Don't disallow loading a subtitle in Win32 GUI when playback is stopped.
[mplayer.git] / configure
2018-04-05 rtogniFix compilation with new FFmpeg that require generation...
2018-03-21 alconfigure: Disable FFmpeg bsf filter_units
2018-03-20 alconfigure: Use pkg-config if freetype-config is unavailable
2018-02-24 reimarconfigure: faac, dirac and schroedinger are removed...
2018-02-24 reimarconfigure: Fix compilation against latest FFmpeg again.
2018-01-16 aldemux_mng,vo_mng: Avoid inclusion of jpeg.h
2018-01-09 alconfigure: Fix detection for inet_aton function
2018-01-04 alconfigure: Generate negative results for AVX512
2017-12-23 alconfigure: x264: Don't do redundant linking checks
2017-12-22 alconfigure: MNG: Fix choosing the -l flags for the compiler
2017-11-30 alconfigure: Disable FFmpeg AMF encoders
2017-11-26 iivePrepare configure for upcoming changes in FFmpeg.
2017-11-14 alconfigure: Broaden pattern to disable videotoolbox...
2017-11-05 alconfigure: Detect and use libopenjpeg2 only
2017-11-03 alconfigure: Remove useless line in helper function conta...
2017-11-02 albuild: Adjust to new internal structure of FFmpeg TLS...
2017-10-31 alconfigure: Fix build with newer FFmpeg
2017-10-21 alFix build with newer FFmpeg
2017-09-29 reimarconfigure: Disable RKMPP codecs to fix compilation.
2017-09-24 reimarconfigure: disable v4l2m2m de-/encoders.
2017-09-16 reimarconfigure: fix compilation without yasm/nasm.
2017-09-10 alconfigure: Support to statically link against FreeType...
2017-09-09 alconfigure: Disable FFmpeg DASH demuxer
2017-06-30 rtogniFix compilation after FFmpeg 0cc0c5b6dbf187f9c096de03d9...
2017-06-25 reimarconfigure: Fix yasm/nasm support.
2017-06-18 alconfigure: Fix build on cygwin
2017-06-12 alconfigure: Filter out FFmpeg mpeg2 mediacodec decoder
2017-05-28 reimarconfigure: one more fix for compile without zlib.
2017-05-27 reimarconfigure: Compile fix when zlib is not available.
2017-05-07 reimarconfigure: Update for FFmpeg build system changes.
2017-04-20 ibChange XSL and DocBook defaults.
2017-04-11 rtogniFix compilation after FFmpeg 4588063f3ecd9c97ebf61e7791...
2017-04-05 alconfigure: Define HAVE_SIMD_ALIGN_32
2017-04-05 alconfigure: Fix _aligned_malloc check
2017-04-03 rtogniDisable VP8 QSV decoder
2017-02-14 alconfigure: Fix build by following FFmpeg Makefile varia...
2017-02-13 alconfigure: Fix build
2017-01-13 compnconfigure: fix build, patch by KO Myung-Hun
2016-11-14 iiveFix FFmpeg build
2016-10-21 rtogniFix compilation after the addition of more MEDIACODEC...
2016-09-17 alconfigure: Disable FFmpeg mediacodec HEVC decoder
2016-09-09 rtogniFix compilation after the addition of more CUVID decode...
2016-07-25 alconfigure: HAVE_LOCALTIME_R, HAVE_GMTIME_R: Use #define...
2016-07-08 ibExplain normally pointless extra check for GLib.
2016-07-03 rtogniAlways define HAVE_VSX
2016-06-12 rtogniFix compilation after the addition of CUVID decoders...
2016-05-14 rtogniGenerate bsf_list and protcol list for ffmpeg in config...
2016-05-13 rtogniGenerate bsf_list and protcol list for ffmpeg in configure
2016-05-11 rtogniFix compilation after the addition of OMX encoders...
2016-05-09 rtogniFix compilation after the addition of VAAPI encoders...
