Require libass version with ass_flush_events
[mplayer.git] / Changelog
2010-07-10 reimarMention PGS support.
2010-07-05 reimarMention stereo support in Changelog.
2010-07-05 benSupport for unencrypted Blu-ray playback through libbluray.
2010-07-01 attila* fix compilation using external libfaad
2010-06-30 diegoMP3 decoding through libmpg123
2010-06-27 reimarRemove (or for now actually only disable) support for...
2010-06-27 reimarUpdate VP8 support information.
2010-06-21 diegotypo fixes; mention lowering of hardware MPEG decoder...
2010-06-13 reimarRemove Gui-specific slave commands and associated key...
2010-06-13 reimarRemove mp_msg related GUI hacks.
2010-06-10 diegoAdd support for compiling against external libmpeg2.
2010-06-09 siretartremove libmpcodecs/vf_rgb2bgr.c
2010-06-06 reimarSome more Changelog updates.
2010-06-06 reimaryuv4mpeg interlaced changes.
2010-05-30 reimarChange code to let Window Manager chose window location...
2010-05-29 diegoUpdate 1.0rc3 release name and date.
2010-05-27 diegovf_yuy2 was removed after the 1.0rc3 branch was cut.
2010-05-27 diegosmall cosmetics for the 1.0rc3 changelog
2010-05-25 diegoAdd support for decoding VP8 through libvpx wrapper...
2010-05-24 reimarChange -vo md5sum to not interleave U and V lines when...
2010-05-23 sesseAdd ChangeLog entry about CineForm support.
2010-05-14 siretartremove vf_yuy2, functionality is replaced by -vf format...
2010-05-12 diegoMention removal of internal liba52 copy in Changelog.
2010-05-11 diegolibdvdcss is now synced to a recent upstream Subversion...
2010-02-28 reimarExtend stream_read_line to support reading lines from...
2010-02-04 reimarMention rtmp and rtsp specifically as formats supported...
2010-02-02 reimarMention yuv=2 auto-detection in Changelog.
2010-02-01 komhAdd OS/2 KAI audio driver support
2010-02-01 diegomisc fixes
2010-01-17 reimarMention systems that have received major build fixes...
2010-01-16 reimarMention levelconv -vo gl suboption in Changelog.
2010-01-03 reimarSome Changelog updates.
2010-01-03 reimarAdd support for JPEG2000 via FFmpeg/OpenJPEG
2009-12-19 reimarExperimental support for external libass.
2009-11-22 reimarMention right-to-left support for embedded subtitles...
2009-11-17 reimarMention support for streaming via FFmpeg in Changelog...
2009-11-16 cehoyosClarify new VDPAU MPEG4 ASP and DVB teletext decoding...
2009-11-16 pttadded -name, -title, -use-filename-title options to...
2009-11-16 compnmore changes
2009-11-10 tackChangelog: add note that 8 channel audio is now supported.
2009-10-01 compnupdates
2009-07-30 compnmove truehd to correct section
2009-07-30 compnstart rc4 changelog, where did rc3 go?
2009-03-27 diegospelling fixes, add release name
2009-03-14 diegoKVA vo driver for OS/2, patch by KO Myung-Hun, komh...
2009-03-10 compntypo nuppelvideo spotted by kostya
2009-03-09 compnpeople are forgetting to update the changelog
2009-03-05 gregUpdate libass changelog.
2009-03-02 compnimport ffmpeg changelog
2009-03-02 compnchanges
2009-03-01 cehoyosMention VDPAU in Changelog.
2009-03-01 diegoDART audio output driver for OS/2 by KO Myung-Hun,...
2009-02-22 kostyaSwScaler now has new YUV2RGB table generator
2009-02-21 diegoAdd statistics audio filter that prints information...
2009-02-03 compnadd automatic hw acceleration for vo gl entry
2008-12-23 compnupdates
2008-12-23 compnfix poorly worded changelog entries
2008-11-30 diegoMNG demuxer by Stefan Schuermans, stefan blinkenarea org
2008-11-30 diegowhitespace cosmetics
2008-11-28 compnmisc mplayer fixes
2008-11-21 compnadd direct3d docs, ok'd by Guillaume
2008-09-13 diegoUpdate internal libmpeg2 copy to version 0.5.1.
2008-08-29 diegoSync libdvdcss with upstream version 1.2.10.
2008-08-13 compnfixes spotted by diego
2008-08-12 compnupdates
2008-08-11 benUpdate ChangeLog with latest VIDIX related changes...
2008-08-03 benAdd video driver for Nintendo Wii/GameCube.
2008-06-24 compnsome updates
2008-06-24 compnadd ffmdec and ffadpcmxa
2008-06-15 diegospelling/wording fixes
2008-06-15 compn6 months of changes
2008-05-18 benDeclare new Linux AppleIR remote support.
2008-05-08 compnadd h264 speedups
2008-04-22 diegoAdd BFI video support through FFmpeg.
2008-04-13 diegoRestore grayscale decoding support with FFmpeg.
2008-03-07 diegoGrayscale encoding/decoding with FFmpeg is no longer...
2008-02-26 reimarMention nvidia fix for vo gl and especially changed...
2008-01-30 rtogniUpdate for security fixes
2008-01-29 nicodvbclarification about dvd still menus
2008-01-29 nicodvbdvd still menus and latm aac
2008-01-05 nicodvbangle switching in dvd
2007-12-11 ulionMake up missing changelog for dts wav support.
2007-12-10 compnsome changes
2007-11-22 gpoiriermention VC-1/WMV MMX speed-up in the changelog
2007-11-14 compnremove technical changes as pointed out by uau and...
2007-11-13 compnfix typo spotted by corey
2007-11-09 reimarJ/X8-Frames in WMV2 are finally supported!
2007-11-03 compnadd some updates
2007-10-30 compnspelling
2007-10-30 compnremove thanks
2007-10-27 nicodvbprogram switching in demux_lavf
2007-10-25 compnfixed osd on mac
2007-10-22 compnsupport for wavpack in matroska
2007-10-20 reimarAdd ASF/MXF decryption support to Changelog
2007-10-18 reimar-ao pulse in changelog
2007-10-16 compnadd some changes
2007-10-16 compnadd nellymoser to changelog
2007-10-13 voroshilChangelog entry for dshow tv:// driver
2007-10-13 compnadd more warning fixes change
2007-10-09 cehoyosAdded PAFF decoding