compiling and linking liba52 too
[mplayer.git] / Makefile
2001-12-09 arpicompiling and linking liba52 too
2001-12-09 arpiCC version check done by Makefile to allow overriding...
2001-12-06 arpi-lm moved to the end of lib list
2001-12-05 atmos4Readd NAS lib, something else missing? Please better...
2001-12-05 alexadded DIRECTFB_LIB to VO_LIBS to compile using vo_direc...
2001-12-04 mswitchAdded support for the libmp1e ultrafast mpeg1 realtime...
2001-12-03 arpi-ao NAS support by Tobias Diedrich <>
2001-12-03 arpivo DirectFB support by Jiri Svoboda <Jiri.Svoboda@sezna...
2001-11-29 atmos4Reinvent Nexus last fix (wrong local merger on last...
2001-11-29 atmos4Newest DXR3 patch (improved 1.0rc2) by David Holm.
2001-11-28 nexusfli.c required
2001-11-28 nexusfli.c required
2001-11-28 nexusAV_LIB should appear before EXTRA_LIB
2001-11-27 plconfigure cleanups:
2001-11-23 pl(on atmos's suggestions I found good :)
2001-11-20 alexadded dynamic linking flags runtime detection (-rdynami...
2001-11-17 pllast part of changes since around configure 230 applied
2001-11-16 alexmencoder+tv fix - do not rebuild after cvs change for...
2001-11-14 gabucinonew variable STATIC
2001-11-11 nickPrecised profile stuff
2001-11-11 arpimsvidc.c added
2001-11-11 plmplayer does not need -ldivxencore
2001-11-06 lgbInstalling mencoder and mencoder.1 if executable mencod...
2001-11-05 atmos4MEncoder compile fiy by marpet.
2001-11-05 atmos4Quick hack to don't use ldivxencode on systems where...
2001-11-02 arpidivx4_vbr -> mplayer integration
2001-11-02 pontschokurva gui.
2001-11-01 arpi10l
2001-11-01 arpifixed
2001-10-31 alexadded support for mencoder (compile with 'make mencoder')
2001-10-29 arpivo_odivx disabled
2001-10-28 atmos4Change linking order cause it caused probs for Steve...
2001-10-25 jkeilCSS_INC include flags are now needed in libmpdemux...
2001-10-25 michaelpatch from Oliver Schoenbrunner <oliver.schoenbrunner...
2001-10-24 arpiMIPS support by
2001-10-24 nickIndepended compilation of SUBDIRS
2001-10-23 arpiima4 added
2001-10-23 arpilibmad (ARM) patch by
2001-10-23 arpixanim added
2001-10-22 atmos4Add uninstall target, patch by Clemens Wächter <clemens...
2001-10-20 arpilibdemuxer...
2001-10-19 arpicpu detection fixed
2001-10-17 gabucinosymlinking fix
2001-10-15 arpiadded YV12 scaler
2001-10-13 arpiintegrated new postproc code
2001-10-11 pltests with '[ ]' changed to 'test'
2001-10-11 arpitest -e -> -d
2001-10-05 arpicompile and install fibmap_mplayer ofly if libcss is...
2001-10-05 arpiBSD/OS support
2001-09-28 arpiroot->0 (bsd compatible) [lez]
2001-09-27 pontschoadd gui support to config scripts, and fixed some warning.
2001-09-24 arpinative codec 'rle' added
2001-08-25 arpiGUI support (--enable-gui)
2001-08-24 jkeilEnable mediaLib support for Solaris on UltraSPARC CPUs
2001-08-16 arpinew message printing system
2001-08-15 arpiac3/spdif patch by German Gomez Garcia <german@piraos...
2001-08-14 jkeilUse USE_WIN32DLL define instead of ARCH_X86 to decide...
2001-08-12 arpiseek.c moved to demuxer.c, stream_reset in new_demuxer()
2001-08-12 arpiMOV file support - not works yet
2001-08-09 arpistream opening -> open.c, initialframes ignored
2001-07-28 arpiseeking code moved out from mplayer.c -> seek.c
2001-07-28 atmos4Added StrongARM crosscompiling support by Maksim Krasny...
2001-07-21 arpiparse_es moved out from mplayer.c (it was included...
2001-07-20 arpiargh. -d fixed. fixed?
2001-07-20 arpiinstall -D changed to -d
2001-07-19 arpiDivX4Linux support
2001-07-14 jkeilAdded some directory existance tests to the distclean...
2001-07-13 jkeilReorder dependancies a bit, all *.o *.a files depend...
2001-07-12 jkeilAdd some preliminary support for non-x86 architectures...
2001-07-08 arpivideo codec stuff moved to dec_video.c
2001-07-06 arpiffmpeg support
2001-06-26 arpiOPTFLAGS vs. INCLUDES cleanup
2001-06-22 lgbMaybe the problem with including wine headers from...
2001-06-18 lgbAccording an idea, mplayer now can use external setuid...
2001-06-08 arpi_espstreaming is optional: --enable-streaming
2001-06-07 arpi_espmake dep - missing version.h fixed
2001-06-06 arpi_espSolaris 8 DVD support and other fixes by Juergen Keil...
2001-06-05 pontschofix -lasound -lesd.
2001-06-04 arpi_esplibao->libao2 because of conflict with OMS's libao
2001-06-04 arpi_espdependency stuff fixed
2001-06-04 arpi_esplibao2 added for dep/distclean
2001-06-03 arpi_espFreeBSD support by Vladimir Kushnir
2001-06-02 arpi_esplibao support
2001-06-02 lgbInstall bug fixed (cannot overwrite directory ...)
2001-06-02 arpi_espinstall won't change ownership
2001-06-02 arpi_espversion.h for make dep fixed
2001-05-30 lgbSupport for --prefix option
2001-05-25 bertrandRemoved the asf_streaming.c file for compilation.
2001-05-24 arpi_espusing gcc -MM instead of makedepend, make OBJS from...
2001-05-18 bertrandStarting implementation of ASF network streaming.
2001-05-08 arpi_espfixed .so's shit
2001-05-08 pontschoadd gui support
2001-05-02 lgbAt least one bug causes mplayer does not compile when...
2001-04-26 arpi_espcompiling codec-cfg by default disabled
2001-04-26 arpi_espforcing user to re-run ./configure if it's changed
2001-04-24 arpi_espDShow support selection is now by ./configure --disable...
2001-04-24 arpi_espchanged codec-cfg.c options
2001-04-23 arpi_espstage#1 completed: c files no more included from mplayer.c
2001-04-22 arpi_espsomething moved to brand new stream.h
2001-04-21 lgbSeparated dvdsub code to be able to work with it easier