osd_template.c: Add intrinsic based SSE2 support.
[mplayer.git] / tests /
2012-01-08 reimarForce "simple" IDCT to avoid different results on diffe...
2012-01-08 reimarFix directory creation in refupdate script.
2012-01-08 reimarRemove another md5sums reference file that missed the...
2012-01-08 reimarRemove file that was checked in accidentally (it was...
2012-01-08 reimarFix testing of H.264 conformance tests.
2012-01-08 reimarAdd a script to help update the references.
2012-01-08 reimarAdd references for new fate samples.
2012-01-08 reimarRemove unused reference files.
2012-01-08 reimarClean up faterun.sh.
2012-01-05 reimarAdd reference result for vble test file.
2012-01-05 reimarDisable wmv8_drm test.
2012-01-05 reimarAdd more fate test reference results.
2012-01-05 diegobuild: Merge tests/Makefile into top-level Makefile...
2011-11-13 cehoyosUpdate regression test results to current FFmpeg.
2011-11-10 cehoyosAdd lmlm4 regression test.
2011-11-08 reimarAdd support for decoding EA CMV files.
2011-11-08 reimarAvoid running video-only test on audio-only files.
2011-11-08 reimarRemove unused variable.
2011-11-08 reimarAdd beginnings of a test framework.