Require libass version with ass_flush_events
[mplayer.git] / fmt-conversion.h
2010-01-30 diegoAdd license header to all top-level files missing them.
2010-01-04 diegoAdd missing header #includes to fix 'make checkheaders'.
2009-02-14 reimarCreate a fmt-conversion.c file so fmt-conversion.h...
2008-09-17 diegoFix mapping between MPlayer and FFmpeg colorspaces...
2008-03-04 diegoAdd necessary #includes to pass 'make checkheaders'.
2008-02-25 diegoFFmpeg now uses different (unified) #include paths.
2008-02-22 diegoAdd MPLAYER_ prefix to multiple inclusion guards.
2007-09-12 reimarDOCS/tech/colorspaces.txt says I420 and IYUV are the...
2007-08-25 diegoAdd multiple inclusion guards.
2006-12-31 rathannFix build with shared libavutil. Approved by Diego.
2006-09-22 coreyAdd missing conversion from IMGFMT_I420 to PIX_FMT_YUV420P.
2006-09-21 lucabeAdd conversion from IMGFMT_Y8 to PIX_FMT_GRAY8
2006-09-17 lucabeRemove the dependency of libswscale on img_format.h