cosmetics: Add CFLAGS to compilation commands everywhere.
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2008-01-23 diegoMove compare.c to TOOLS, add it to the Makefile and...
2007-09-16 compnvfw2menc works on linux/windows
2007-09-16 compnvfw2menc works on linux and windows x86 only
2007-08-25 diegoMark vfw2menc as Windows-only.
2007-08-06 cehoyosAdded Alan Nisotas modify_reg.
2007-07-09 diegoISO8859-1 --> UTF-8
2007-04-09 diegoMove netstream documentation into TOOLS/README.
2007-03-31 diegoSync with removed tools.
2007-03-31 diegoRemove obsolete bitmap font tools.
2007-03-31 diegoRemove obsolete/unnecessary/trivial scripts and programs.
2007-03-27 gpoirierdocument edgedetect.fp, emboss.fp
2007-03-25 diegoMerge realcodecs/ documentation into the README.
2007-03-25 rtogniAdd description of realcodecs subdir
2007-03-24 diegoRemove files maintained by Reimar that he no longer...
2007-03-04 compnadd vfw2menc info into README
2006-11-19 diegomisc small fixes
2006-10-11 diegoRemove download script; no longer used in the official...
2006-09-24 diegocosmetics
2006-05-17 diegoAdd
2006-01-29 nicodvbnew tool to encode to mpeg using only mencoder; patch...
2005-11-17 diegospelling/grammar
2005-11-16 reynaldoAdded new TOOL to convert 'anything supported' to VCD...
2005-10-04 diegoDocument, menc2pass.
2005-09-13 gpoirierNits suggested by Diego
2005-09-12 gpoirierAdds the script to calculate the PSNR...
2005-08-24 diegotypos, cosmetics
2005-08-23 reimarAdd D-Cinema Audio and Video conversion programs
2005-08-18 jonasAconvert allows mencoder to (easily) encode from an...
2005-08-17 diegowording/spelling
2005-08-17 ivoAdded entry for
2005-07-02 ranmaavi vobsub soft subtitle dumper
2005-06-27 gpoiriervobsub time-adjust tool by Gábor Farkas < gabor AH...
2005-06-09 diegoDocument and
2005-02-25 diegodocumentation for the tools in the TOOLS directory