2016-03-22 reimarconfigure: Fix build, disable audiotoolbox.
2016-03-07 rtogniDisable mediacodec H264 decoder, fix compilation ffmpeg git
2016-03-07 ibTest the appropriate header belonging to the system.
2016-03-06 reimarAvoid link issues for MinGW.
2016-03-04 rtogniDisable videotoolbox encoder, fix compilation ffmpeg git
2016-03-01 rtogniconfigure: fix in according to FFmpeg change
2016-02-28 reimarconfigure: Fix compilation when zlib is missing.
2016-02-25 michaelconfigure: Fix build due to CONFIG_VC1DSP
2016-02-21 rtogniPermit compilation of strem_pvr on systems without...
2016-02-20 rtogniFix compilation if v4l2_query_ext_ctrl is not defined...
2016-02-20 reimarAllow compiling against OpenSSL.
2016-02-13 reimarconfigure: build with -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables.
2016-02-10 rtogniAdd configure check for isfinite()
2016-02-07 reimarconfigure: Fix symbol mangling check.
2016-01-28 michaelconfigure: disable mmal_mpeg4, fix build
2016-01-23 michaelconfigure: fix build with latest ffmpeg build system...
2015-12-21 rtogniDefine HAVE_ERF in accordance with what is exported...
2015-12-20 michaelconfigure: Fix build due to HAVE_COPYSIGN
2015-12-18 alconfigure: iconv: Remove hack that added -L/usr/lib
2015-11-21 michaelconfigure: Add hypot detection for FFmpeg
2015-11-18 michaelconfigure: add MIPSDSP to preempt potential build failures
2015-11-14 michaelconfiure: Fix build after 4c8d86eb18e2fc8fcd5819a335994...
2015-11-08 michaelconfigure: disable VC1_MMAL to avoid build failure
2015-10-22 michaelconfigure: add HAVE_*_INLINE to .asm
2015-10-22 michaelconfigure: Filter out MPEG2_MMAL to fix build
2015-10-21 rtogniDrop the requirement for FFmpeg when just building...
2015-10-17 rtogniAdd an internal copy of libavutil/x86/asm.h as mpx86asm.h
2015-10-04 michaelconfigure: Fix build failure due to chromaprint
2015-10-04 michaelconfigure: Fix syntax errors
2015-10-03 rtogniAdd support for POWER6-7-8
2015-10-02 rtogniFix compilation on pcc: disable vsx
2015-09-07 rtogniFix compilation for the recently added DXV decoder...
2015-08-25 ibAdd missing library swresample.
2015-08-02 michaelconfigure: add MJPEG_QSV to exclude list to avoid build...
2015-07-25 michaelconfigure: Prevent build failure due to future vc1_qsv
2015-07-24 reimarconfigure: avoid printing "auto" instead of "no".
2015-07-17 michaelconfigure: Also add matching #define CONFIG_* for the...
2015-07-17 rtogniEnable ffmpeg g722dsp.
2015-07-17 rtogniEnable ffmpeg vp56dsp, vp8dsp, wmv2dsp.
2015-07-17 rtogniEnable ffmpeg flacdsp, ividsp, mss34dsp, rv34dsp.
2015-07-09 michaelconfigure: Avoid breaking build without libmfx and...
2015-06-27 michaelvo_vdpau: Add support for VDPAU accelerated HEVC decoding
2015-06-22 michaelDisable HAP encoder and enable CONFIG_SNAPPY to avoid...
2015-06-22 michaelconfigure: Add CONFIG_TEXTUREDSP to avoid build failure
2015-06-10 reimarActually check linking for dvdnav/dvdread.
2015-06-05 ibRevert r37408.
2015-06-03 ibRemove outdated references to internal libdvd*.
2015-06-01 michaelconfigure: Fix build due to h264/hevc_nvenc
2015-05-31 ibSupport compiling without CPU optimization.
2015-05-31 ibFix libcdio autodetection failure.