Require libass version with ass_flush_events
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2008-10-22 diegoTry to improve binary codec pack installation instructions.
2007-05-03 diegoThe GUI no longer depends on libpng.
2007-02-14 diegosome clarifications and updates
2006-10-31 diego--with-codecsdir --> --codecsdir
2006-09-17 diegoRemove outdated graphics cards recommendations and...
2006-09-17 diegoReword the font section to be a bit more descriptive.
2006-09-13 diegoDon't explain how to install bitmap fonts, use TrueType...
2006-09-04 diegoUpdate binary codecs section.
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2005-06-27 alexmentioning xorg
2005-04-16 diegoClarify/correct TTF font usage description.
2005-03-06 attilaadd a short note about how to use ttf fonts
2005-01-24 diegoExplain how to include libavcodec in cvs updates.
2004-11-24 diegoMPEG-X spelling
2004-11-11 diegodevices.html is no more, links updated.
2004-11-09 gpoirier10l
2004-11-05 diegoExplain how to use custom options while building Debian...
2004-09-10 diegolibavformat
2004-07-19 diegoname change, codec download location
2004-06-25 alex1l cosmetics
2004-05-26 diegoCVS snapshots come with libavcodec.
2003-12-24 diegoPruning empty directories is a good idea and even bette...
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2003-07-14 diegobetter consistency
2003-07-09 jonas-dvd -> dvd:// and -vcd -> vcd://
2003-06-01 diegoBetter wording as suggested by Rich.
2003-05-31 diegoKernel headers or glibc headers are necessary for compi...
2003-05-23 diegoDefault codec location is now /usr/local/lib/codecs...
2003-05-22 diegoNew FFmpeg CVS URL, patch by Magnus Damm <damm@opensour...
2003-03-18 diegoUpdated information, rewordings, codec installation...
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2002-05-31 arpiquick install guide, based on draft and patches by...
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