.264 conformance tests.
2012-01-08 reimarPrint a hint if FATE_SAMPLES was not set and fatetest...
2012-01-08 reimarPut test-related code in Makefile under ifdef FATE_SAMPLES.
2012-01-05 reimarDisable wmv8_drm test.
2012-01-05 reimarQCP files are audio-only, do not run them through video...
2012-01-05 diegobuild: Merge tests/Makefile into top-level Makefile...
2011-12-03 reimarUpdate libass to 0.10 release.
2011-11-09 diegoRemove obsolete ALSA 0.5 audio output and ALSA 0.9...
2011-11-08 reimarAdd beginnings of a test framework.
2011-11-07 diegobuild: merge DOCS/xml/Makefile into top-level Makefile
2011-10-27 diegobuild: Only compile Windows-specific local glob() repla...
2011-10-15 ibPort to Wine.
2011-10-12 diegoS/PDIF passthrough decoder
2011-10-12 cigaeslibmpcodec: add vf_lavfi.
2011-10-12 cigaesbuild: enable libavfilter.
2011-09-28 diegobuild: Simplify handling of local OS feature fallbacks.
2011-09-07 reimarIgnore "make clean" errors in ffmpeg/.
2011-09-03 ibAdd an about box to the Win32 GUI.
2011-09-02 ibAdd the MPlayer title string to the about box.
2011-08-11 reimarRestore alphabetical order.
2011-08-11 diegobuild: drop BeOS support
2011-08-09 reimarMove code for setting up libav* logging callbacks from...
2011-07-27 diegoMakefile: fix mistakenly broken ADD_ALL_EXESUFS function
2011-07-27 diegoMakefile: cosmetics: consistently name all dependency...
2011-07-24 diegobuild: drop redundant removal of files below ffmpeg...
2011-07-22 diegobuild: fix negative interaction between clean and distc...
2011-07-21 diegoMakefile: remove stray parameter junk from ADD_ALL_EXES...
2011-07-21 diegoMakfile: split non-native directories from native direc...
2011-07-21 diegobuild: Always use the install program set by configure.
2011-07-12 diegobuild: Rely on Libav/FFmpeg build system to run clean...
2011-07-10 ibRemove duplicated list code from the Win32 GUI.
2011-07-10 ibRemove duplicated string code from the Win32 GUI.
2011-07-07 ibCreate new file list.c for list related functions.
2011-06-28 diegobuild: Skip touching FFmpeg libraries after compilation.
2011-06-28 diegobuild: Simplify FFmpeg library handling.
2011-06-26 diegobuild: Compile libav* libraries from the top level...
2011-06-24 diegobuild: Rebuild libavcodec if assembler files changed.
2011-06-22 diegobuild: Rebuild version.h file if git metadata changed...
2011-06-19 diegobuild: Simplify version.h dependency generation.
2011-06-19 ibAdd missing gui directory to Makefile.
2011-06-19 ibRename some gtk files.
2011-06-18 ibRename GUI directory 'mplayer' and some files in it.
2011-06-18 diegobuild: Only compile DLL loader test program under x86_32.
2011-06-18 diegobuild: Fix TOOLS/subrip object dependencies.
2011-06-11 reimarChange linking order: Due to av_get_cpu_flags libswscal...
2011-06-07 ibProvide a desktop icon of reasonable size (48x48) and...
2011-05-21 cboeschAdd MNG output support.
2011-05-01 reimarAdd code to generate and compare all object files MPlay...
2011-04-26 reimarReduce dependencies for codecs2html binary.
2011-04-15 diegoBuild the geq video filter with shared FFmpeg.
2011-03-28 ibMove auxiliary string functions into separate file.
2011-03-28 ibMove files with auxiliary functions to own directory.
2011-02-26 cboeschAdd mp_strings.c with mp_asprintf function.
2011-02-17 diegoAdjust build system to reflect merge of libavcore into...
2011-02-16 ibRevert r32911.
2011-02-16 ibAdd additional include directory for gui.
2011-01-01 diegoRemove forked internal libfaad2 copy.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove spuenc.[ch] from libvo to sub.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove osd.[ch] and osd_template.c from libvo to sub.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove libvo/sub.[ch] from libvo to sub.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove font_load.[ch], font_load_ft.c and osd_font.h...
2010-10-27 cigaesMakefile: add the sub directory to DIRS.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove ass_mp.[ch] to the sub directory.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove ass_mp.[ch] to the sub directory.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove eosd.[ch] to the sub directory.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove vobsub.[ch] and unrar_exec.[ch] to the sub directory.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove sub_cc.[ch] to the sub directory.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove av_sub.[ch] to the sub directory.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove spudec.[ch] to the sub directory.
2010-10-27 cigaesMove find_sub.c to the sub directory.
2010-10-27 cigaesCreate a new directory, "sub", for subtitles and OSD...
2010-10-22 cigaesEOSD: overlay_add: use read_pnm instead of the internal...
2010-10-22 reimarAdd stereo3d filter.
2010-10-18 cigaesMove the read_pnm function into a separate file.
2010-10-03 diegocosmetics: alphabetical order for the DIRS list
2010-10-03 diegoAdd missing "ffmpeg/" prefix to libpostproc entry in...
2010-09-29 reimarconfig.asm should be generate in ffmpeg/, not the root.
2010-09-28 diegoUse a single svn:externals declaration for all of FFmpeg.
2010-09-26 diegoOmit header dependency declaration for codec-cfg.d.
2010-09-25 diegoRemove __USE_UNIX98 from libdvdcss/libdvdnav/libdvdread...
2010-09-22 diegoDo not compile libfaad2 with -D_GNU_SOURCE.
2010-09-20 diegoDrop separate compilation rules for dhahelperwin files.
2010-09-20 diegoUse generated dependency information files for dhahelper.
2010-09-20 diegoMerge dhahelperwinclean and dhahelperclean targets.
2010-09-20 diegoUse generated dependency information files for tools...
2010-09-20 diegoGenerate dependency information for netstream and vivod...
2010-09-20 diegoRemove remnants of explicit dependency file generation.
2010-09-20 diegoFix osdep/mplayer.rc.o vs. osdep/mplayer-rc.o typo.
2010-09-20 diegoUse dependency files to track the compile-time dependen...