Add missing multiple inclusion guards.
[mplayer.git] / stream / vcd_read_fbsd.h
2008-02-21 diegoAdd missing multiple inclusion guards.
2008-01-28 reimarvcd_read must read exactly VCD_SECTOR_DATA bytes.
2007-12-17 ulionCaching toc header in vcd private structure for later...
2007-07-27 reimarFix MSF -> sector conversion being 150 sectors of
2007-07-27 reimarSimplify track length calculation
2007-07-27 reimarSome more *BSD vcd_read simplification
2007-07-27 reimarFix several 100l
2007-07-27 reimarFactor out some common code
2007-07-27 reimarSomewhat unified *BSD vcd reading
2007-07-27 reimarREAD_TOC for making *BSD code more similar
2007-07-27 reimarvcd_inc_msf function also for freebsd vcd_read
2007-07-27 reimarMore VCD cosmetics
2007-07-26 reimarCosmetics to reduce diff between Free- and netBSD vcd...
2007-07-26 reimarTOCADDR macro as first step to common *BSD vcd reading...
2006-07-31 benintroduce new 'stream' directory for all stream layer...