removed saver_on, saver_off calls, they are already in x11_common.c
[mplayer.git] / libvo / vo_xmga.c
2004-07-25 reimarremoved saver_on, saver_off calls, they are already...
2004-06-14 attilamajor reindentation of x11 code try #2
2003-11-30 joeyruntime 'stay-on-top' functionality
2003-10-03 alexuser settable colorkey
2003-08-31 attilawhile we are at it: geometry support for xmga
2003-02-09 arpilinux->osdep
2002-11-11 alexremoved get_info, using the same sheme as in libmpcodec...
2002-11-01 arpipanscan support in -vo mga (actually moved common code...
2002-10-17 pontscho-fixed-vo support
2002-10-09 arpimore cleanup, some -vo mga fullscreen fixes
2002-10-09 arpisome cleanup
2002-09-22 arpitons of warning fixes, also some 10l bugfixes, includin...
2002-08-28 alexfinally removed query_vaa, bes_da and vo_tune_info...
2002-08-09 arpiignore BadAccess error at XSelectInput() (grabbing...
2002-07-19 pontscho- fix audio equalizer
2002-06-10 pontschofix panscan support and add Jesper Svennevid's <mplayer...
2002-06-06 pontschoadd mute support ( step 1 ) and fixed panscan bugs...
2002-06-05 pontschoadded panscan support for xmga/xvidix
2002-06-03 arpimsg/i18n fixes and some printf->mp_msg
2002-05-14 arpisome cleanup, gl/gl2 updated to use vo_window
2002-05-12 pontschofix Arpi's bugs
2002-05-11 pontschofix some small bug and -rootwin
2002-05-08 pontscho-zoom, -fs with x[11|mga|v] fix -- round two
2002-05-07 pontschowm detection -- round two
2002-05-06 pontschofix -fs and 'f'
2002-05-05 arpithe Right Fix for gui window setup
2002-05-04 arpimissing if(use_gui) - found by Nilmoni Deb <ndeb@ece...
2002-05-03 pontschofix xmga fs, resize to movie size and mouse auto hide...
2002-05-03 pontschofix aspect ratio handling
2002-04-25 pontschofix fullscreen (?)
2002-04-24 arpi-rootwin fix...
2002-04-16 pontschofix playlist bug with gui and rewrite mousecursor show...
2002-03-31 arpiopen(/dev/mga_vid) moved to preinit
2002-03-24 arpiU,V plane odrer fixed
2002-03-17 arpiuninit bugs fixed
2002-03-09 arpiround up width/height if mod 2 != 0
2002-03-08 pontschosmall changes in libvo's X11 support
2002-03-07 arpi+10l to .so
2002-03-07 pontschorewrite fullscreen support in some libvo driver
2002-03-07 arpicontrol+preinit moved to mga_common.c
2002-02-21 pontschosmall changes
2002-02-21 pontschoExposureMask fixed.
2002-02-20 pontschoadd new input cucc
2002-02-09 arpi10000hl to Holm... control MUST BE static...
2002-02-09 arpiquery_ stuff replaced by new control() - patch by David...
2002-02-07 pontschofs resize bug fix.
2002-01-31 nicknew info for tuning
2002-01-26 nickExtensions for video accelerated architecture
2002-01-23 pontschofix screen saver bug under gui
2002-01-22 pontschomove bug fixed
2002-01-06 atmos4Xinerama patch number two by attila.
2002-01-05 atmos4xinerama fix by attila
2001-12-28 arpi-wid/-rootwin support
2001-12-17 pontschoaspect ratio bug fix for gui
2001-10-18 atmos4Update to new (cleaner, more bugfree, better) aspect...
2001-10-03 atmos4Use aspect()
2001-10-01 atmos4Make aware of new -fs calling.
2001-09-20 pontschoXDestroyWindow fix baze.
2001-09-18 atmos4Fix multiple window bug in multifile mode.
2001-09-04 pontschofix xshape, mixer, fullscreen, etc
2001-08-30 pontschofix gui support
2001-08-27 arpiGUI stuff. now seeking works, and xmga renders to video...
2001-08-22 arpifixed mga uninit
2001-08-13 atlkachanges according to -utf8 option, draw_osd() function...
2001-06-23 arpi_espvo_subdevice support
2001-06-17 arpi_esppatch: some X11 compliance fixed: set ClassHint and...
2001-06-01 arpi_espmScreen removed -> segfault solved
2001-05-31 lgbCentralized and cleaned up X11 connecting, fixed remote...
2001-05-20 arpi_espdidn't handle flags parameter correctly
2001-05-08 pontschoadd gui support
2001-04-24 pontschoclean up
2001-04-24 szabiifprintf(stderr converted to printf(
2001-04-24 szabiisome warnings killed
2001-04-16 arpi_espI420/IYUV support
2001-04-15 arpi_espqrva eletbe nem kene cvs-t elbaszni inkabb ne nyuljatok...
2001-04-13 lgbAutohide X11 cursor
2001-04-11 arpi_espless, and more informal printfs
2001-04-10 laazSzebb es jobb screensaver-kikapcsolo resz
2001-03-25 arpi_espsubtitle+OSD font support
2001-03-24 arpi_espgrey+alpha rendering support (for .sub)
2001-03-21 pontscho*** empty log message ***
2001-03-17 arpi_espcommon window setup code moved to set_window()
2001-03-13 arpi_espadded #define SHOW_TIME option... (debug)
2001-03-08 arpi_espmga_vid fixes, code cleanup
2001-03-07 arpi_espvsync in mga/xmga
2001-03-03 arpi_espadded check_events() interface
2001-02-24 arpi_espInitial revision