Don't disallow loading a subtitle in Win32 GUI when playback is stopped.
[mplayer.git] / libmpcodecs /
2017-10-31 alve_lavc,ae_lavc: Adjust to work with newest FFmpeg...
2017-10-28 iiveFix compilation with XvMC after FFmpeg version bump.
2017-10-22 alFix build after FFmpeg major bump
2017-08-30 reimarWork around FFmpeg get_buffer2 API change.
2017-07-03 reimarad_ffmpeg.c: Fix decoding after FFmpeg broke API.
2017-04-29 reimartiming: pass through endpts and time last frame correctly.
2016-10-30 alvf_bmovl: Use picture sizes instead of buffer sizes
2016-10-18 alvf_bmovl: Don't mix in declarations after statements
2016-10-04 alvf_bmovl: Try to init and access overlay buffers correctly
2016-07-21 reimarvd_ffmpeg: check for malloc failure.
2016-07-21 reimarvd_ffmpeg: Fix accidental comparison as unsigned.
2016-07-03 rtogniFix crash with screenshot filter.
2016-05-14 rtogniFix compilation of vf_fspp for systems with MMX but...
2016-03-06 reimarcodec-cfg: Optimize built-in codecs format.
2016-03-06 reimarBump maximum number of decoding threads a bit.
2016-03-03 rtogniDrop audio buffer wrapping code from vd_ffmpeg
2016-03-03 rtogniUse avcodec_free_context to free lavc context.
2016-03-02 reimarve_lavc: use av_reallocp_array.
2016-03-02 reimarve_lavc: Initialize width, height, format of AVFrame.
2016-03-02 reimarve_lavc: free AVFrame at uninit.
2016-03-02 reimarve_lavc: unref AVPacket to avoid memleak.
2016-03-02 reimarve_lavc: fix memleak.
2016-03-02 reimarve_lavc: ensure options use malloc'd memory.
2016-03-02 reimarve_lavc: Use avcodec_free_context to free context.
2016-02-26 reimarad_mpg123: add check for set_format return value.
2016-02-26 reimarad_mpg123: minor code simplification.
2016-02-25 reimarmp_image: ensure unused pointers are cleared out.
2016-02-25 reimarvd_raw: Use more-likely-correct 1-bit format.
2016-02-25 reimarFix flip behaviour for RAW formats.
2016-02-25 reimarvd_raw: Fix < 8bpp formats.
2016-02-21 rtogniAdd support for YUV440P12, YUV440P10, and GBRP10 colors...
2016-02-21 rtogniAdd support for YUV440P12, YUV440P10, and GBRP10 colors...
2016-02-21 rtogniFix playback of YUV4xxP12 and YUV4xxP14
2016-02-20 reimarvf_filmdint: make code slightly less confusing.
2016-02-20 reimarvf_divtc.c: Ensure shift is always valid.
2016-02-20 reimarExplicitly mark intentional case fallthroughs.
2016-02-20 reimarve_lavc: Check for ftell failure.
2016-02-14 alvdpau: Move struct vdpau_frame_data into a separate...
2016-02-14 rtogniFix screenshot scaling when slices are not used.
2016-02-13 reimarvf_geq.c: Add some missing const to tables.
2016-02-11 reimarvd_xvid4: check mpcodecs_get_image return value.
2016-02-10 reimarvd_mpegpes.c: Add allocation failure check.
2016-02-10 reimarae_twolame: Improve/fix error handling.
2016-02-10 reimarae_twolame.c: Use sizeof(*var) instead of sizeof(type)
2016-02-09 reimarad_hwac3: Check buffer sizes.
2016-02-08 reimarad_hwac3: Fix incorrect use of memcpy.
2016-02-08 reimarvf_palette: remove pointless conditions.
2016-02-08 reimarFix spelling.
2016-01-24 rtogniFix segfault with sipdif
2016-01-23 rtogniRemove reference to ad_dk4adpcm decoder
2016-01-23 rtogniRemove internal audio decoders ad_dk3adpcm, ad_imaadpcm...
2016-01-07 rtogniPrevent overflow in picture size buffer allocation...
