osd_template.c: Add intrinsic based SSE2 support.
[mplayer.git] / av_opts.c
2013-01-21 diegoav_opts: Replace deprecated av_set_string3() by av_opt_...
2012-01-28 reimaropt.h is now in libavutil.
2011-05-01 philiplCommand Line Options: Support FFmpeg per-codec AVOptions.
2011-02-05 reimarUse av_set_string3 instead of deprecated av_set_string.
2010-05-29 diegomisc cosmetics: K&R style nits, #include placement...
2010-02-16 diego#include corresponding .h files in .c files.
2008-05-11 diegoUse standard license header.
2008-05-11 reimarAdd license headers to av_opts
2008-05-11 reimarAdd newlines at end of file, this is required for text...
2008-05-10 michaelAVOptions support.