Require libass version with ass_flush_events
[mplayer.git] / Copyright
2010-07-10 reimarWe no longer have a libgsm copy in SVN.
2010-06-09 reimarWe use unmodified r231 of libdvdcss, no point in mentio...
2010-05-11 diegolibdvdcss is now synced to a recent upstream Subversion...
2010-05-09 diegoRemove internal liba52 copy.
2010-01-30 diegostream/rtp.h appears not to originate from dvbstream.
2010-01-04 diegoClarify which version of the GPL applies to MPlayer.
2009-03-09 diegoUpdate entry for libdvdread; add entry for libdvdnav.
2009-03-09 diegocosmetics: Add newlines for better readability, rename...
2009-03-09 diegolibmpdemux/nuppelvideo.h was removed.
2008-09-13 diegoUpdate internal libmpeg2 copy to version 0.5.1.
2008-08-30 rathannRename internal libdvdread fork from dvdread to libdvdread
2008-08-29 diegoSync libdvdcss with upstream version 1.2.10.
2008-08-21 diegoSync libdvdcss with upstream version r212.
2008-07-06 diegoUpdate homepage and license info for NuppelVideo.
2008-06-15 diegoDocument where the files vidix/dhahelperwin/ntverp...
2008-05-17 diegoAdd section about code from NuppelVideo / RTJPEG.
2008-05-14 diegoAdd stanza about files taken from the MJPEG Tools suite.
2008-01-07 diegoFix #endif comment, sync with libdvdcss r208.
2007-12-20 diegoRemove internal unrarlib copy, the new unrarexec code...
2007-09-17 diegoUpstream committed both of my libdvdcss patches.
2007-08-17 diegoSync libdvdread with version 0.9.7.
2007-08-16 diegoSync libdvdread with version 0.9.6.
2007-08-15 diegoSync libdvdread with version 0.9.5 (functional changes).
2007-07-29 diegolibdvdcss patch got committed.
2007-07-09 diegoISO8859-1 --> UTF-8
2007-03-31 diegoRemove obsolete TV output tools.
2007-02-18 diegoRemove internal minilzo, external liblzo can be used...
2007-01-10 diegolibmpeg2 updated to 0.4.1
2006-11-18 diegoRename libdvdread to dvdread. We really only include...
2006-11-07 diegoFix linking on Cygwin and remove nonsense lseek64 ...
2006-11-03 diegolibmpdvdkit2 --> libdvdread, it just contains libdvdrea...
2006-11-03 diegoMove libdvdcss into its own subdirectory.
2006-11-01 diegolibdvdcss r202, my patch was committed upstream.
2006-10-31 diegoAdd copyright holders, mostly synced from the Debian...
2006-10-31 diegoprecise location for dvbstream
2006-10-31 diegoCVS -> SVN for FFmpeg, add pnm implementation from...
2006-10-31 diegouCIFS is gone, URL update.
2006-10-25 diegoSync with upstream r201.
2006-09-01 diegoAdd miniLZO and librtsp.
2006-08-01 diegoWe include libavcodec, libavformat, libavutil, libpostp...
2006-07-31 benintroduce new 'stream' directory for all stream layer...
2006-07-30 diegoLRMI has been removed some time ago.
2006-06-26 benadded FreeSDP library in Copyright file
2006-06-15 rathannupdate copyright an changelog with new liba52 0.7.4
2006-04-18 rtognimpfaad2 updated
2005-10-01 diegoupgrade to libdvdcss 1.2.9
2005-07-03 alexsome updates
2005-07-01 henryincrement libdvdread version
2005-04-16 diegoWe are using parts of mpg123 outside of the LGPL mpglib...
2005-03-03 diegolibdvdcss is patched, move Tremor up with the other...
2005-01-04 henryTremor license
2004-09-24 diegoFAAD updated by adland.
2004-09-21 diegoclarification about FFmpeg license, typo
2004-09-20 ivoAdded the uCIFS library, of which a part is used by...
2004-08-30 diegounrarlib
2004-08-24 diegoid3edit updated
2004-08-05 diegosync with recent changes
2004-06-07 diegolibfaad2 updated to version 2.0.
2004-05-03 diegolibavformat, realrtsp
2004-04-13 diegolibmpflac was removed.
2004-01-02 lumagAdd a note about CVS sync with main FLAC.
2003-12-31 diegoLRMI added.
2003-12-27 diegoGSM 06.10 library and id3edit added.
2003-12-16 diegodvbstream added, info from Nico.
2003-12-09 diegoCopyright and authorship declaration along with an...