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2012-08-31 cehoyosSupport Alberto's / Kostya's MSS2 decoder.
2012-08-28 cehoyosAdd Video Decode Acceleration support.
2012-08-27 compnadd geoh264 binary codec, works on sample
2012-08-24 cehoyosSupport yuv422p for FFmpeg lagarith decoder.
2012-08-10 reimarAllow playing 10-bit DNxHD.
2012-07-22 cehoyosInitial libopus decoding support.
2012-07-22 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg ZeroCodec decoding.
2012-07-21 compnfix previous commit, duplicated g7231 codec entry
2012-07-21 compnadd ffmpeg and binary g.723.1 codec, works on g723_1.wav
2012-07-21 compnmap AAS4 to ffaasc, add 16bpp aasc output
2012-07-21 compnmap SM4V to ffodivx
2012-07-20 compnadd tsc2 binary codec
2012-07-19 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg APC ADPCM IMA audio decoder
2012-07-17 cehoyosSupport FourCC NO16.
2012-07-17 cehoyosSupport "MNG " FourCC for png in mov (found by Piotr...
2012-07-15 cehoyosSupport GRAY8A and GRAY16 in tiff.
2012-07-15 cehoyosSupport GRAY8A and GRAY16 in png.
2012-07-15 cehoyosSupport GRAY8A and GRAY16 in libopenjpeg.
2012-07-15 cehoyosFix big-endian ptx decoding with latest FFmpeg.
2012-07-15 cehoyosClarify that viv1 and viv2 are internal MPlayer FourCCs.
2012-07-13 cehoyosSupport Kostya's Expression Encoder Screen Capture...
2012-07-13 compndd PLV1 fourcc to ffodivx, works on
2012-07-13 cehoyosSupport Kostya's TechSmith Camtasia Screen Codec 2...
2012-07-12 cehoyosSupport missing FFmpeg H264 pixel formats.
2012-07-12 cehoyosSupport more libopenjpeg pixel formats.
2012-07-06 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg Packed Animation File decoder.
2012-07-04 compnadd yuv8 / YUV8 to other decoders as well
2012-07-04 compnfix original yuv8 decoder fourcc
2012-07-04 compncodecs.conf: map YUV8 to wnv1 codecs
2012-07-02 cehoyosSupport Kostya's MSA1 decoder.
2012-06-22 cehoyosSupport Kostya's MS Screen 1 decoder.
2012-06-22 cehoyosSupport LucasArts SMUSH and VIMA decoding.
2012-06-12 cehoyosSupport Kostya's iac decoder.
2012-05-21 ibAdd Windows Media Station file (application/x-netshow...
2012-05-21 ibUpdate MimeType key in the desktop file.
2012-05-15 cehoyosAdd some dv video fourcc's found by Piotr Bandurski.
2012-05-08 cehoyos100l: ffcamstudio is not flipped and does not know...
2012-05-08 cehoyosImprove Avid Meridien (AVUI) decoding with FFmpeg.
2012-04-30 cehoyosSupport new colour spaces for FFmpeg camstudio decoding...
2012-04-30 cehoyosRevert r34881: The change was wrong.
2012-04-29 cehoyosSupport new colour spaces for FFmpeg camstudio decoding...
2012-04-25 compncodecs.conf: add some isom/fourcc to dts decoders
2012-04-12 cehoyosSupport lagarith RGB with FFmpeg.
2012-04-11 ibAdd Spanish entries to desktop file.
2012-03-28 cehoyosSupport FLIC in avi.
2012-03-24 reimarSwitch FLIC tag to the one used by FLIC-in-MOV.
2012-03-22 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg WMA lossless decoder.
2012-03-22 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg EA ADPCM R1, R2, R3 audio decoders.
2012-03-20 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg Real Audio Lossless decoder with -demuxe...
2012-03-15 compnremove HV60 from vdpau and xvid, does not work. add...
2012-03-14 compnadd creative fastspeech binary codec, no sample yet
2012-03-14 compnadd HV60 to divx decoders, samples/V-codecs/HV60
2012-03-14 compnmark tridvfw codec working, finally found sample for...
2012-03-11 compnadd ffatrac1 codec, works on A-codecs/ATRAC1/
2012-03-11 compnadd mnm4 binary codec, need sample for further testing
2012-03-03 compnexample.conf: add bandwidth example
2012-02-24 cigaesAllow to set the OST progress position.
2012-02-23 compnadd IPJ2 to ffj2k, samples created by mencoder -ovc...
2012-02-17 cehoyosSupport playback of CDXL files with -demuxer lavf.
2012-02-14 ibUpdate mplayer.ico.
2012-02-07 cehoyosSupport RGB48 tiff decoding.
2012-02-07 cehoyosSupport displaying 64bit RGB via OpenGL.
2012-02-05 cehoyosSupport v408 and AYUV decoding via FFmpeg.
2012-02-02 compnadd media-100 qtx binary codec
2012-01-25 cehoyosAdd missing image formats to the ffv1 decoder.
2012-01-24 cehoyosSupport 32-bit sunrast playback via FFmpeg.
2012-01-24 cehoyosSupport 32-bit sgi playback via FFmpeg.
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from fftga output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosFix 32-bit targa playback with current FFmpeg on big...
2012-01-24 cehoyosReplace incorrect output format list with the only...
2012-01-24 cehoyosFix 32-bit png playback with current FFmpeg.
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from ffpng output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from ffpcx output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from ffgif output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosFix 32-bit dpx playback on big-endian.
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from fftiff output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosFix 32-bit tiff playback on big-endian.
2012-01-23 cehoyosAllow motionpixels playback on little endian.
2012-01-21 cehoyosSupport Sorenson 263 fourcc, see FFmpeg ticket #923.
2012-01-21 cehoyosRemove S263 from h263 fourcc list, we do not have such...
2012-01-21 cehoyosSupport decoding of Avid SUDS.
2012-01-14 compnreimar says comments are C strings and so i move all...
2012-01-14 cehoyosSupport BW10 decoding via FFmpeg.
2012-01-14 ibAdd differently sized, new icons for the GUI.
2012-01-14 cehoyosSupport RGB48 tiff decoding via FFmpeg.
2012-01-06 cehoyosSupport cyuv uyvy422 rawvideo with -vc -ffcyuv,
2012-01-05 reimarAdd support for additional libopenjpeg output formats.
2012-01-05 cehoyosSupport for Avid Meridian Uncompressed via FFmpeg.
2012-01-04 cehoyosSupport decoding AVrp, v308 and yuv4 via FFmpeg.
2012-01-02 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg v410 decoder.
2012-01-02 cehoyosSupport Y41P decoding via FFmpeg.
2011-12-29 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg SMJPEG IMA ADPCM decoding.
2011-12-29 cehoyosSupport the FFmpeg Indeo 4 decoder.
2011-12-20 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg 8088flex TMV decoder.
2011-12-18 cehoyosSupport decoding yuv411p rawvideo.
2011-12-15 cigaesSupport SBG decoding using ffwavesynth.
2011-12-14 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg mmvideo decoder.
2011-12-14 cehoyosSupport FFmpeg Dxtory decoder.
2011-12-08 cehoyosSupport decoding newer rpl files with FFmpeg's Escape...
2011-12-08 cehoyosffmjpeg does not incorrectly output BGR32 anymore for...