Require libass version with ass_flush_events
[mplayer.git] / cpuinfo.c
2010-05-03 diegothe great MPlayer tab removal: part II
2010-02-27 zuxy10l correct type for =a and =d constraints under x86-32
2010-02-27 zuxyReplace =A with =a and =d; make frequency calculation...
2010-01-30 diegoAdd license header to all top-level files missing them.
2009-03-31 zuxyMore flags; sync with Linux kernel.
2009-03-27 reimarGet rid of gettimeofday reimplementation for MinGW...
2009-03-15 diegoAdd some parentheses to silence the warnings:
2009-02-17 diegocosmetics: Replace unused 'argc/argv' in main declarati...
2009-02-17 diegocosmetics: const static --> static const, avoids the...
2008-10-20 reimarMake cpuinfo.c compile under MinGW64
2008-10-16 diegoChange all occurrences of asm and __asm to __asm__...
2007-11-09 zuxySync with Linux kernel with some latest feature bits.
2007-07-19 zuxyExplanation for CPUID flag 'ibs'
2007-05-21 zuxy10l: cosmetic: more trailing whitespaces removed
2007-05-21 zuxyCosmetic: remove trailing whitespaces
2007-05-21 zuxyNew tags introduced for AMD K10 and Intel Penryn
2007-04-20 diegoIntel's Conroe-L makes use of extended models, so adjus...
2007-04-09 diegoMove TOOLS/cpuinfo.c into the root directory.