cosmetics: Add CFLAGS to compilation commands everywhere.
[mplayer.git] / TOOLS / vfw2menc.c
2007-10-17 compnsimple avoid wine complaints fix by sherpya
2007-09-23 diegoAccording to MSDN a thread must call CoUninitialize...
2007-03-06 compn__defines are reserved for gcc
2007-03-04 compngetopt is only needed on msvc, remove from mingw/linux...
2007-02-22 compnupdate to 0.1 version from website
2007-02-22 compnadd original website url per al3x comment
2007-02-19 diego10l copy and paste bug in the license header
2007-02-19 diegoFix license header.
2007-02-18 alexControllable quality setting of VFW enconding, through...