2016-01-07 rtogniSanitize image parameters and prevent int32 overflow...
2016-01-06 rtogniSanitize audio parameters and prevent int32 overflow...
2016-01-04 rtogniad_imaadpcm: MS/QT IMA ADCPM and DK4 ADPCM can have...
2016-01-04 rtogniad_hwac3: Fix access to NULL demuxer buffer by demux_getc()
2015-12-29 cehoyoslibmpcodecs/ad_dk3adpcm: Do not try to decode files...
2015-12-29 cehoyoslibmpcodecs/ad_imaadpcm: Fix a division by zero.
2015-12-29 cehoyoslibmpcodecs/ad_msadpcm: Fix a division by zero.
2015-12-29 cehoyoslibmpcodecs/ad_dk3adpcm: Fix a division by zero.
2015-12-12 cehoyosmpcodecs/vd_ffmpeg: Do not overwrite palette with rando...
2015-10-17 rtogniAdd an internal copy of libavutil/x86/asm.h as mpx86asm.h
2015-09-12 rtogniFix screenshot generation
2015-09-05 rtogniReplace deprecated get_buffer, buffer_hints, and others
2015-08-28 rtogniUse av_frame_free() instead of av_freep() to free AVFrame
2015-08-24 rtogniFix compilation on MinGW and on systems without vdpau...
2015-08-23 rtogniCleanup: remove unused structure for realmedia codecs
2015-08-23 rtogniRemove uses of CODEC_FLAG_MV0 as its deprecated
2015-08-23 rtogniRemove last traces of old ffmpeg vdpau api
2015-08-23 rtogniReplace deprecated av_encode_video() with av_encode_vid...
2015-08-17 michaelmpcodecs/vd_ffmpeg: prevent build failure in case CODEC...
2015-08-14 rtogniReplace deprecated av_reverse with a local copy
2015-08-14 rtogniReplace deprecated avctx->request_channels with request...
2015-08-08 rtogniReplace deprecated avcodec_alloc_frame() with av_frame_...
2015-08-01 reimarAdd AV_ prefix to all PIX_FMT constants used.
2015-06-27 michaelvo_vdpau: Add support for VDPAU accelerated HEVC decoding
2015-06-10 ibDon't depend on FFmpeg internal raw_packet_buffer_remai...
2015-06-03 ibRemove outdated references to mp3lib and tremor.
2015-04-15 michaelremove mpcodecs/vf_lavcdeint
2015-02-11 michaelmpcodecs/ad_spdif: Avoid build failure with access...
2015-02-02 reimarvd_ffmpeg.c: fix indentation after last commit.
2015-02-02 reimarvd_ffmpeg: ignore aspect values during get_buffer.
2015-01-22 SubJunkFixed support for transcoding DTS-ES (7 channel audio...
2014-12-30 cehoyosSupport 48-bit BGR as used in r10k.
2014-12-06 reimarvf_screenshot: do not silently create empty screenshot...
2014-12-06 reimarvf_screenshot: print message after file was written.
2014-11-16 michaelmpcodecs: Use XXX_INLINE defines for inline asm
2014-11-05 reimarAvoid unintended "Unexpected decoder output format...
2014-11-02 reimarvd_ffmpeg: Fix compilation without VDPAU.
2014-11-01 reimarvd_ffmpeg: Initialize hwaccel_context earlier to avoid...
2014-10-18 reimarvd_ffmpeg: print warning about unexpected pixel format.
2014-08-15 alvd_ffmpeg: Rewrite ticket reference in comment
2014-07-17 michaeldsputil/me_cmp update
2014-07-13 reimarEnsure dimensions are set before opening libavcodec...
2014-07-09 michaelupdate for PixblockDSPContext
2014-07-08 michaelavfilter/x86/vf_pullup: fix old typo
2014-07-08 michaelmpcodecs/vf_spp: Update for FDCTDSPContext
2014-07-01 michaelupdate for idctdsp split
2014-06-28 reimarad_spdif: do not call internal write_packet function...
2014-05-20 reimarad_ffmpeg: Set up audio format already during init.